Decoration with pumpkins for autumn

decoration with pumpkins

Every day that passes we are getting closer to autumn and away from summer. For this reason, we are beginning to think something different, in a decoration that matches our mood and time. We will dedicate this article to the decoration with pumpkins for him autumn and we will present you with very practical and interesting ideas for which you do not need an investment of money.

Decoration with autumnal pumpkins for the interior of our house

decoration with autumnal pumpkins

Although the pumpkin is a symbol that is strongly related to Halloween, this does not mean that we can use it in decorating the interior and exterior of our house only at that party. It is something that we can use for a very pleasant and striking autumn decoration. In addition, this decoration can be used later to receive Halloween night, the only thing you will have to do is decorate your pumpkins according to the meaning of this party with spiders, scary faces and other things

Decoration with pumpkins, covered with crystals, for the interior

decoration with autumn pumpkins

A very original idea in autumn decoration with pumpkins is to get some small pumpkins and place them in glass containers like the ones in the photo. After these containers we can place them on the table to decorate it or in a piece of furniture.

Autumn decoration with pumpkins of different colors and other things

decoration with original pumpkins

Another thing we can do is decorate pumpkins. To decorate a pumpkin, first, we can paint it another color and make a set of pumpkins painted in different colors or similar colors. We can place these pumpkins on a table and add other ornaments such as the balls you see in the photo.

Pumpkin decorated with dots and with flowers for an autumn interior

decoration with home pumpkins

Another idea to decorate a pumpkin is to paint it a light color and on top of this color draw circles or other shapes with another color. After doing that, we can color on the top of the pumpkin brightly colored flowers and live to get a vivid and cheerful image of the pumpkin.

A white pumpkin decorated with flowers for an autumnal environment

decoration with pumpkins inside

Something similar we can do with white pumpkin. If you want you can add other adornments as cicles or if you do not want you can leave it like that. In the upper part, besides the flowers, you can place some sheets of warm colors, the typical colors of autumn, and tie all this together with a bow of a color that combines with that of the leaves.

Vases made with very original and practical pumpkins for the decoration of our home interior

decoration with pumpkins inside house

Now we will offer you an idea that I personally love. It's about these pumpkins shaped like vases. This idea can also be part of the arsenal of ideas for decorating pumpkins. And if you wonder how to decorate a pumpkin like that, here you will find the answer. You have to cut the top of the pumpkin and empty it completely. You can insert a nylon inside if you want to fill it with water, in case the flowers you are going to introduce are not plastic. Once all this is done, you can put your plants inside and leave the decoration on the table in your living room.

Ideas to decorate our home with pumpkins used as vases and full of flowers

decoration with house pumpkins

The pumpkins adorned in this way are very appropriate for any type of occasion and it is also a very original idea that will fill your house with a lot of color and life. You can combine the colors you want. The only advice we are going to give you is that it would be best to do it with a white pumpkin, because the color of the flroes could be any.

An autumn decoration with flowers and pumpkins

decoration with autumnal pumpkins house

On the other hand, if you decide to do with a classic orange pumpkin, it would be best if the flowers you are going to introduce are of yellowish and orange tones or white, because they would combine better with the color of the pumpkin.

The magic of warm colors in the decoration of the interior, perfect for a touch of autumn

decoration with pumpkins inside home

You can see in this photo that although the color of the pumpkin is lighter, the combination with the flowers is easier. In addition, you can increase your decoration with pumpkins, adding some candles and more pumpkins near the pumpkin that you are going to use as a vase.

An autumnal decoration with dry or half-dried flowers and pumpkins for the main door of our house

decoration with door pumpkins

On the other hand, pumpkins can also be used to decorate our door. At Christmas crowns with pineapples, red ribbons and other ornaments are seen through the doors, but in autumn it seems that the decoration is very scarce. Therefore, we can make a similar decoration for the autumn with small pumpkins and with dry leaves or dry branches. We can put all these things together and with a bow make a very original and modern decoration for the main door of our house.

Small white pumpkins that we can use in the decoration of our interior

decoration with interesting pumpkins

Decorating pumpkins can also be achieved by picking small pumpkins in which we will write the letters of a word. For this reason, we need as many pumpkins as letters have the word. in each pumpkin we have to write one of the letters of the word. These letters can be placed at different levels, they do not have to be forming a straight line, and we can add small candles, nuts, hazelnuts or whatever we want to the decoration.

Ideal decoration for the interior of our house with the autumnal patterns of pumpkins and dry leaves

decoration with modern pumpkins

The good thing about this type of decoration is that we can place it in any part of our house, it will always look good, although it would be good to take into account the colors that we will use in the decoration and the colors of the interior.

Decoration with white pumpkins for autumn, designed for our table

decoration with pumpkins table

We can also use it to decorate our table at dinner time, for example. We can place several pumpkins in the center of the table and put between them small candles. Another thing we can add are some fine branches and roll the pumpkins with them. Again we would have to take into account the color of the tablecloth in order to make an effective and beautiful combination with pumpkins.

Small pumpkins used to make candles

decoration with pumpkins candles

A very original idea to take advantage of our candles or to give a new air to our interior is to make the pumpkins some supports for candles. It's very easy to do, you just have to find several pumpkins small of the color you want and remove the top part. The hole that vayáisa do must be the same size as the candles so they do not fall inside and so they can easily enter. After making that hole you only have to introduce the candles.

White pumpkins for the decoration of the table with label for the name

decoration with name pumpkins

Pumpkins can also be used as a very original decoration when you have guests at home. On the table you can place pumpkins with a label with the name of the person. It is a very original idea especially for weddings, where most of the people do not know each other and everyone has their place at the table.

Autumnal decoration for our table with pink pumpkins

decoration with pink pumpkins

To the decoration of the table with pumpkins, you can add other plants, other colors, you can paint the pumpkins of other colors such as pink, depending on the colors you want to combine. You can add other decorations such as pineapples, hazelnuts, green plants, etc.

Painting the blue pumpkins and decorating our house with blue motifs

decorate blue pumpkins

Something very interesting would be if you paint your blue chloro heads. You can choose a blue color with glitter or without glitter. You can also paint some of your pumpkins with brightness and the others without shine. These pumpkins can be added to the decoration of your table, although the combination with wood is very natural.

Pumpkins decorated with dried leaves and other plants for the home interior

decoration of pumpkins

You can store blue pumpkins you can add other details to decorate them, because the decoration of pumpkins can be done in the pumpkins themselves. You can add other plants or dry leaves and you can combine the decoration of blue pumpkins with white pumpkins.

Decoration of the interior of our house with pink pumpkins

how to decorate a pink pumpkin

Instead of being blue, your calabzas can also be pink, you only have to paint them in that color. At weddings it is very good and you can tie a bow of the same color or some other color on the tail of the pumpkin. The decorated pumpkin is one of the most attractive and interesting decoration options.

Making pumpkins with sticks

decorate a pumpkin

For those who are more creative and are given better crafts, we offer a pumpkin made with sticks or branches. This can be done on a metal sphere or with a wire. The only thing you have to do is to give that shape to the wire and to place the wood. When you get to the top, where the tail has to be, you have to tie the firewood and you can surround it all with wire to get that rigidity that has the tail of the pumpkin. Around it you can place dry leaves and another type of pumpkins to complete the decoration.

An autumnal decoration for the exterior of our house with pumpkins, dry leaves and other ornaments

decorated pumpkin outside

The decoration with pumpkins can also be done outdoors, in your garden or terrace. You can place a table and on this table put pumpkins, leaves and all kinds of autumn decoration that comes to mind. You do not have to worry about the fact that maybe the table can be full of things, even the empty spaces you can fill them with branches with leaves of different colors.

Combining in the decoration white pumpkins with white flowers

decorate white pumpkins

The decoration of the exterior can also be done by colors, that is, only with white pumpkins or only with orange pumpkins. For that, you can take a bucket and fill it with small pumpkins of the color you want. Around the bucket you can put large pumpkins that do not have to be the typical round pumpkins for Halloween, you can combine round with elongated ones. And to make it more interesting you can put flowers of the same color or a color similar to pumpkins.

The green as the predominant color in the decoration of our interior

how to decorate a homemade pumpkin

Another idea for decoration with pumpkins is with a material that can be folded and with which we can get the shape we want. You can also paint this material the color you want and end with a bow on the tail.

A pumpkin made of paper for interior decoration

ideas to decorate a pumpkin

Pumpkins made with strips of paper or rubber strips and with sticks in the center

garnish pumpkin strips paper

Pumpkins with drawings for interior decoration

autumn decoration pumpkins

A pumpkin decorated with fabric that can serve as an ornament for our house

decorate a pumpkin cloth

The decoration of a pumpkin with diamonds for the interior of our home

rhombuses decorated with rhombuses

White pumpkins for decoration with pumpkins on our table

ideas to decorate a pumpkin table

Various ideas for decorating our table with pumpkins and candles

ornate pumpkins candles

An original decoration for our table with flowers, small pumpkins and a candle

autumn table decoration

A pumpkin decorated with a bow tied by half of the pumpkin

decorate pumpkins tie

Decorating with pumpkins in the form of drawing on our cushions

pumpkin decorated cushion

Pumpkins of different sizes for the decoration of our table

pumpkins painted table

The Cinderella pumpkin used as decoration inside our house

autumn decoration pumpkins

Calabas of different materials used in decoration

decoration of white pumpkins

Decoration with pumpkins, dry sticks and dried leaves

decorate pumpkins sticks

Painted pumpkins that can be used to decorate our house even on Halloween

painted pumpkins

The decoration with pumpkins can be expanded even by the exterior stairs of our house

decoration of stairs pumpkins

Decorating the windows with pumpkins and with dry leaves for autumn

autumn window decoration

A very autumnal decoration for the terrace with flowers and pumpkins

autumn terrace decoration

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