Decoration with wood for Christmas

decoration with wood

At Christmas you can also bet on the decoration with wood for the interior. For that you can use different figures that you can hang in the tree Christmas , on the wall, you can decorate your doors and shelves with Christmas figures and also you can make these figures yourself in your home.

Decoration with wood for the interior at Christmas

decoration with interior wood

In general, the wood gives a lot of naturalness to the interiors and in this way if you use it you can achieve precisely this natural effect in the interior. The figures you can opt for can be wooden deer to which you can add a complementary decoration with white and red bows.

A few figures of wooden deer to decorate the interior

decoration with wood christmas

The decoration for Christmas with the wooden figures may also consist of deer that are looking up and between them a star hangs. This type of decoration with wood is very appropriate for the shelves and shelves of the interior.

Some wooden deer made with sticks of different thickness

decoration with interior wood christmas

On the other hand, the figures of wood You can also create them at home. You can use sticks of different size and thickness. The thicker sticks can be used to make the trunk and the head of the figures. For the legs you can use some finer sticks and for the neck and the horns the sticks have to be even thinner. This type of figures can be made by making holes in the thick sticks in the parts where you have to nail the fine sticks.

The use of the pyrograph for the elaboration of wooden figures

decoration with Christmas wood

On the other hand, you can also use the pirofrago to make wood decorations. The pyrograph is an instrument that is used a lot by people who make different figures of this material. It is plugged in and allowed to warm up. After heating it you have to go drawing on the wood the figure you want and then with the necessary tools to cut it. In this way you can make a very original and interesting Christmas decoration.

Some wooden figures with which you can decorate the tree

decoration with wood tree

In addition this type of decorations and figures you can hang them on your Christmas tree and decorate it in this way you just have to add a small string on the top of the figure.

Some wooden pines for interior decoration at Christmas

decoration with wood christmas tree

On the other hand, these figures can be a very original decorative medium also for deciduous trees. You can also place some branches in a large vase to make a wooden decoration and then you can hang wooden figures to decorate them.

A crown of pieces of wood for the decoration of the walls and the door

decoration with wood walls

However, the decoration with wood can also be used to decorate the walls and doors of your house. The decoration of walls with wood can be done with small pieces of wood placed in a circular shape to create a crown in this way. After the crown you can add other decorative details.

Creating a city with wooden houses and trees for the interior

decoration with wood shelves

Another very good idea to decorate the interior at Christmas is with figures of buildings and trees with which you can create a city or a street. This type of Christmas decoration is very well on the shelves of the houses and also on the shelves. Also around the figures you can spread white powder or cotton to create the effect of snow. In this case we recommend that the color of the wood of the figures be darker because in this way a contrast with the white color of the cotton will be created.

A candlestick with a wooden base for the interior at Christmas

decoration with wood candles

The decoration with wood for the interior can also be used for candles. For that you only have to find a wooden candlestick. You can choose one with a wooden base but you can also choose a candlestick with figures. In this way the light of the candle will create some figures on the walls.

A wooden sledge that you can use to decorate the interior

decoration with wood christmas interior

The decoration of the exterior with a wooden Santa

decoration with exterior wood

A table with inscriptions and drawings that represent the birth of Jesus

wood decoration

A wooden candlestick with figures to decorate the interior with the light of the candle

wood decorations

A nativity scene with wooden figures to decorate the interior at Christmas

wood to decorate

The face of a little Santa Claus for interior decoration

Christmas decoration

Two Nativity scenes that have been made only with wood

Christmas decoration

Taking advantage of vintage cabinets to decorate the interior at Christmas

decoration of walls with wood

Two very original wooden Christmas trees

decoration for christmas

The figures of some wooden pines to decorate the interior

decoration for christmas interior

The decoration with interior wood recreating landscapes

interior christmas decoration

Wooden details to decorate the Christmas tree

interior Christmas decoration

Using wood to decorate the interior at Christmas

interior wood decoration

The figures of some pines to decorate the walls at Christmas

Christmas wood decorations

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