Decorative cages for the interior

decoration cages

As the theme of the decoration is one of the ones that we like the most and also this article is always present in our mind and in our house, we will also dedicate it to this section of our website. More specifically, we are going to talk about the decoration cages that you can use to decorate the interior or exterior of your house, but you will also find ideas that you can take advantage of for your wedding , recreating a vintage style that is very fashionable lately.

Decorative cages for the interior

interior decoration cages

To make a decoration with cages in your house you must first choose the style of the cage and combine it with the style of your interior. Keep in mind that decorating with cages introduces an old air into the house and that is why it is better to use this type of decoration in the interiors that follow the characteristics of the vintage or shabby chic style. Surely you can not imagine a modern and elegant room in which stands a hanging or colodaca cage in some bookshelf. The dods styles are too different and although in some cases the combination of the styles creates some very interesting rooms on this occasion we advise you not to improvise.

An original decoration with cages that introduces the vintage style

interior decoration cages house

On the other hand, you also have to take into account the color of the cages to decorate because in this way you can combine it with the color of your interior. In addition, you can decorate the cages with flowers, butterflies or with the motives that you want and that better combine with your house. However, the combination of a white interior with a cage of the same color decorated with pink or red flowers would be very good because the flowers would create small accents that would give another touch to the interior.

Some decorated cages to model the interior of your house

interior decoration cages

On the other hand, you can also opt for cages decorated with figures. This type of cages are a little more modern and inside them you can hang some candles. In this way, when the light of the candle illuminates the interior of your house on the walls, the figures of the cage will be drawn. It's a pretty interesting and attractive idea. Also near the cage you can add another type of decoration according to it.

A very original idea for your wedding with a cage for cards and cards

wedding decoration cages

On the other hand, decoration cages are also very appropriate for weddings especially if the wedding is in the style of the old or retro style. In this case you can place some decorative cages with flowers and you can put a small label or a small sign on which is written "letters". This way you will create the place where the guests have to leave their cards and cards. For this occasion you can opt for a cage with a more original and elegant design. The elegance of the cages can be hidden in the small figures with which the cage of the photo above is decorated.

Decoration with cages for weddings, an original style

decoration cages weddings 1

On the other hand, the cages vintage They can also imitate the shape of a two-story house. You can see this recreation in the image on the right. It is a white cage with a small door and arches that resemble large windows. On the other hand, you can also make a more attractive decoration by hanging some cages from the ceiling.

A table decorated with a cage and flowers for your interior

decoration cages table

As in weddings the decoration of the table is something of great importance you can use this idea with small cages. You can choose old cages and decorate them with flowers or artificial roses. You can put these details in some parts of the table especially if it is bigger. Then you can place some flowers in some crystal glasses, leaving the cups upside down.

A white cage decorated with white and pink roses

flower decoration cages

On the other hand, decoration cages can be used simply for that decorative purpose. For that you can put some roses on one side of the cage. This type of decoration is also appropriate for weddings especially if you opt for white and pink roses.

Hanging cages decorated with flowers and butterflies

bird decoration cages

On the other hand, you can bet on some cages that have a design very similar to the lanterns and candlesticks. These cages are smaller and you can hang them. The flowers can be placed on the entire base of the cage creating a crown with very thick flowers. In addition you can also add some butterflies perched in the cages.

The decoration of a cage with dry leaves and with lights

canary decoration cages

The decoration of the cages can also be done with dry leaves and light bulbs. You can roll up the dry leaves of the bulbs or you can place them directly in the cage. Then you just have to put the light bulbs and illuminate the decoration cages.

Modern cages to decorate the interior of the walls

decoration cages walls

Some cages drawn to decorate the walls of the interior

decoration cages drawn

Retro style cages to decorate the interior of your house

decorative cages

A bird cage to decorate the interior

cages to decorate interior

Decorative pattern of cages to increase decoration of an interior

vintage cages

A white cage and a black cage with some birds on top to decorate

decoration with interior cages

Some cages decorated with the figures of birds and leaves inside

cages to decorate

Three cages of different sizes to decorate your house in an original and interesting way

old cages decorate

Decoration of cages with butterflies perched on top

decoration with cages

Some decorative cages for candles to decorate the interior

decorate with cages

Decorating the cages and interior with candles and flowers

decorated cages

Decorating an old cage with photos and flowers

old cages

A very original decoration for retro style weddings

vintage cages decorate

Some cages decorated with small spiral candles

interior decorated cages

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