Decorative mirrors for furniture designs

bathroom low table mirror center

Have you thought about decorating n of interior spaces using decorative mirrors on your furniture? See today our selection of twenty-five fantastic examples of indoor furniture with mirrors, do not miss them. This type of furniture will bring luminosity but also creates a sense of spaciousness as we already know, so they can be used strategically to provoke the illusion of greater breadth

Luxurious room with decorative mirrors

great luxurious room decorative mirrors

in the smallest rooms. The great bedroom In a stately and retro style we see in the image presents furniture with decorative mirrors on legs and base structures and support, although we also see decorative mirrors on the backs of chairs, n original design that combines the modern and the classic in a great way.

Low bedside table with mirrors for living room

decorative mirrors link rectangular table

Next, a piece of a somewhat more minimalist style. It is a rectangular table lined with mirror sheets everywhere. This piece of furniture allows multiple uses as an auxiliary surface, perfect as a bedside table, table for the hall or even for the bathroom. The fashion of decorative mirrors for furniture began still during the twenties of the last century in the

Design of bathroom with mirrors

bathroom romantic furniture mirror matt

interior designs very romantic and pompous. If you look at the fabulous bathroom of the image we will notice that in this case the decorative mirrors are a matte finish that is more reminiscent of steel or aluminum, this may be a more contemporary and contemporary version of this type of furniture with decorative mirrors.

Large modern bed with decorative mirrors

large bed modern mirrors

As a final suggestion we will add that we can also create our own furniture with decorative mirrors ordering the pieces to measure for the furniture in question in glassware and specialty stores. We will polish the surfaces of the furniture that we want to decorate, and we will later place the sheets of the decorative mirrors with silicone or with a putty gun

Hallway decorated with mirror furniture

hallway furniture mirror

Hall furniture with mirrors

bedside table high mirrors

Round high table with mirrors

round table decorative mirrors

Round table with decorative mirrors for living room

round table decorative mirrors living room

Modern table with legs with mirrors

table legs modern decorative mirrors

Aluminum toilet with large mirror

aluminum table mirror mirror dressing table

table chair furniture mirror retro

high table mirror black legs

night table mirrors drawers several

bedside tables romantic luxurious mirrors

bathroom furniture drawers retro mirror

comfortable furniture decorative mirrors

furniture entrance mirrors decorative modern

furniture room mirror television

wall design mirrors bedroom bed

wardrobe closet all modern mirror

pink sofa furniture mirror legs

toilet light bulbs lights mirror surface

toilet mirror decorative modern glass

modern mirror large decorative dressing table

modern mirror steel mirror jewelry box

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