Decorative panels: 50 ideas for the kitchen wall

stainless steel kitchen wall white cabinets ideas

In our article today we have thought for the kitchen and we have decided to show you these impressive images of beautiful decorative panels to inspire you when decorating the kitchen modern Do you hate monotony? Then review our ideas on how to decorate this environment. In other articles we have talked about the problem of boring interior space and we have shown you many ideas of furniture and countertops to make a change and give an impulse to the style of your kitchen.

Decorative stainless steel panels for the kitchen

stainless steel panel wall kitchen island wood ideas

But there is something else you can change to make this room truly unique, not just the furniture. In this case we are going to devote ourselves to what can be considered as the framework of the kitchen we are talking about the panels that cover the walls. We also show you ideas for tiles They are very current and form a flat surface that is easy to clean.

Decorative panels of vibrant colors perfect for the kitchen

vibrant yellow panel wall kitchen countertops white ideas

Another very creative choice is to opt for a mosaic, some of which allow us to recreate true artistic paintings, which undoubtedly gives the kitchen a new and colorful air. There is also the possibility of opting for decorative coatings. This type of coating is provided in the classic format of the tile of various sizes depending on the material, so it is very easy to place, and, it also comes from various materials such as stone, wood, brick and concrete.

Walls for the wall of the modern kitchen

polished tiles wall kitchen decorated precious ideas

Our ideas of wooden panels of different colors to choose from will make you think seriously about one for your kitchen as they are very natural. We also have ideas for industrial style cooking with stainless steel panels that stand up well to the water jets that are not lacking in the kitchen. For luxury kitchens we show you ideas with precious marble and granite.

Furniture and white panel in the modern kitchen

open kitchen living room furniture panel white ideas

There are options of decorative panels for economical repair kitchen not only for the walls. With them you can also cover the roofs of old buildings as they are lightweight plastic panels, which can be removed quickly. The list of problems that are easily solved with the help of plastic wall panels.

Wrinkled white panel ideas in modern kitchen

kitchen wide panel interesting crumpled white idea

You can align the surfaces of the wall without the application of several layers of plaster and without having to dismantle the old coating. Behind the panels in the designer kitchen it is possible to hide the external cables. The panels as we said protect the wall from grease and splashing water in the work area.

Beautiful mosaic ideas for the wall in the modern kitchen

kitchen countertop granite panel mosaic precious ideas

The main advantage of the plastic panels is the quick repair and the saving of money since they are more economical. You can make repairs at any time of year do not have to wait for the plaster to be ready for painting for example.

Wooden panel and shelves for the wall in the modern kitchen

kitchen contemporary style panel wood natural ideas

There are original plastic panels with texture, in terms of design, they can play a decisive role. The choice of texture and color will connect the space to create a coherent design between countertops and furniture. There are options of custom glass apron panels with a backlight for a kitchen dashboard that expands the space.

Original ideas of cupboards and wall in the modern kitchen

kitchen contemporary style panel wall original ideas

Glass products made by a professional can help you create a fantasy space. Before selecting the panel to the kitchen and planning the budget for repairs, consider the various versions that differ in the manufacture and type of material.

Mosaic of vibrant colors on the wall of modern kitchen

kitchen contemporary style wall mosaic colors ideas

The market offers PVC products, wood fiber boards with different types of laminated finish, tempered, mirror, drawing. Some materials have surfaces with a limit of the temperature with which the product can come into contact without being damaged. The most durable and heat resistant can be mounted directly on the stove.

Granite panel on kitchen wall in vintage style

kitchen rustic style combined vintage panel marble ideas

Among the products available in the market, decorative panels for the kitchen come in different forms. The main types are in the form of narrow strips but there are also panels in the form of tiles or with a square shape very convenient for installation instead of ceramic tiles.

Vibrant yellow wall panel in the kitchen

kitchen island panel wall color yellow precious ideas

If what you want is to change the appearance of your kitchen the wall panel for the kitchen is the real way to change the style of the kitchen, thanks to the addition of some bright colors. The panels for the walls have to be part of the kitchen and merge harmoniously with the general style so the designers recommend taking the choice of material and color with care.

Cupboards and bright white wall in the kitchen

kitchen island pequena panel white bright ideas

A wide range of different materials allows you to choose the right and convenient option for any environment. For a contemporary style kitchen, you can use the elegant glass or mirror panels instead for the cozy rooms in a rustic style, the wooden panels will be more appropriate.

Granite panel on the wall of the small kitchen

kitchen panel granite pequena modern ideas

As we said the main advantage of the panels of kitchen panels that can not boast other materials used for finishing the walls of the kitchen is the easy installation. We forgot to mention the resistance to aggressive detergent materials and cleaning agents that are indispensable in a kitchen.

Granite slabs for the modern kitchen wall

kitchen panel slabs granite stove steel ideas

Another thing that is assured is the durability although it is up to you to choose the hardened and strong material that is not easily damaged and also can provide acoustic insulation. The choice of materials for the finish of kitchen walls should be based on attractiveness and external qualities, as well as the capacity for recovery. Now we let you review these beautiful images of decorative panels for your kitchen.

Large panel of granite slabs and box on the wall of the kitchen

kitchen panel slabs stone picture decorative wall ideas

kitchen small contemporary style panel wood ideas

countertop panel kitchen wide gray granite bright ideas

contemporary style kitchen island decorative panel mosaic blue ideas

minimalist style kitchen panel granite ideas

laminas madera madera- panel wall kitchen ideas

black marble wall modern kitchen wide ideas

kitchen style traditional slabs couple panel steel ideas

panel steel kitchen broad island furniture white ideas

panel steel kitchen island chairs blue high ideas


Decorative panels vibrant blue color wall kitchen ideas

decorative panels steel kitchen cabinets island brown ideas

decorative panels white color modern kitchen ideas

decorative panels bright black cabinets ideas

decorative panels bright red kitchen ideas

decorative panels red color dishes wall ideas

decorative panels beautiful prints color orange kitchen ideas

decorative panels industrial style stainless steel kitchen ideas

decorative panels written phrases drawings kitchen ideas

decorative panels granite gray star wall kitchen ideas

decorative panels granite gray smooth wall kitchen ideas

decorative panels illuminated white plastic modern kitchen ideas

decorative panels imitate wood glass shelves ideas

decorative panels slabs arugadas perciosas washbasin kitchen ideas

decorative panels wood island large kitchen ideas

decorative panels wood furniture black kitchen ideas

decorative panels marble kitchen island color white ideas

decorative panels marble modern luxurious kitchen ideas

decorative panels marble furniture wood kitchen island ideas

beautiful panels modern kitchen prints trees ideas

interesting panel black color modern kitchen ideas

panel wood kitchen modern cabinets countertop granite ideas

dark wood panel paper wall beautiful kitchen ideas

white furniture panel open kitchen dining ideas





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