Decorative staircase - discover the most extravagant designs

original decorative staircase blue color

The stairs are a very difficult element for architects who try to work in small spaces. To part of the intention to create a decorative stair , there is the question of the railing, especially necessary for the safety of children.

Stunning decorative stairway design by Tetrarc

amazing interior stairs design

In addition to an interesting look, many owners select the design of their decorative staircase based on functionality.

Original modern design staircase

modern design staircase

Taking into account the necessary factors for safety, we can focus on the designs that are setting trends.

Interior design with modern staircase

nice modern staircase interior

It turns out that an interior staircase can also serve as a storage place, but today we will focus on the interior stairs that are true focal points in the decoration.

Impressive design of laminated wood stairs

awesome design wood stairs

This design, for example, would leave any visitor excited. The rungs remind of a work of abstract and colossal art, but the light wood manages to work with the style of the interior design .

Original design of modern dining room

modern dining room design

Something similar happens on this design, but on a larger scale. The stairs in this dining room they are really impressive, and they have accentuated the purpose of the white and wood cladding.

Modern living room design in minimalist style

modern living room minimalist style

A light and ethereal touch, a delicate lighting and well sculpted handrails: all the characteristics of a minimalist staircase that leaves a pleasant impression.

Original design of floating staircase in minimalist style

floating ladder orignal design

In this design the railings have been replaced by glass panels. It is a very modern but more risky option for children and elderly people.

Original design of modern cement and glass staircase

modern cement and glass staircase

The glass panels also look great accompanying the concrete steps. These stairs also have Led lights integrated in the lower step.

Modern staircase for minimalist interiors

modern staircase interior minimalist style

These ultra-compact staircases offer access to loft apartment bedrooms, second floors or simply for a high storage space.

Original stairs with storage units for wine

stairs storage units for wine

Ultra-narrow staircases with built-in storage space and other tricks allow these smart designs to save space and fit into smaller apartments.

Minimalist style stairs with wooden steps

stairs made of laminated wood

This sublime staircase stands out for its delicate and elegant design, with an almost celestial presence in any room.

Super modern interior design with staircase in minimalist style

super modern interior staircase minimalist

Then there is the classic floating staircase, the epitome of minimalist style and the curious design that leaves people completely delighted.

Modern interior design with decorative wooden staircase

modern interior decorative staircase wood

For linear configurations, choose simple, resistant and elegant bands. For an added touch and a design twist, a configured handrail would do a great job.

Original modern interior design with stairs in minimalist style

original design salon stairs

This is a solid steel staircase design that features a minimalist handrail, as well as extremely thin treads composed of a simple metal sheet.

Stunning stair design in minimalist style

impressive modern staircase design

These stairs, of a radical minimalism, provide access to several floors fusing with the interior design.

Modern gradient interior design with wooden stairs

modern interior degraded stairs wood

This degraded interior shows us an intelligent solution to the lack of space of a loft apartment, it is a great design.

Original design of industrial style modern staircase

original modern staircase design

Again an industrial note in this design, in this case showing an elegant combination of steel, glass and wood.

Original design of modern staircase with slide

original staircase with slide

The little ones will hallucinate with this design, and it's no wonder. Having a slide at home is the dream of many, why not fulfill it?

Original rung design in minimalist style

original staircase design rungs

This contemporary style decorative staircase design features double-step steps and a matte finish.

Original suspended stairs in minimalist style

suspended stairs living room modern wood

The truth is that the minimalist suspended stairs fit perfectly in any interior without compromising it.

Original futuristic style staircase design

original design stair ribs

Minimalist staircase design by Francesco Librizzi

original minimalist decorative metal stair

What can be added to a simple home to be unique? The Italian architects Francesco Librizzi and Matilde Cassani created a minimalist staircase design to enrich the general appearance of an old house: â € œAn original house from 1900 where the windows, the doors and the tiled floors survived the modernity. The only possible intervention was an almost 2D frame, capable of bending space in height and creating new possibilities in other layersâ € ". This unconventional staircase project is part of Casa C, a house recently renovated in Milan.

Original interior design with decorative staircase, foundry12

interior kitchen staircase wood


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