Decorative stones for your Japanese garden

garden zen rocks black house

Today we present seventy-five ways to decorate gardens using stones , pebbles or rocks. As we already know, one of the most current landscape trends is that of oriental Zen gardens. They try to always achieve perfect harmony in an environment dedicated to meditation and tranquility.

Decorative rocks and stones for garden

pretty fountain pool rocks garden

As we will see below, the variants and styles are multiple. A landscape decoration natural allows improvisation. We can place large rocks spontaneously to plant around colorful flowers for a rockery, or to form with them waterfalls and ponds of water for the garden.

Decorative stones for modern gardens

zen garden covered patio pergolas

The oriental influence in landscaping is very present in the garden designs most current. At all times we try to achieve a climate of calm in which our mind can be calm. For this, those elements that distract attention should be removed from the landscape.

Edges of garden path with stones

edges path garden stones rocks

As we can see in the image, the stones are also ideal to separate and beautify certain areas or paths of the garden. We can place them to our liking by separating them by sizes and colors to create islands, trails or even stairs. Previously we mentioned that river stones are perfect for decorating patios and gardens.

Decorative rocks for gardens

road tiled pool garden rocks

Having been in the water have been polished naturally and its shape is usually rounded. In addition there is usually a wide variety of pebbles of different colors and minerals, so the final aspect of our garden decoration can be very original. But for those cases in which the collection of natural stones is a problem,

Flat rocks for garden path

decorative stones large shapes

We suggest acquiring them through companies specialized in the distribution of rocks and Chinese for the decoration of gardens. Usually minerals that are more resistant to weather conditions, shock and friction are selected to be able to guarantee their simple maintenance.

Rocks for garden paths

pathway garden wall rocks flat

If you have opted for the placement of stones to form a path, we advise you to choose those rocks that are larger than they are flat, this way it will be easier to walk on them and they will support the weight better when walking on them. We only have to dig furrows in the earth and place the pieces in them.

Landscape design with rocks

path stones gray pebble tiles

Then, we can fix them with some mortar or special glue so that they are well fastened in the ground. As a very original final touch, we can add smaller pebbles or pebbles in the leaks or along the edges of the road, the contrast between the rocks of different sizes will give it a very original look.

Garden pond decorated with rocks

waterfall pond swamp rocks water

Let's now turn to the designs of ponds and garden fountains made also with rocks and stones. If we place the larger pieces forming stairs we can create a great natural waterfall for our garden. The smaller stones can be placed in the bottom to decorate it if it is not too deep.

Garden waterfall with rock steps and plants

waterfall rocks plants garden water

The rocks can serve as a natural filter for running water and also for the plants that we sow around them. Another very useful option is to place large rocks in difficult-to-access plant areas in order to irrigate the plants more easily without having to step on them.

Garden waterfall decoration with rocks

decoration waterfall rocks garden

If we have decided on the placement of a rockery we will see a series of very useful steps for its construction. To begin with, we will try to place the rocks in a way that takes advantage of the natural leveling or the architectural structure of the place so that the appearance is as natural as possible. It is advisable that our rock is oriented towards the south or the west and that it is sheltered from the wind.

Natural decoration and landscaping with rocks

natural decoration landscaping rocks

We will remove the weeds from the surface and make sure that the soil is sufficiently drained so that our plants can grow and prosper properly. Between each rock there should be enough space for the water to run and access to each of the plants.

Natural landscape with rock steps

landscape natural water rocks steps

The selection of plants for rockery is free, although there are species that adapt better to a rocky environment. There are marginal plants, hanging or perennial, they grow naturally in large stones and rocks, so we can ask advice from botanists to help us choose the most suitable plants for our garden.

Garden decoration with rocks

garden decoration tile stones

But there are also other options to decorate gardens with rocks. It consists of creating ornaments with the stones themselves, either by placing them in an artistic way or even painting them in colors. This is a great way to manifest our creativity by creating customized and truly unique landscape designs.

Decoration of gardens with large rocks

large rocks garden decoration

As we have seen, the decorations of gardens with rocks brings naturalness to the landscape, however urban it may be. Busy life and the stress of everyday life makes us forget about the small pleasures that are so necessary as to contemplate nature and immerse ourselves in it to rest.

Decorative colored crystals

crystals blue colors fountain garden

For this reason we encourage you to take ideas and start creating your landscape design for outdoors that includes an area with rocks and natural stones, we assure you that the result will be worthwhile and you can get a wonderful place where you can sit and meditate Enjoy the pleasures of life.

Garden paths with pebbles

pebble paths garden path

Natural design with rocks and plants

natural decoration rocks garden plants

Miniature gardens with rocks

decoration stones gardens little house

Decoration for gardens with pebbles

decoration stones for garden

Rocks and gravel to decorate gardens

gravel decoration garden plants

Decoration of gardens with rocks and pebbles

decoration gardens rocks pebbles

Landscaping with rocks and pebbles

decoration rocks landscape gardens

Decorative rocks for gardens

decoration rocks clay jugs

design decoration garden rocks

design gravel stone garden plants

design gardens with gravel rocks

natural design decoration gardens

landscape landscape many rocks colors

interior courtyard pond decoration

Different rocks design garden gravel

pond waterfall garden bench rocks

pond garden decorated rockery stones

pond small rocks garden plants

great waterfall garden rocks pebbles

great waterfalls rocks garden water

super garden bridge stone plants

figure made rocks round stone

stone fountain pebbles geraniums flowers

gravel rocks tree garden flowers

pebbles gravel flowerpot palm tree balls

pebbles pots plants garden lawn

island garden plants pebbles

garden sunset decorated rocks pebbles

Garden dining plants pebbles deco

gardens decorated rocks gravel

gardens stones pebbles flowerpot steps

gardens plants flowers colors gravel

zen gardens modern gravel design

modern garden design zen tiles

modern garden black rocks

garden zen tiles circle square

garden zen patio house stones

garden zen yard pebbles plants

paths zen

decorative stone hearts flower pots

miniatures rocks gardens little house

mini decorative stone houses

stone mountain garden

mountain rocks waterfall garden fountain

many large rocks deco garden

patio pond gravel pebbles garden

inner courtyard rocks black fountains

patio terrace pebbles black planes

patio terrace orange trees gravel tiles

decorative stone aloe planter

stones three circles garden deco

decorative stones zen gardens

garden stones road rocks

rocks garden rocks decoration

rocks decorated faces people eyes

rocks decorated gardens painted

large rocks deco garden

large rectangular rocks garden plants

rocks gravel pebbles rocks rocks

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