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The living rooms are one of the most important spaces of the home. It is there where we meet as a family or with friends to spend pleasant moments of leisure and therefore the place must be comfortable and cozy. See today our selection of twenty-five designs to decorate living rooms with a lot of style

Living rooms with modern design

nice room to be elegant dark

The wonderful living room of the image shows a certain classic and stately touch in its two-tone decoration. The careful selection of furniture and other elements brings elegance and class to the place by combining ultra modern pieces with others of a design Something more retro as are the chairs or the beautiful chandelier.

Retro-looking living rooms

wood cabin living room retro

Below, an example of design for living rooms with a certain air Shabby Chic . We see retro furniture somewhat worn as the great trunk on the left, but we also see modern furniture with a vintage look that also try to approach this particular style of interior decoration.

Modern rooms with minimalist design

hanging stairs living room modern

In the next photograph, however, we will see a more modern and minimalist look. The laminate of wood in several surfaces with different finishes, all of them very appropriate for the place, but the element that really attracts all eyes without a doubt is the fantastic ladder hanging structure that we see on the left.

Super design sofa for living room

super modern beige long sofa

The living rooms can fulfill the function of room in certain cases depending on the use that is intended to give. The model of living room that we see above presents an incredible wide sofa of modern design. In itself this piece of furniture brings a unique and special style to the overall vision of the place as well as being so functional and comfortable.

Modern living room with wood laminate on the wall

laminated wood wall living room

But if what we want is to achieve a more rustic style, we will opt for a decoration in which the materials of very natural appearance abound, as for example in the wonderful room of the superior image. As we can see all the walls are glass except one, which is laminated wood.

Living room with designer furniture

Living room carpet white hairs

Style is increasingly becoming a personal choice rather than a defined parameter in the industry.

Wooden elements for living rooms

living room natural wood deco

While fashion styles like the industrial and Scandinavian will continue to make waves in more homes around the world, some touches of tropical charm and lively impressions will provide this wonderful alchemy of the exotic and underestimated. The eclectic, ethnic or shabby chic will also continue to be worn, do not be afraid to improvise.

Romantic style living room

living room living room mirror sun

A whole generation is turning to a greener, cleaner and more respectful lifestyle with the planet, regardless of whether they decide to make vocal statements about larger issues such as global warming or not.

Modern living room with gray design

modern room decoration gray color

Nothing needs to be wasted and everything in your attic or storage room can acquire a new lease of life with a little bit of DIY and creativity.

Modern living room with views

halls black stool yellow terrace

The vintage style is definitely in fashion; The antique ornaments of the wall, the decoration and the accessories in the living room are all delirium.

living room lounge rose flowers

Wood will always be the raw material par excellence. You can play with light colors and bright accessories to bring the piece to life.

nice rooms living room pouf

The high cabinets without doors create the illusion of a larger space and therefore cooler for the summer. Once again you can invest in light colors, but the upholstery and wood can be very warm materials, so to get a little balance, consider placing a beautiful coffee table.

pretty rooms boho style candles

Not only natural materials such as leather, wood, stone and metals are trend; but the fashionable color palettes also reflect those inherent in the mother nature. Earth tones remain a key design trend, adding warmth, depth and comfort to our interior spaces. The shades of brown, green, gray and muted have never been more popular.

delightful living rooms design

Accents in brighter natural tones such as blue skies, grass greens and coral reds are widely used to create bursts of brightness juxtaposed against the more relaxed and muted natural tones mentioned above.

living rooms modern furniture

The world of design is seriously linked to all metal things at this time. The metallic elements add glamor and industrial weight to any space.

rooms be well lit style

Look for brushed, satin or matte finishes to add additional visual texture. Aged copper, brass, gold or stainless steel can be used to great effect in the living room to take the decoration to another new level of elegance, but we should only add a few touches. The trick is to include notable metallic accents that are not too heavy.

Living rooms living room laminated wall

living room gray stone wall

living room nice modern design style

modern living room furniture design

living room living room gray sofa

modern beige color sofa

balancio caballito celeste juquete salas

fashion colors for salons

modern living room

vintage style

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