Design bathroom - luxurious and exciting.

cozy creative luxurious design bathroom

On several occasions we have dedicated our time to talk about the bathrooms. We have seen from its decoration design and trends in materials. Today we will follow this thematic line but in a very special way. We will analyze broadly the luxurious design bathroom. When we think of luxury houses, the first thing on our mind is their appearance. Gardens of large extensions or pools. Maybe we can even imagine the bedrooms with attractive and daring designs and paradisiacal beds.

Cozy design bathroom

bathroom design light bulbs stool washbasin

Although surely the design bathroom also comes to mind luxury . That's why today we will mention him taking as reference the work of Ahmed Mady and other proposals of fantastic designs. We will see a series of bathrooms with wonderful details created by this interior designer. Concepts range from that designer bathroom that is included in the bedroom or those that do not. Recreate romantic environments in which we can relax in large bathtubs.

Design bathroom with flowers

bathroom floral design tile furniture

It has other proposals with more European trends that seek greater privacy in the design. Luxury and functionality prevail in all cases and identity elements of the work of this interior designer. This is the case of imports and the notable influence of the Arab style. Which can be seen reflected in the colors and shapes specifically of the Arabian windows. The designer bathroom is transformed into a spa with lights that inspire relaxation.

Warm design bathroom

bathroom design floral curtains lights

The golden lights are filtered by carefully elaborated arches and discover the tiles. Azulejos with floral or geometric themes of great brightness and textures. The termination of the walls in general ends in a small platform to deposit towels or soaps. Essentially an interesting and luxurious proposal for anyone who has the economic possibilities. Let's enjoy the images for the moment and appreciate the artistic behind each proposal.

Design of Ahmed Mady

bathroom design boat bathtub mirrors

Elegant style with vases and branches

bathroom design lights tiles plants

Design with decorative birds and paintings

luxury designer bathroom curtains birds

Warm and cozy variant

fourth floor design pots icons basin

Chromatic contrast of walls and floor

design bathroom plants jarron flowers

Focal green point with plants

designer bathroom towels modern washbasin

Spacious luxury bathroom

bathroom luxury modern curtains light natural

Roman inspiration with columns

columns warm gilt marble bathtub

Bathroom integrated in room

crystal bathroom modern marble bed

detail texture wall lamp golden tiles

golden bathroom design lamparas mueble

lights city flowers candles bottles

lights modern luxurious towels marble

luxury design modern bathtub petalos jarron

luxury modern design lights terrace

wood chairs sea modern marble

modern bathroom lights woman ideas lamparas

modern golden stone bathroom lights

modern luxurious bathroom design columns

plants steps wood led mirror

plants vases bathtub mirror plants

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