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Naturally, cycling uniforms as well as other types of sportswear reflect the fashion trends that prevail this season. In this article we will pay special attention to the design cycling uniforms for woman that every time they surprise us with more details taken from the podiums in addition to the purely technological advances in this type of clothing.


From ecological to classic style, the shirts of cycling This year they are becoming as competitive as their users. Without losing its sporting advantages.


What are the main trends in the design of cycling uniforms for women?

Design trends in cycling uniforms for women: Although cycling is considered a sport for men, there are many women who also compete in different competitions around the world. Like all sports, even cycling needs clothes that are comfortable but elegant. The designers present different trends to please people with style and the trends change every season.

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Cycling uniforms of the best brands can be obtained in specialized sports stores or in online stores.

In recent years, the choice of cycling apparel for women has become a much more enjoyable process as the sport has become more popular and there are many more options when it comes to cycling for women.


Designers are interested in designing a stylish outfit for women who do cycling and the options are fun and feminine to satisfy the tastes of all women who are dedicated to this sport.

Most popular trends in the design of cycling uniforms

Some popular trends include:

cycling uniforms a-polka dots

Polka dot design: Cute and funny, who does not like moles. This trend has been popular in women's fashion and is also being felt in cycling circles.

cycling uniforms de-design

Floral design: This is another popular catwalk print that is quickly becoming famous also in cycling uniforms. It is perfect for women cyclists and offers great balance between style and comfort.

cycling uniforms de-moda

Dog teeth and skulls: The dog teeth have been popular patterns in jackets and sports jerseys, but they are also entering the cycling clothing.


Flags: It is a good idea to use them for international events in which different countries compete together. It is also a good way to show your patriotic side.

cycling uniforms for women

Graphic designs: This can be almost anything. You can even customize your cycling equipment with your own impressions.

cycling uniforms colors

Band shirts: Incorporating prints of famous bands in cycling teams is another fun way not only to demonstrate your sense of humor, but also to promote an event. The images could be replaced with almost anything.

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Color explosion: A wide range of colors and different blends can make cycling uniforms much more fun. There is a wide variety of color combinations available, so even the most demanding cyclist will find something he likes.


Statement T-shirts: A great way to introduce an extravagant factor in your cycling gear instead of simple monotonous tops and shorts.

The famous brands and their best proposals


The ecological option

In the bamboo cycling uniforms of BAM, the British manufacturer of sportswear respectful of the environment, the smell of sweat does not stop because they are made of natural fibers. Yes indeed they are made of real bamboo, a highly resistant plant that is also super soft, antibacterial, protects from ultraviolet light, is pleasant to the touch and keeps moisture away from the skin. Therefore, whether for warm-ups, bike rides or weekend walks, this V-neck sweatshirt for women is a piece of clothing that is ideal for sports, but also elegant enough to accompany you on a trip to the city. city ​​or a cup of coffee with friends.


High style cycling

Simple, elegant and versatile, Vulpine is the brand that prides itself on its daily cycling uniforms. The clothing offered by the brand for men and women is finely detailed and technically advanced, whether riding a bicycle by sport or by transport. Their chic t-shirts are made with superfine merino wool and are odorless and breathable so you stay warm and cool, perfect for spring!


Slender inheritance

A holy grail for any stylish cyclist, Rapha Racing meets all the requirements of the most demanding cyclists. Absolutely a brand of sports, but with all the style to use whenever you are on your bike, its colors and clean lines have an appearance that we can all fall in love with. Take, for example, your Soulless Thermal Jersey: a cold weather training shirt that allows you to stay in aerodynamic form without freezing. It's warm, fast and reflective, perfect!


Aerodynamic style

The Australian cycling brand Pedla is born of the rich sports culture of Melborne, and his dedication to fitness in style is very evident in the cycling uniforms they manufacture and their understanding of the demands they need to meet. Its Aero / Loops Jersey, for example, is made with a aerofoil aerodynamic fabric superlight. This is a short-sleeved jersey that uses the latest in fast drying microfiber materials, which is naturally soft, stretchy and breathable, perfect for summer conditions.

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Safe and ready

The Swedish brand with the mission to do the best it can to keep cyclists safe, POC is known for its approach to all types of weather, including snow goggles and helmets in the range. Dedicated to those who have a passion for competitive cycling, they also make a wide range of clothing that includes variations of their Gradient Women's Classic Jersey. Made from a highly absorbent, breathable polyester fabric, the jersey is versatile with raglan sleeves for greater flexibility, a front zip, mesh under the armpits and side panels for maximum temperature regulation.

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