Design gardens and tips for a luxury space.

creative gardens design circular path

When we talk about design gardens and creativity it's like saying attention to details. The conception and creation of gardens has certain aspects that we can not ignore. Some of these aspects, as advice, we will see today. They will be of great help to define certain aspects that will make your garden a more than aesthetic space.

Design gardens with colored mulch

design gardens house white wood

This is the main objective when it comes to designing gardens and decoration. Achieve a harmonious set and solve practical aspects. Try to have your own style first. Choose to add some curves that give dynamism. It will also help you create a larger visual effect. Select species that are carpeting instead of grass.

Design gardens with wide path

design gardens classic gravel footpath

It is a way to avoid losing many hours of attention and maintenance. Do not be discouraged if you have an area with slopes. With the construction of walls and terraces the matter will be solved. If you are interested, add trails to your garden. The measure of meter and a half is adequate for two people to move around it. Do not forget to guarantee lighting during the night.

Decorative sculptural element

colorful pink decorative gardens design

There is a lamp for these purposes of low consumption, including solar. If the garden will be located in the main entrance you can create a border. Place seasonal plants on the access road to the house. They can be colorful and later you can change them according to the seasons. Also add some water element such as ponds or waterfalls. It is a way to promote a relaxed and serene space.

DIY bench hanging pots

design gardens banking diy pendants

Do not forget to create an area where you can relax or enjoy a book. For this the appropriate furniture is also important. If it's your taste you can add other ornaments. Especially sculpture that does not overload the environment too much. For contemplation there is nothing better than a Bank. Locate them in areas that are surrounded by vegetation. More ideas in our gallery today.

Variant for urban space

design gardens exterior building urban

Design with ripples

design gardens wavy modern footpath

Lawn for delimitation of spaces

design gardens palm tree coker

Variety of species in contrast

design gardens trimmed plants flowers

Broad concrete path

design gardens tropical trail house

Functional design by NIC Landscapes

crane creative path link laja

cactus trail plnatas design pictures

house front mulch color brown

house terrace garden patio plants

Contemporary family patio outdoor table

contemporary garden style rocks benches

focal lights design plants lawn

concrete wood planters succulents concrete

wood pergola slabs floor patio

mangos frutal patio pergola creative

modern small flowers red waterfall

small flowers wall yellow patio

footpath backyard pergola pond

snake plant pool house modern

view terrace roof circular garden

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