Design house in London by Kirkwood McCarthy

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In this article we are going to present you a home designed by Kirkwood McCarthy which is located in London. This project has been completed in 2015 and the house design gather in your interior the most modern decoration trends and of which we do not stop talking and writing lately.

Design house by Kirkwood McCarthy

london design house

In reality, it is the remodeling of a building that this designer has turned into one of the most elegant design houses in London with three floors and two bedrooms. Before this construction was divided in two for what has had to dig a new basement and it has had to extend the roof.

A very modern construction located in London

design house england

On the first floor or in the basement there is a kitchen, a dining room and a living room that is open to the outdoor area. In this photo you can also see the decoration of the interior in which the white color predominates and the brown color is used for the creation of accents. In this way a very pleasant balance is achieved.

Stairs with wood on the surface of the steps

elegant design house

On the other hand, one of the ways to decorate the interior in modern houses is with elegant staircases. The elegance in this design house has also been achieved by the combination of white and wood on the stairs. The basement and the first floor are connected to a library shelf. In addition there is an extension of the living room.

The decoration of the walls with bricks

brick walls

Instead, between the first and second floors there are stairs leading to an open floor with a bathroom and a terrace. Another of the decorative details that has been used in the interior are the walls of bricks that help create that contrast between white and brown.

The attic converted into a very elegant bedroom

furnish garret

One of the things that should get your attention in this design house is the abundance of white. This color converts the interior into a very bright space and also creates the feeling of enlarging it. On the other hand, you can see that the attic has been converted into a bedroom, a good option to furnish attic.

A bathroom in white with the floor of the color of the wood

modern houses

In contrast, the same contrast between colors is still used in the bathroom. As you can see it is an open bathroom in which the doors have been replaced by curtains. Another very interesting thing about the interior that would have to call your attention is the limited number of dividing walls inside. Almost all spaces are open and that influences by increasing the interior space.

The decoration of the exterior walls with bricks

decorate brick walls

On the other hand, in this photo you can see the outdoor area to which the basement stairs lead. It is a small patio where you can store some things.

The plan of the lowest floor of the house

london modern houses

From here you can see the plans of the different levels, the rooms that are in each of them and how they are connected to each other. In the last photo you will see a map of the residence in profile.

The plan of the first floor on which the bathroom is located

flat design houses

The plan of the second floor where the attic is converted into a bedroom

furnish flat attic

The last floor plan of the house seen in profile

london design houses

Kirkwood McCarthy
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