Design houses - a circular home in Hiroshima, Japan

design houses

The design houses modern often present elements that manage to catch our attention at first sight. This peculiar house built by Fujiwaramuro Architects in the Prefecture of Hiroshima, Japan; It has beautiful wooden walls on its exterior facade, as well as a round platform in the garden of the house.

Designer houses - house with circular platform in Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan

Prefecture of Hiroshima, Japan

This second feature is really original, since it starts in the garden and continues inside the house.

Design houses of Fujiwaramuro Architects

design houses

Located diagonally in a quiet residential neighborhood, the wooden structure encloses a total area of ​​just over 75 square meters. The house was created for a married couple who wanted to have the opportunity to enjoy their garden.

Beautiful modern wooden facade

house facade

Customers also wanted a suitable house in which to house a gallery or workshop in the future.

Original design of house with round platform in the garden

wood platform facade

Therefore, a house with a walkway planted outside was proposed. Outside the house, a large rounded earth floor (taming) connected to the house was created. By planting flowers and trees in and around the earth floor, the walkway is visible.

Original diagonal house design

diagonal house

Making the most of the existing Japanese trees, the house is facing the mountains on the side of the road, the daylight from the south and the misalignment of the eye lines of the adjacent lands.

Design of modern house with platform in the garden

modern platform house

After the completion, the house became a meeting place for owners, including parents and children who live nearby. The environment of the house will continue to change as the plants grow.

Image of the entrance to the house

house entrance

The Western Red Cedar woods were used for the exterior wall and the Oak and Kempas were used for the interior floor, so the client can enjoy the aging of the architecture with the growth of the plants in the garden.

Stunning designer homes with wooden interiors

design houses

Inside, what catches our attention is the fact that the walls and ceiling are completely covered with different types of wood. This is complemented by the fact that their furniture, in a simple and modern style, are also made of wood.

Nice interior with different types of wood coverings

interior wood

The interior areas of the living place They extend around the circular walkway. From the bottom left of the plan, you will find the kitchen, which looks towards the shared living space.

Super modern kitchen design

modern kitchen

This is followed by the bedroom in the upper left corner, while the upper right corner is occupied by a bathroom with a separate toilet.

Nice modern interior design

modern interior

The central part of the home , taken by the catwalk, is mainly used as a dining room. The final room of the house, which is located in the lower right part of the plan, is used as a workshop or guest bedroom.

Spacious and round interior design

spacious spacious interior

Natural wood coatings

original hall

Nice wooden interior design

nice interior

Original interior design with wooden coverings

living room decoration

Original design of living room

living room

Round platform that enters the house

nice entrance

Original modern architecture design

original architecture

Original design of modern house

modern house

Original modern house design in Hiroshima, Japan

nice design of modern house

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