Design kitchens and a whole sea of ​​light with white.

design kitchens bar stools white

Design kitchens and the freshness of white is the theme on which we will talk a little today. A color that has been studied from many perspectives. According to the psychology of color transmits tranquility, quietness, cleanliness and luminosity. Aesthetically it is very nice, so it is irresistibly attractive to add it to our kitchen. For kitchens that do not have much space is a color that visually increases the dimensions of the space.

Design custom white kitchens

design kitchens shine led lamps

In addition to illuminating the site in an effective and uniform way. Any idea that involves design kitchens and white as color, can have accents of other colors as we will see in the images. The other would be to personalize it with a bit of style based on lamps , furniture or cabinets. About the latter we will talk a little. White countertops are another valid resource. White marble in this case is ideal for adding texture. We just have to keep in mind that it is a more expensive option and periodic maintenance.

Kitchen design, textured countertops

design kitchens curtains figures lamparas

It should be sealed with a regular base and avoid spills of abrasive substances on the surface. A lower maintenance option is the white granite that also offers a classic look. The white quartz has no pores and can be more hygienic and resistant to stains. In terms of resistance for kitchen designs and any remodeling project, white concrete is the answer. With it you can achieve that aspect of pure white. Undoubtedly the most economical option would be laminates that imitate surfaces such as marble.

Colorful accessories, flashes of color

design kitchens sphere wood banquettes

The positive as well as the economical is its resistance to chipping and scratching. The furniture it's another option to add those white details we're talking about. An island usually has a bright countertop that can be used to illuminate the space. Add and complement the white color with it. From the functional point of view it is excellent for preparing meals or entertainment. According to its functions it must be the selection of the material, the color is already clear to us.

Elegant white cabinets

design kitchens shelves natural light illuminated

Design kitchens and cabinets are an inseparable trio. They are high impact elements, because of their location they are very attractive unlike flat countertops. . White is also the popular choice in the case of cabinets. Its availability in terms of design is extremely varied and perfectly fits any project. Another option is in sinks that can be white too. Refractory clay as material could be the choice in this case. It is usually resistant to stains and scratches. Design, kitchens and examples of great ingenuity in today's images.

Inclusion of white sink, image of Emily McCall

design kitchens shelves wood white sink

LED lights and shine effect on countertops

design kitchens metal pendant lamp glitter

Modern white furniture

design kitchens modern lamp stools

White space with cozy lights effect

design kitchens cozy warm lamps

White furniture for kitchen

design kitchens lamp chairs sofa modern

Stainless steel accessories in contrast with white

design kitchens lamparas industrial estilo

Contrast of white with wood on ground

design kitchens lamparas led stools

Blank solution, small kitchen

design kitchens potted plants small

Custom white kitchen

design kitchens clock bottle customized

Contrast color, with flashes of red

design kitchens red textiles contrast color

Texture effect on wall background

design kitchens chairs carpet texture marble

design kitchens chairs wood furniture sphere

design kitchens white design cabinets

design kitchens vegetable design lamp

design kitchen modern garden cake

aquarium fish sidewalks lamparas marmol

yellow flowers red teapot furniture

blue contrast fruits center cabinets

white modern bright oven kitchen

white shelf jarron flowerpots gavinetes

white flowers jarron led small

shine shelf metal plants floor pictures

house oven dishes drawer chairs

wide kitchen bright white shelf

glass fruits door led plants

modern picture jarron plant chairs

picture woman stool high backrest

white shelf design house red floor

fruits ceiling wicker dresser lamps

jarron flowers yellow wood stools

chandelier spherical modern design

lamp stool design floor shine

bookcase shelf kitchen led books

light tableware wood accessories patio

apple vases design white led

marble sphere led vase wood

modern white kitchen elongated natural light

patio plants modern kitchen cabinet

clock wall banquettes wood marble

red copper detail copper color copper

chairs colors creative table accents

chairs fruits center lamp led furniture

floor metal stool cozy wood

metal stool rests feet wood slats

wood stools high blue backrest

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