Design lamps - Lu Murano art and tradition.

design lamps elegant glass salon

In every decorative accessory there is always a great dose of art. Lu Murano lamps are a living example of this, really amazing design lamps. Extremely elegant and that do not lose their functionality. The lamps are a synthesis between tradition, but with a constant innovative search. Lu Murano design lamps are creative pieces born from the hand of technology modern . The compositions are based on blown glass shapes.

Design lamps, attractive image Lu Murano

design lamps green cushions

When viewed from different points of view the appearance seems to vary. The lamps are also molded by hand, which increases their artistic and aesthetic value. Lu Murano design lamps are essentially a piece of contemporary art. Of recognized world fame are designs that combine the perfect balance between glass and light . The traditional accent is felt but the search for innovation undoubtedly marks these unique works.

Design lamps, lovely green tone

design lamps green blown house

Since its presentation in the first edition of Maison & Objet Américas, the work of maestro Gabio Fornasier has become immortal. Lu Murano design lamps are always in continuous evolution. In her the traditional thing is fused but with airs of revolution. They maintain solid historical roots and also why not, cultural ones. Something that distinguishes them is their orientation towards the future and renewal. Taking advantage of every opportunity it brings. Enjoy these wonderful works of art.

Lamps based on blown glass

design lamps murano blown glass

An exquisite union of good taste and elegance that undoubtedly resizes the space. All a party of color, good taste and designs that undoubtedly marked an era. Unrivaled fruit of the traditional with an air of modernity. A work that fits spaces of any kind and style. Designs of great versatility that without doubt have established a before and after in terms of design lamps.

Attractive and innovative design

design lamps orange innovative glass

Dim light balanced

design lamps dark blown light

Variant in deep red

design lamps red chandelier pendant

Elegant black model

design lamps black shelf books

Dark surface with brightness with focal lights

design lamps led blown glass

Model in elegant blue

design lamps blue lights design

Design with textures

approach dark black drawings textures

chandelier creative lamp woman curtains

Creative lights elegant design lamp

Lamparas cozy warm glass detail

black drawings ceiling lamp detail

Double creative blue design levels

golden house carpet furniture design

golden elegant creative lamp luxury

elegant salon music lights chelo

molding manual art creative solution

blown glass creation fire blown

chandelier ceiling warm plants

texture color elegant pendant design

texture color ceiling lamp base metal

blown glass high ceiling lamps

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