Design of modern bathrooms - 60 fantastic ideas

modern style bathroom sea view

In today's post we will talk about the latest in bathroom design modern and what are the factors that determine it. We will see the bathroom furniture with the most advanced technology that ensure health and well-being without leaving out a most innovative and luxurious aspect, do not miss Strange selection of sixty incredible images.

Design of modern style bathrooms

tiles bathroom tiles wall brown

As I saw We have previously, the r coatings of the dreams The walls and walls of the bathrooms are of great importance as they are places that must withstand changes in temperature and humidity constantly. For this reason in the design of modern and functional bathrooms materials should be chosen carefully.

Coating with recycled glass mosaic

bathroom furniture blue mosaic wood

Ceramic tiles and wall tiles are always a good choice, but it turns out that tiles are also made of recycled materials such as glass. The mosaic pattern in shades of light blue with iridescent sheen that we can see in the photograph above is a signature design Oceanside Glasstile .

Coatings with tiles and mosaics

bathroom modern style bathtub mosaic

The mosaics appear in many of the examples as part of the decoration of the bathroom walls, although the most current style combines the mosaics together with other tiles of smooth design or with grinding of large panels. However, there is a style that is currently breaking and is somewhat retro at the same time urban;

Urban style bathroom tile design

bricks tile white ceramic bathroom

it's about the style tiles of suburban cladding in Britain, as well as in public institutions such as schools and prisons . Its appearance resembles that of the shape of the brick although with a shiny finish. There are variants of this style although in almost all the small tiles placed horizontally coincide.

Modern bathroom with chic touch

bathroom ceiling pendant lamp ball

Another style that causes furor in interior design and modern bathrooms is the combination of white and wood. In other words, minimalism and nature. The white is neutral and gives luminosity and amplitude; while the wood gives warmth to the environment. We can choose bathroom furniture or coatings with wood laminates or of simile wood.

White bathroom with wooden elements

white wood blind design bathroom

The decorative wooden details are very good in all parts of the house. You can also take advantage of them to decorate and make a bathroom design creating contrasts in the interiors. One of the ways to create these contrasts is by using the color white. With this color you can create stronger contrasts using a dark colored wood or you can create more subtle contrasts using a lighter colored wood.

Modern style bathroom with green pistachio walls

nice green bathroom design

In addition to the bathrooms, the decoration is also clear and bright colors especially when combined with black and white. With the white color you will create very nice interiors and with the black color the combination will be more aggressive.

Bathroom with green elements

frame surface light green

On the other hand, in the bathrooms and in other parts of the house you can choose a specific color with which you can create decorative details that you can place in specific places. In this way you will be able to highlight these places in the interior. This way of decorating is very appropriate when we want to highlight the strong side of a room.

Design of modern shower cabins

teak wood shower cabin floor

On the other hand, the wood is very good also for the floor of the bathroom because it gives a lot of modernity and elegance. However, the design of bathrooms with a wooden floor is not very suitable because the wood is not very resistant to water and moisture and will break down faster.

Modern design of bathroom coverings

bathroom tiles marble brown

Bathroom tiles with dog tooth motifs

tiles design chanel tooth dog

Design of small and modern bathrooms

classic tiles bathroom modern design

Modern bathroom furniture

white bathtub metal legs

Design of modern and luxurious bathroom furniture

modern basin color washbasin

White and wood design for luxurious bathrooms

round bathtub wood stairs

Modern ceramic bathroom furniture

luxurious bathroom modern white color

Modern design with a rustic touch

bathroom modern design pretty style

Luxurious bathroom with black design

luxurious style bathroom shower tub

bath luxurious design armchair

black marble bathroom design

bathroom design rectified tiles

bathroom modern style gray tiles

design of bathroom furniture

modern bathroom design solid wood

black wood bathroom design

design of small white bathrooms

fourth bathroom wall color gray

nice design futuristic bathroom

bathroom design white black

rectangular white modern bathtub

great design of modern bathrooms

fourth bathroom design luxurious style

bathroom wall color brown

small bathroom design

white bathroom round modern bathtub

marble bathrooms

design for white marble bathroom

design bathroom bathroom wall aquarium

coating walls bathroom tiles

wood coatings modern bathrooms

design bathroom tiles color

design of modern white bathrooms

Luxurious design modern tiles

minimalist bathroom design

super modern design washbasin

marble bathroom

modern design bathroom white wood

modern bathroom wood laminate cladding

laminate wood furniture surfaces

dark wood laminate grinding

marble bathroom coatings shine

solid wood washbasin countertop

bathroom furniture retro style

Modern style bathroom with wood laminate

minimalist bathroom black wall

wall floor marble washbasin

small retro bathroom design

coating walls marble floor

retro touch modern bathroom screens

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