Design of modern gardens with naturalness

design of modern gardens mediterranean style fountain ideas

Design of modern gardens Amanda Patton

Amanda Patton design garden ideas bench table wood plants ideas

The design of modern gardens is characterized by elegance, sophisticated image and the aesthetics of landscaping. In general the design of modern gardens takes as focus or central point the plants the structure of the solid elements as large stones if you have them. The plants that will never go out of fashion of course are green and are selected depending on the shape and size of each.

Design of modern gardens another idea of Amanda Patton

Amanda Patton design modern garden pool furniture plants pool ideas

Vibrant colors are then added in designer furniture and cushions. The materials that are most popular and typical in the design of modern gardens are concrete, metal and wood. Many designers make unexpected decisions trying to escape the natural gray of concrete using the variety of vibrant colors to paint it. Metal, especially stainless steel, which is resistant, is another common accent in the design of modern gardens.

Garden with different areas Anthony Paul

Anthony Paul garden stones sunbeds vegetation ideas

We can use it for the pots for a pergola or on a wall where you can climb a climbing plant. The most used wood is the tropical because it is very resistant to moisture the wooden floors for the garden are an original touch to divide spaces. One of the main objectives in the design of gardens is the creation of contrast.

Another idea we showed you from Anthony Paul

Anthony Paul jardin pool ideas lounge chair stone modern

The plants will help you to do this a combination of plants that contrasts with a wooden floor or a concrete wall the nature and the urban idea perfect for the garden. When selecting plants, you should have a simple concept in mind. The shades of green are the most used and most appropriate for the modern garden.

Modern designer garden Charlotte Rowe

Charlotte Rowe Garden Bushes Green Pergola Place Rest Ideas

We can not forget the colorful plants but they can come in a pot to give an original touch to the garden. Try planting your plants in straight lines to make your garden a sense of order. One thing that will surely seem strange to you but is very common in modern gardens is that the plants are grouped in odd numbers of three or five together.

Stairs in the garden designed by Debbie Roberts

Debbie Roberts stairs stone garden design ideas

We hope that our advice will help you to turn your garden into a modern place now we let you see the images that we have compiled for you.

Large garden with pool by designer Debbie Roberts

Debbie Roberts garden wide lawn pergola table chairs wood modern

Very original wall and garden tulips designed by Andrew Wenham

design of modern gardens Andrew Wenham fall water wall ideas

Another idea with large pots and comfortable furniture Andrew Wenham

modern garden design Andrew Wenham bonsai flower pots comfortable cute furniture

Plants of different colors original idea of ​​Debbie Roberts

modern garden design Debbie Roberts stone path surrounded flowers ideas

Garden with fewer plants designed by Debbie Roberts

modern garden design Debbie Roberts place meals table chairs wood house field

Lavender color and aroma perfect for the garden

design of modern gardens Debbie Roberts grinders large flowers purple aroma

Modern garden with two resting spaces designed by John Wyer

modern garden design John Wyer place eat white plants table

Another view of the same design garden


Illuminated gardens for the night

modern garden design pots concrete furniture umbrella ideas

Modern design garden by Rosemary Coldstream

design of modern gardens Rosemary Coldstream concrete black pots ideas

Wood and concrete look great in the garden

design of modern gardens Rosemary Coldstream flooring wood concrete ideas

Vibrantly colored furniture in modern design gardens Sue Townsend

Modern garden design Sue Townsend striking colors furniture wood table

Gardens with tropical plants design Sue Townsend

Modern garden design Sue Townsend contemporary lounge furniture ideas

Sue Townsend's own garden in natural daylight

modern garden design Sue Townsend white wall furniture comfortable black color

Large gardens with elegant idea fountains by Ian Smith

Ian Smith ideas large garden lawn bushes modern fountain

Another large garden by designer Ian Smith

Ian Smith large garden path lawn trees flowers ideas

Front garden designed by James Basson

James Basson garden in front of house path plants stones ideas

Metallic pergola with designer climbing plants James Basson

James Basson metal pergola climbing plants big garden ideas

Large concrete pots painted in orange by designer Patricia Fox

modern design gardens Patricia Fox original ideas

Terrace with wooden deckchairs and pergola that can also be used in the garden

gardens modern design Patricia Fox ideas sun loungers ideas

Another modern design by Patricia Fox garden with fireplace

modern design gardens Patricia Fox comfortable furniture fireplace

Urban garden designer Matthew Bell

Matthew Bell urban garden design path wood planters white ideas

Green and yellow plants in the urban garden of Matthew Bell design


Water and concrete combination in the garden

Sue Townsend design garden water flowers bank ideas

Wooden furniture and large pots in the modern garden

Sue Townsend garden design epacio eat big pots wood ideas

Thomas Hoblyn garden pool circular pergola wood road concrete ideas

design of modern gardens paths wood fallen water wall ideas

modern garden design large lawn umbrella ideas

design of modern gardens grass tropical plants ideas

modern gardens design grass floor wood furniture ideas great

Modern gardens design swing grass ideas white

design of modern gardens combination stone wood plants ideas

contemporary garden design contemporary illuminated beautiful ideas

contemporary modern gardens design bushes tree bench wood ideas

Modern gardens design interesting decorations balls ideas

modern garden design decorated striped steel pots

design of modern gardens space rest bar road plancas stone ideas

modern garden design pond fall water bank cushions ideas

modern gardens design minimalist style ideas go wood

modern garden design minimalist style small ideas

modern garden design pergola style fabric white furniture ideas

design of modern gardens illuminated night place dinners grass ideas

design of modern gardens large pots concrete ideas

design of modern gardens small bench plants pond ideas

design of modern gardens piscinafo interesting way ideas

modern garden design concrete floor grass minimalist ideas

design of modern gardens floor wood polished tiles gray ideas

design of modern gardens floor wood sunshade water fire ideas

modern garden design dense vegetation interesting furniture ideas

stairs wood lower garden plants green ideas

garden stairs concrete plants interesting ideas


large garden grass plants place meals

garden ideas fountain stone surrounded modern plants

garden mediterranean rustic walls stone ideas

modern garden water fall ideas lawn

modern garden green colors white plants ideas

modern garden design fence wood palm trees tropical style

stairs modern garden stairs ideas

modern garden pergola red fabric plants idea

garden modern stones pergola climbing plants

modern garden plants green mediterranean design

garden furniture wood stones pots large decoration ideas

garden pergola wood planters hanging grass ideas

wall concrete fallen water water pond floor wood ideas

fence wood variety plants pots road stones

garden design ideas original modern pretty green plants tree

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