Design of modern kitchens - 100 great examples

great design of rustic kitchens

Are you passionate about decoration and interior design? If yes, do not miss our post today, we have selected a hundred images of fabulous examples of kitchen design modern that have the latest in futuristic and functional technology. We begin by listing the characteristics of the most requested kitchen furniture today and we will see the most important factors to take into account when choosing a specific design.

Design of modern and functional kitchens

nice kitchen design neutral colors

First of all let's see the preferences regarding the cooking islands , an almost essential element in any kitchen for its multiple uses for the kitchen. An island usually has a countertop with a smooth, flat surface and quite resistant to blows, burns and cuts.

Design by Alexandra Fedorova

link photo design alexandra kitchen

In the image above we can see a kitchen design by Alexandra Fedorova for a modern style apartment. As we can see, the kitchen does not have much space but thanks to the furniture with simple lines and neutral colors with a lacquered finish, a more spacious feel has been achieved.

Design of white and wood kitchens

modern white kitchen design apartment

The previous example leads us to look at the finishing of the surfaces of the kitchen islands. It turns out that in front of the already traditional granite or marble have appeared novel materials that ensure a very long useful life and with virtually all types of finishes and colors. We speak for example of the famous Corian de Dupont, made from aluminum hydroxide and acrylic resin.

Kitchen with laminate of imitation wood

island bar kitchen curved shape

Porcelain stoneware is another relatively new material that appears more and more often in the design of modern kitchens for its resistance and its numerous varieties in terms of finishes. It is also widely used in floor and wall coverings; The tiles are usually pressed dry and manufactured with a single firing.

Furniture with red wood laminate

large kitchen red wood furniture

If we pay attention to the sets of kitchen furniture such as pantries or cabinets, we can also see multiple finishes of different synthetic materials. Wood appears very often, either natural or in the form of laminates, as we mentioned in previous posts about some of the fashion trends such as white and wood kitchens.

Design of small kitchens in neutral tones

beautiful white narrow kitchen

In any case there is a notable tendency towards the design of kitchens with neutral colors or with abundant use of white color. The light tones allow to gain visual space and illumination, very important factors in a place destined to numerous activities for which the light is very necessary.

Modern kitchen decor with warm color panels

beautiful kitchen island modern purple

However, there are also modern designs of intense colors, such as the one we can see in the photograph that appears at the top. They have chosen some warm tones that add character to the environment. As we see, the kitchen is part of the same space of the living room and also has views towards the terrace,

White minimalist kitchen design

pretty kitchen laminate flooring wood

which makes the whole place very functional and practical. Another very characteristic aspect of the design of modern kitchens are the integrated and compact furniture with doors without handles. To maintain proper hygiene of all products and utensils in the kitchen, it is preferable that everything is stored and stored in its proper place.

Design of Nordic style kitchens

kitchen design small white nordica

The following kitchen design presents a Nordic style that is also very up-to-date. Some features are repeated as the white and wood finishes or the furniture with invisible handles, while other details mark their own style as the white tiles of urban appearance or the chairs of Scandinavian design.

Kitchen furniture with integrated LED lights

kitchen white futuristic style

And going back to enlightenment, let's talk about the led lights integrated in the kitchen furniture. Generally the lights can be placed to individual taste in some areas camouflaged as edges and corners, but the most novel are the furniture and household appliance that already have cavities or incrustations to place small lights in the key areas of the kitchen.

Futuristic white kitchen design

white platform platform kitchen corian

Above we have a very futuristic example of the aforementioned, this spectacular kitchen presents a module with platform and white level ceiling with lacquered finish. The whole set of furniture is integrated, including a bar that is part of this same modular structure.

Minimalist designs of simple lines

modern gray industrial style kitchen

On the contrary, the following model shows a more minimalist but very sophisticated design. Here each different zone has been distinguished visually and an elegant combination of materials appears. If we look, we will see that the straight lines together make a really great order.

Modern kitchen with glass table

kitchen color gray futuristic design

Also here we have a minimalist kitchen design with simple lines, but in this case the metallic finishes appear and also the glass as material for the countertop of the kitchen island. An element that stands out without doubt is the induction hood that hangs from the center of the roof, also with glass cover.

Design of kitchen module with integrated table

design of modern teapot kitchens

The photograph that we see above presents a modern kitchen with several of the elements that we have just enumerated along with other very original ones. The entire structure is in one piece although at first glance we distinguish several. A Nordic touch stands out for the curved table that extends from the white countertop of the cabinet.

Design of modern industrial style kitchen

kitchen style industrial wood brick

The industrial style is increasingly influencing the designs of modern kitchens. This kitchen has some elements of industrial design, such as the exposed brick wall or the simple-looking hanging lamps. The essence of this style is to show the architectural structures to the natural and with the precise so that it is also very functional.

Natural wood kitchen island design

island kitchen wood natural steel

Wood and steel is also the choice of many for the design of your kitchen. Steel is an alloy of several metals in different proportions that is generally immune to rust and therefore to corrosion. This guarantees proper hygiene and also steel is one hundred percent recyclable material.

Design of steel and wood kitchen furniture

modern furniture kitchen steel wood

Appears above a set of kitchen furniture where steel stars. The induction hood is part of a roof that extends from the center of the module with cabinets and oven, and covers the whole area of ​​greatest activity on the kitchen island. In this case the surfaces of the countertops are laminated with simile of wood, like the doors of the cupboards and pantries.

Modern kitchen design in Nordic style

modern scandinavian nordic kitchen

We hope that some of these ideas can inspire you to design your own modern style kitchen. Remember that the most important and necessary to take into account to decorate a place so prone to activity is functionality and also measures of hygiene and maintenance, so we must always look for the most efficient elements in such aspects.

Kitchen furniture with glossy lacquered finish

lacquered finish modern kitchen design

To the design of kitchens you can add furniture with a layer of lacquer that will give a bright touch to your interior and that will also increase the modernity and elegance of the kitchen. This layer can even be combined with a layer of lacquer on the floor. To increase the brightness you can place some small lights on the ceiling and in this way the light will be reflected in the brightness of the furniture and the floor.

Small kitchen design with integrated furniture

white kitchen laminate flooring wood

On the other hand, if your kitchen is smaller you can give the modern touch with some furniture embedded in the wall. In this way you will also increase the style especially if you combine the design of the furniture with the colors of the interior. In addition metal countertops combined with metal appliances are also very appropriate.

Modern kitchen with granite countertop

white kitchen views garden patio

Keep in mind that when you decorate the kitchen the countertop can help you give the final touch of modernity that you want. The granite and marble countertops are very suitable and you can use them to create contrasts or to combine them in an appropriate way with the colors of the kitchen and the furniture. In this way you can design your kitchen completely white with small details of another tone.

White modern kitchen design

white kitchen design modern style

On the other hand, the design of modern and elegant kitchens can also be achieved with a wooden floor and some appliances and white furniture. The color of the wood will create a very pleasant contrast with the color of the wood. In addition this decoration is very appropriate also for small kitchens in which not much light enters.

White kitchen design overlooking the patio

white modern kitchen patio views

Also in the decoration of the kitchen you have to take into account also the views that you have or that you could have to make the design of the windows. In this way you can leave the beautiful views to the eyes of the people inside with large windows. On the other hand, the views can also be created by you with a decorative panel on the wall making a panorama.

Small kitchen design with white furniture

small white futuristic style kitchen

Futuristic style kitchen blue color

futuristic kitchen design blue color

Design of modern futuristic kitchens

white gray futuristic style kitchen

Modern kitchen with integrated LED lights

kitchen futuristic design led lights

Modern design of living room with dining room and kitchen

futuristic design kitchen very illuminated

Furniture set with steel island

kitchen gray island steel

Modern gray kitchen design with yellow notes

kitchen color gray furniture yellow

kitchen style industrial wall stone

kitchen lamps metal hanging balls

kitchen wood modern design lights

kitchen color brown modern style

kitchen super minimalist style design

modern kitchen gloss lacquered finish

modern kitchen white tiles metro

modern kitchen brown blue tones

modern kitchen design white wood

modern gray white kitchen

modern brown wood kitchen

modern kitchen furniture purple color

modern kitchen design marble countertop

modern white island kitchen design

modern kitchen island ceramic

modern kitchen design led lights

modern kitchen beige furniture

modern kitchen color black wood

modern kitchen design all white

kitchen modern laminate floor

black kitchen island white design

small kitchen lacquered black

small kitchen laminate wood top

design rustic kitchen column stone

modern black white kitchen design

Modern kitchen design light blue

Functional industrial style kitchen design

design modern kitchen wood stairs

kitchen design minimalist style rug

kitchen design white minimalist style

modern black kitchen design steel

modern kitchen style industrial design

original kitchen island wood design

modern small kitchen furniture design

kitchen design beige wood

modern kitchen design led lights

design of futuristic kitchens

kitchen design white

kitchen design red carpet

gray modern kitchen design

futuristic modern kitchen design

design industrial style metal stairs

design style industrial wall brick

modern black kitchen island design

green kitchen island design

great modern beige kitchen

great lilac gray kitchen

great lacquered red island kitchen

super laminate kitchen simil wood

great modern beige kitchen

great modern small kitchen nordica

great island kitchen floor views

great design living room modern kitchen

super design kitchen chairs orange

white kitchen island black hanging lamps

island kitchen gray white color

Island kitchen countertop laminate wood

island countertop lisa

island kitchen countertop marble gray

island kitchen sink steel modern

island kitchen panel led lights

laminate furniture wood modern style

loft style modern industrial style

white furniture futuristic style

modern laminate wood kitchen furniture

Kitchen design black wood

Modern design kitchen design

Design of sea view kitchens

design all white wooden floor

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