Design of small and modern gardens - 50 ideas


Today we present you fifty wonderful ideas for the Design of small and modern gardens . There are some small tricks that will be very useful when decorating the patios and terraces, we will see what to do to expand the smallest spaces and create an environment of nature and comfort.

Decoration and design of small gardens

bench corner cushions small garden

There are characteristics that share the most current landscape designs, among them we can find teak wood on platforms, roads and fences; the decorative stones and also a remarkable oriental influence. If we pay attention to the wood we can see that it appears in the form of elongated, symmetrical and smooth ribbons.

Garden square with wooden elements

teak wood bench small garden

The feeling that contributes to the gardens is of comfort, warmth and naturalness because it complements very well with the vegetation. However, we must know that the pieces of wood that are outside need specific care to maintain their appearance as weather conditions can negatively influence them.

Small garden design with plants

path garden hedges balls plants

We can find in the specialized establishments different types of wooden protectors according to their function, these can be the pigmented ones that contain pigments that protect the wood from the sun; the insecticides, the waterproofs to protect from humidity and the fungicides that prevent the production of fungi.

Patio with untreated wooden furniture

solid wood furniture bench untreated

But before choosing the materials for a design of small and modern gardens we must create the structure of the elements. In the example we can see a nice patio with untreated wooden furniture. The situation of the bank has helped the efficient use of space, and small islands with plants surround the road without hindering it.

Design of small gardens in the Japanese style

wood teak garden path zen

Another tip that will help create a sense of spaciousness in the small gardens is the placement of clear elements in the background or the back, while the darker ones will be in the center or in the main area, and will be clarified in color as that we advance along the path.

Modern garden design

design of small furniture gardens

The design of small gardens can be done with a sofa placed in a corner and a coffee table in front of it. To one of the sides of the sofa would be very well an elegant design umbrella and vegetation as it will fill the place with life and joy. Also if near the table there is a wall you can cover it with wooden boards where you can put some lights and in this way at night you will have lighting.

Small patio with lawn and plants

design of modern small gardens

In the small patios the céspes is good with other decorations with pots and plants. In addition, in these patios the artificial capes is very suitable because you can give them the shapes you want and in this way you can adapt them to your garden. However, with natural grass you will have to add dirt and make more transformations.

Garden square with furniture

small garden furniture design dining room

On the other hand, the artificial turf will allow you to also create a small square on which you can place a small table with chairs. Besides cutting the artificial turf you can also make a small path that will define the margins of the square.

Garden platform with stairs

design garden stairs teak wood

In addition, the platforms are also original and modern decorating the gardens. A wooden platform can add a very nice decoration if the colors are combined in the right way. On the other hand, the stairs will be very well to reach the front door or a terrace.

Teak wood fence

small gardens design wooden fence

Landscaping design for courtyards and gardens

design garden labyrinth patio plants

Small garden with wicker furniture

design small garden furniture wicker

Garden with oriental design

design garden small stones pebbles

Modern design for patios and gardens

design garden hedges balls road

Small garden with river of stones

design river stones plants garden

design terrace garden small plants

modern water fountain small garden

fountain water round small garden

elongated garden modern minimalist design

elongated garden pool sunbeds fountain

garden bench plot grass fireplace

small gardens furniture cafe tree

gardens plants deck chairs small patio

garden patio interior japanese style

garden modern small stairs stones

garden patio furniture metal chairs

teak patio platform wood teak

small garden decorated stones

small garden modern wood design

small garden lavender grass plants

small garden stone wall wood

small wood cladding

small terrace garden level

small garden seen above

tree orange garden small fence

garden stones zen style design

garden style zen rock center

interior patio zen modern style

yard garden style zen pebbles

patio garden table wood benches

patio garden many plants design

small patio labyrinth garden plants

patio terrace modern wood style

patio terrace furniture yellow metal

small garden oriental zen style

furniture platform wood teak furniture

wooden platform backyard bench

covered garden porch lounge chairs

fence garden wood teak patio

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