Design of small gardens: great ideas for the garden

garden small cushions colors bench ideas

In our article today we have compiled fifty very original photos of design of very nice small gardens. As to landscape Modern is important to know all the tricks of the trade to create a landscape with attractive design. Architects and landscapers know in depth the essential elements that should be used when designing a garden.

Design of small gardens wooden benches and decorative figure

design of small gardens benches wood ideas

But we are sure that not all are architects and landscapers and not all can afford one. This is why we are here to show you some inspiring ideas for the small garden. Many of the people who live in the city have small gardens that they hardly use because they believe that nothing can be done with this space. Check the images below and you will see small gardens with a precise design.

Design of small gardens with slabs fence high

design of small gardens lawn fountain ideas

The lack of space should not discourage you with the right plants and furniture can create a beautiful space. The repetition of similar elements in different areas of the garden is a very common practice in contemporary design and connects the components in a natural way without going bad. Geometric shapes are also present in the modern small garden as they create an elegant and modern effect.

Small garden with space for rest with bamboo fence

small garden fence bambu fountain ideas

The owners of small gardens choose the minimalist style for the design of their garden since this style does not require furniture and decorations. Choose a large water fountain or a fire dish to put in the small garden. The wooden or concrete benches are very suitable for small spaces because even though many people invite, it will be for everyone.

Pond and rattan furniture in the small garden

design of small gardens pond furniture ideas

So instead of thinking about where to put a chair for your cousin, better opt for a wooden bench. There are several ideas in our bank photos. But if this does not like anything the garden furniture will always be in the market for you to choose. Now we let you review our small garden design images and be inspired.

Teak table and chair for the small garden

small garden design granite table ideas

Large fireplace in the small garden

design of small gardens nice furniture ideas

Wooden table and folding chairs in the small garden

design of small gardens pergola wood ideas

Small garden with pool and palm trees

small garden design pool plants ideas

Another idea of ​​a pool in the small garden

design of small gardens pool sunbeds ideas

Yellow cloth pergola and orange chairs in the small garden

garden design small chairs vibrant red ideas

Wooden pergola in the small garden

design of small gardens wooden floor slabs ideas

Fountain decorating the small garden

design garden small fountain slabs plants ideas

Wooden bench and fire place in the small garden

modern design garden small place fire ideas

Wooden bench with place for cushions

contemporary ideas garden place relaxation ideas

Comfortable furniture and many plants in the small garden

garden small sofa black sunshade ideas

garden natural furniture precious black ideas

Bartletti, Don ???? B582354480Z.1 SEPTEMBER 6, 2012. VENICE, CA. The tree shaded deck behind Amanda Keidan's house is an ideal place to relax. The lawn is artificial turf. (Don Bartletti / Los Angeles Times)

garden small grass cushions vibrant colors ideas

jardin pequeno contemporary style place fire ideas

small garden style minimalist bench ideas

small garden style minimalist chair place fire ideas

garden small place fire hammock fountain ideas

steel small place fire chairs steel ideas

garden small table kitchen plants ideas

small garden table wood bench ideas

small garden table wood umbrella ideas

wood small modern bench wood ideas

small garden furniture rattan precious ideas

garden small furniture teak sunshade ideas

garden small levels floor wood ideas

garden small wall wood intimacy ideas

garden small stones tree fence wood ideas

garden small plants fence high ideas

small garden plants lawn grass stone ideas

garden small plants table chairs teak ideas

small garden plants furniture white ideas

garden small plants stones stones ideas

garden small relaxing place fire benches ideas

small garden sofa plants precious ideas

garden small fence high wood flowers ideas

garden floor wood furniture white small ideas

back garden place resting plants naturalness ideas

back garden small furniture steel black ideas

place fire garden back small ideas

natural plants small garden precious ideas

high fences small garden sheets wood ideas


garden small floor slabs plants modern ideas

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