Design pools and tips before their assembly at home.

pools design mounting patio umbrellas

Design pools and variants for your building It is a subject of obligatory reference these days. The arrival of months of higher temperature levels force us to make a stop in this essential area of ​​our patio. But just for you that you do not have one are our lines today. Some ideas and advice on its assembly and construction if you decide for some. When we talk about pools, design and economy, the most suitable variant can be the finished models that are marketed.

Pools traditional rectangular design

pools design summer house lawn

Always below those of work that are also complicated with connections etc. The formats and sizes are varied and we must choose them according to the use we intend to make of it. The smaller ones would be more like a space for relaxation. If you prefer a larger scale swimming would be perfect in the mornings. On this will depend the format also, round oval, rectangular and more. The context of the pools is also important.

Pools designed with wooden edges

swimming pools design lawn wood

To prefer a greater space for privacy, a pavilion can be added to the space. The inclusion of a roof area can increase costs. In addition to having another drawback, the temperature of the Water . In general, if we do not have another mechanism, it will heat up with the sun's rays. A pavilion with full roof over the pool would block the entry of light and the water will stay cold in general. So consider one that is partial, just to prevent moments of bad weather.

Space covered with furniture

pools design cover spheres garden

A palliative can be the heat pumps that should be installed with the filter system to which a budget must also be dedicated. A detail that you can not lose sight of is to integrate the pool in the landscape. Its insertion in the patio must be very fluid without affecting the general aesthetics of this area. So a decoration consistent with the space that surrounds it is necessary. Here I leave you some variants of pools design and good taste.

Determination and adjustment to your space

pools design shower solar waterfall

Natural style with wood

pools design lamparas jardin torches

Medium-sized circular variant

pools design sand plants round

Aesthetic space next to outdoor furniture

pools design furniture exterior furniture

Rectangular open stepped

pools design plants garden steps

Privacy with plant wall

pools design vegetation abundant umbrella

Decorative environment with corten steel

steel cut metal decorative sculptures

buried low stairs gravel stairs

space terrace pool party cover

ornamental grasses rocks pool pots

garden pine mountains landscape sunbeds

wood surface plants games

work garden furniture exterior houses

palm trees soil rock shadow wall

slope pool palm trees patio rocks

rounded metal table chairs relax

aluminum chair ladder folding furniture

surface wood covered patio lawn

surface wood deck plants terrain

surface wood swimming house grass

deckchairs terrace brown wood wall

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