Design small gardens and creativity in each space.


To have an excellent garden is not an obligation to have a large space. Small gardens if planned properly can be equally attractive and welcoming. Design small gardens and some tips we will deal with today. It is true that they are a greater challenge compared to the bigger ones. The first thing we will analyze is how to distribute the spaces.

Design small gardens and distribution of zones

design gardens small interiors wood

The elements that we want to include in it and the plant species. The choice must be very careful, pavements, ornaments and plants always ensuring quality. Design small gardens and scale a formula that you can not forget. Everything must be to scale, it does not make sense in a small space to include trees Large size. The effect would be overwhelming and they would mix with each other.

Design small gardens with species balanced in size

design gardens small planters plants

In addition, excessive shadow areas will be created. The trails should only be included if the space allows it. To include them try to give them some gentle curves among the vegetation. Play with the perspective and make them narrower as they move away. It is a resource that increases the sense of depth. You can do the same with the garden itself and its construction.

Modern style with sculpture

design gardens small modern glass

The widest part that is close to the home and the narrowest end. Play also with strong horizontal lines to make it look wider. You can create terraces that create an effect of different levels. It is another way of making the space larger visually. Do not neglect then the lighting, it is also a great ally in terms of decoration.

Plants of small and medium format

design gardens small wooden wall lists

Do not let your garden be like an appendix of your environment. Try to mix your style with the adjacent landscape, so you will achieve a better continuity effect. For each space creates a visual appeal for the visitor. This will create an interesting and varied space. We leave you some creations in our gallery today. Various proposals around the world with variations even indoors.

Areas delimited by flower beds

design gardens small wall chairs patio

Acrylic for continuity in space

design gardens small rose table sculpture

Greater population of small plants

design gardens small gravel white chair

Take advantage of every corner

design gardens small chairs forge rocks

Proposal by Garden Builders

planters blue wood outdoor chairs

outdoor dining room bambu lights

picture wall wall wood woman

front modern house lawn entrance

night lighting white garden

interior palm trees bathtub water flowers

interior small steps home trail

gravel lamps decoration lanterns projectors

luxury decorated garden sculpture sand

minimalist bottle space garden corners

small decorated nice space sunshade

path decorative statues concrete meditation

terrace wood style trend space

terrace roof chair urban wood

green suitable garden grilles forge

detail garden planter wood bricks

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