Design sofas for modern gardens

Rigid Bank by Fabio Novembre of his collection of sofas A Lot of Brazil.

alotofbrasil original design sofa bench

The signature April Furniture presents the classic style sofa Jam in its collection Loop and Loopy in different shades of beige.

april furniture soft beige

Loop sofa designed by Florian Asche.

It is made of waterproof fibers that make this piece the ideal sofa for the pool area.

april furniture loop sofa beige

Jonquille Collection by Astello, designed by Thierry Massant and Dominique Malcor.

astelo jonquille round backs khaki

The company B & B Italia Outdoor shows its Butterfly collection designed by Patricia Urquiola

bbitalia butterfly light gray color

Again we find variants of fantastic collection called Butterfly, in this in a very green pistachio green tone, it is a design designed for outdoor but that is also suitable for indoor areas.

bb italy green pistachio lime

Minimalist design of the Vint collection of the Bivaq firm.

The designer Andrés Bluth has tried to capture the style of the 50s and 60s but in a way that fits in both contemporary and rustic and traditional environments.

bivaq sofa beige minimalist

Bivaq again present innovative ideas with this model called Nak 70. The origin of its name is that the height of this sofa is 70 centimeters, so that they make it appropriate for terraces and dining rooms. It also has optional corner modules.

bivaq sofa beige modern

Design by Bastien Taillart and Frank Lefebvre called Outline Outdoor for the firm Bleu Nature.

We are struck by the original combination of natural materials such as driftwood and futuristic style. The model is available in 8 different finishes.

blau nature arms wood drift

The company Cane-line presents the Amaze collection created by Foersom and Hiort-Lorenzen.

As a protagonist, teak wood, ideal for outdoor as we already know. This range includes a dining chair, a lounger, an armchair and a folding table with removable tray.

caneline bandco wood teak sticks

Cane-line also shows us its Diamond collection with this fantastic two-seater sofa.

Made with very resistant materials, the designers have used fine and very precise seams and straight lines that make this piece a great and very comfortable sofa.

cane line color gray sofas

Continuing with the signature Cane-line we will see the Savana line created in 2008. It is a set of four pieces that can be combined in a thousand ways, but in case of joining all the parts, we will get an elongated sofa with curved shapes. a really original and original design.

caneline wicker corner black

Let's see now the model of Chellini from his collection of Outdoor . It is a two-seater sofa with a classic design that can get confusing, but we must bear in mind that it is made of mahogany wood and fabrics resistant to extreme temperatures, great for the garden or the terrace.

chelini model sofa classic wood

Next, a youthful and daring outdoor seating model. It's about the Island collection by Darono . It is not necessary to add that the pieces can be arranged to our liking to form different combinations.

darono cubes fabric colors sofa

The Nastrest collection from Dedon presents a unique model in its kind. The sofa in the form of hanging nest is made of special fibers for its work turning it into a place of rest safe at the same time pleasant.

dedon white tear hanging iglu

Returning to minimalism in terms of forms we will see the design for outdoor sofas of the firm Deeswat Industries called Wing. The pieces of this range have special backs slightly reclined and strategically padded to achieve the maximum level of pleasure.

sofas design color gray backrest

The designer Stefan Díez has created the Yard collection for the firm Emu , and this year has added to this series several pieces like the one that appears in the image. Manufactured from steel in a dull ash tone for the tubes and elastic bands that are inserted in a special way in the tubular structure.

emu groupo banquito black steel

The Moon collection belongs to the firm Fast and was created by the designers Andrea Radice and Falco Orlandini design studio . The interior of the sofa is made of innovative technical materials that make it more resistant, while the exterior has an upholstery of soft and cozy materials.

super sofa garden moon gray

Garden sofa of the Clessidra collection of Ethimo firm It is one of the most original and innovative pieces in terms of outdoor furniture. The range includes a pouffe, a chair and a coffee table.

ethimo clessidra green color backrest

Inspired by the furnishings of luxury boats and yachts, the Kosmos collection of designer Dirk Wynants for firm of Extremis It has been created for Mediterranean outdoor climates. The sophisticated model is also very functional, with capacity for 9 people and a central table that can be placed in different positions.

extremis cosmo white sofas yacht

The Ultra Soft sofa by Frédéric Sofia for the company Fermob It has a very futuristic and risky design, although it has all the necessary requirements to become the perfect sofa for your garden, it can be adjusted in different positions and can be transported easily.

fermob ultra sofas green

Three-seater sofa from the Suite collection by Fischer Mobel

fischer color black sofas

Facile Collection, designer Marco Gregori for the company Formabilio

formabilio sofas wood cushions celeste

Lounge Collection, designer Hendrik Steenbakkers for the company Fueradentro, 2014

outside in gray wood modern sofas

Flat Collection, designer Mario Ruíz for the firm Gandia Blasco

gandiablasco color white modern sofas

Black Collection, designer Paola Navone for the firm Gervasoni

white wicker sofas white

Tray Collection, designer Henrik Padersen for the firm Gloster

gloster tray sofas modern style

Multiples Collection, designer Valerio Berruti for the firm Gufram

gufram painted teak wood bench

Collection Plane for out, designer Luciano Bertoncini for the firm iCarraro italian makers

icarraro sofa white modern corner

Soft Block Collection, designer James DeWulf for the firm James de Wulf

james de wulf design sofas

Cabaret Collection, designer Kenneth Cobonpue

kenneth cobonpue cabaret sofas

Oko Lounge Collection, designers Vincent Cantaert and Bárbara Widiningtias, Mamagreen firm

mamagreen sofas blue sky blue

Moon Island Collection, designer Gerd Cuckhuyt, Manutti firm

manutti sofas puzle gray round

Nuvola Collection, Mediterranean firm by GPB

mediterranean nuvola color white black

Zero collection of designer Carlo Bimbi for Metalmobil

metalmobil two gray sofas with stripes

Collection Aston Cord outdoor designer Rodolfo Dordoni for the firm Minotti

minotti gray cushions sofa backrest

Alison Collection by designer Roberto Minotti for Minotti

minotti series alison sofa cushions

Nap Collection by Missoni Home

missoni home white black flowers

Collection Lodge of the designer Mads Odgard for the firm Fischer Mobel

modern sofa half-table minimalist

Maro Collection by designer Gijs Papavoine for Oasiq

oasiq design sofa gray wood

Canvas collection by designer Francesco Rota for Paola Lenti

paola lenti sofa color white

Aqua Collection of designers Bestetti Associati Studio and Claesson Koivisto Rune for Paola Lenti 2013

design paola lenti color pink

Airball collection by designer Alberto Brogliato for the firm Plust Collection by Euro 3 Plast

original pluss garden sofas polka dots

Big Cut collection by designer Matali Crasset for the firm Plust Collection by Euro 3 Plast

plust chocolate white futuristic sofa

Polart Collection for the firm Polart

polart white sofa shabby chic

Outside Collection for the Pusku Pusku firm

pusku pusku design color white

Club Collection for Quinze & Milan by designer Q & M

quinze modern red rigid bench

Portofino Collection for the firm Roberti Rattan of the designers Santiago Sevillano and Studio Balutto Associati

robertirattan color pink green cushions

Spool Collection for the firm Roda, designer Rodolfo Dordoni

roda white backrest gray cushions

Garden Easy Collection for Roshults, designer BRDA - Broberg & Ridderstrale

Roshults modern minimalist gray sofa

Coccolona Collection for the firm Scab Design

scab design bench color white

Santa Monica Collection for Sérénite Luxury, designer Laurent Chagnard

serenite luxury sofa color orange

Outdoor Collection for the firm Sitting Bull, designer Stefan Díez

sitting bull color lime green

Collection Cliffy 6000 for the firm Sixinch, designer Rainer Mutsch

sixinch blue color sofa worm

Collection Fat-sofa outdoor for the firm B & B Italia Outdoor, designer Patricia Urquiola

blue sofa bb striped cushions

Smeralda Collection for the firm De Padova, designer Anna von Schewen

soft white classic garden sofa

Vogue collection for the firm Atmosphera

sofas atmosphere dog green cushions

Filo Outdoor Collection for the firm Living Divani, designer Piero Lissoni

white sofas signature living divani

Filo Canvas Collection for Paola Lenti, designer Francesco Rota

modern sofas green garden pistachio

SwingUs collection for the firm Dedon, designer Daniel Pouzet

swingus sofas two seats cushions

Patch Collection for the firm Talenti, designer Roberto Serio

talenti nice wicker beach beige

Pad Collection for the firm Talenti, designer Roberto Serio

talent sofas beige white

Spider Collection for the Talenti firm, designer Roberto Serio

talent spider collection white sofa

Goa Collection for the firm Tectona

tectone beige sofa wood

Java collection for the Tectona firm

tectone wicker cushions brown

Loval Collection for the firm Thomas de Lussac Design Lab, designer Thomas de Lussac

thomas de lussac ocher design

Tosca Collection for the firm Tribú, designer Monica Armani

tribe two squares white modern

Terra Sofa collection for the company Tribú

tribe sofa wicker white two squares

Babylon Collection for the firm Varaschin, designer Giopato & Coombes

varaschin white elastic sofa

Giada Collection for the firm Varaschin

varaschin wicker white seats orange

Kente Collection for the firm Varaschin, designer Philippe Bestenheider

Sofa Varaschin model kente gray

Tibidabo Collection for the firm Varaschin, designer Calvi Brambilla

varaschin modern black back cushions

Pure Belt collection for the firm Viteo, designer Wolfgang Pichler

viteo wicker white seats beige

Frame Collection for the firm Vondom, designer Ramón Esteve

vondom frame gray white collection

Onda Collection for the Warisan firm

Warisan seat negera sofa

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