Design striped carpets for every space in your home.

carpets design wood chairs dining stripes

To achieve warmth at home there are dissimilar variants. One of them is carpets, we usually use them to provide more heat especially in the cold months. Although as we will see today they are an excellent decorative resource too. The carpets design with stripes specifically, will be on which we will deal. In a general sense, choosing the right carpet will depend on the space where it will be placed and what it will be used for.

Design striped carpets with decorated wall


This will mostly determine the size, design and even the material. Determine what effect you want to achieve with the carpet. Although little is said about it, a rug is able to convey a sense of peace and relaxation. Otherwise it could be the focal point that fuels a stay. All the decorative style will undoubtedly influence the selection. There are variants of carpets for the living room for example that make the sofa area more cozy. In this case it must be one of large dimensions.

Carpets design applicable to room

carpets children's design room furniture

The carpets design with white stripes and black they create an optical effect of amplitude. What makes them ideal for the corridors. This type of printing is easy to integrate in many decorative styles. We can say that the striped design carpets have a neutral pattern that gives them that property. Undoubtedly this is a full guarantee of success when remodeling any space. Its use is not limited to Nordic style rooms or houses, we can experiment with them in any style.

Variant for modern living room

carpets design white flower pots

As we will see in the images, the results speak for themselves. Lastly the striped design carpets can be chosen in a wide range of materials. Made of natural fibers such as cotton or synthetics. Especially the vinyl ones because of their resistance are very popular. Another positive aspect is its maintenance and its ability to adapt to any space both inside and outside our home.

In space with shades of gray

rugs design wood sculpture rounded

Small dimension design

carpets design plants room furniture

Suitable for children's room

carpets modern design baby room toys

Custom modern style

rugs design striped modern shelf

Effect with metal furniture

Integration with decorated wall

carpets design chair juvenile walls

picture stripes contemporary candelabrum candles

pictures chair red furniture stripes

different angle mirror carpet renovation

modern wooden striped carpet steps

space flowers glass jar dining room

room table night lamparas bedroom

bonfire fireplace white cushion rustic

pendant lamp vase style plants

dark table center elegant bottles

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