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designer terraces

Converting the roof or terrace of your home into an outdoor sanctuary is a great way to make use of a space that would otherwise be wasted. You can create a special place that takes advantage of the views or the climate of the area in which you live. The designer terraces that we are going to show you combine style with functionality and ergonomics, discover them in our gallery.

Stunning designer terraces

nice modern terrace

To inspire your own transformation of the roof, here you will see great examples of roof decks that are always ready to entertain.

Terrace decoration with modern furniture

nice modern terrace 1

Reveal Design LLC is a design firm located in Chicago, Illinois. Founded in 2011, it focuses on the creation of carefully designed outdoor living spaces that combine style, purpose and functionality. From intimate garden balconies and large-scale residential landscapes to multi-unit urban complexes seeking outdoor solutions, each project is customized to meet individual needs and tastes

Beautiful rooftop design with garden

pretty roof xeriscape

Located in Austin, this cliff dwelling was originally built in the 70s with a ramp entrance that rose 25 feet from the street level to the living room. When it was time to renovate and redesign this old and dreary structure in a fresh and contemporary residence, the architects used a fabulous rooftop garden as entrance to the house, which sits elegantly on street level. This new entrance offers ample privacy while giving the house panoramic views of Lake Austin from the newly built cantilevered roof

Terrace designed by * dSpace Studio

designer terraces

This rooftop terrace has everything you need to perfect outdoor entertainment, a kitchen and dining room, lots of plants, a living room that surrounds a fireplace, a built-in hammock, several levels of seating and hidden lighting.

Original roof design with sunken seats

roof with seats

The living space sunk into the roof of this villa next to the beach has built-in sofas that deform on the sides, and a feature of water and green roof surround the area.

Nice design of wooden terrace

nice wooden terrace

ANA Architecture have shared photos of their latest rooftop design project. It is a rooftop terrace on top of a building in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. This roof has become a space for life and relaxation for a whole family.

Design of small roof terrace

small roof terrace

The roof of this New York warehouse converted into a residence has a lush garden full of flowers and a cozy lounge that provides an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Original modern terrace design

covered terrace

This partially covered terrace on the roof takes advantage of the views of the city and is large enough to entertain a group of friends or family.

Nice terrace design in London

terrace in London

This roof combines a chimney Built-in, walls covered with plants, wooden floors and comfortable outdoor furniture to create a quiet getaway from the bustling London life.

Design of terrace with modern pergola

modern pergola terrace

This rooftop entertainment area has all the essential elements to organize a party, including ample seating in the lounge, an outdoor kitchen, a dining table located under a pergola, and a soft ambient lighting.

Design of terrace of the firm Hu mn lab, + inc

original terrace

The wooden deck of the roof located outside the master bedroom in this modern house, has a lounge area that surrounds a separate fireplace, while the plants soften the hard edge where the deck meets the wall.

Design of terrace with glass panels

terrace glass panels

The glass panels surrounding this large roof deck were placed to make sure that the views were never interrupted.

Original terraced roof design

terraced roof

The roof of this family home has been converted into a roof garden with multiple levels to provide ample space to entertain and relax.

Super modern small terrace design

small terrace

These designer terraces have given us many fresh ideas for the rooftops, and these outdoor spaces really have a lot to offer.

Terrace decoration with set of modern furniture

modern furniture

A beautiful accent of natural wood accompanied by comfortable and modern furniture is basically what is most.

Terrace design with integrated furniture

integrated furniture

In the case of this roof, several loungers and benches are integrated into the wood paneling, completely melting into it.

Original roof terrace design

original terrace

It is a valid solution for terraces with limited space, or for minimalist designs with simple lines. The best thing is that you can always place several cushions on top to create a more chill-out atmosphere.

Beautiful terrace decoration with plants

terrace with plants

It would be great to be able to fill the roof of all kinds of plants and flowers in a beautiful composition that cheers up the view and adds greenery to a landscape too urban.

Beautiful terrace with wooden pergola

pergola terrace

And who can afford it perhaps loves the idea of ​​placing a beautiful pergola on the roof terrace. This design is equipped with a wooden planter that also acts as a separator of environments.

Design of terrace chill out

chill terrace

Wicker or rattan furniture is always welcome in outdoor spaces. In this terrace we can also see a Led lighting of colors that helps create atmosphere.

Modern design terraces with wooden elements

terrace roof design

The wooden slats work wonderfully on terraces and roofs. They provide an elegant accent at the same time as natural, and depending on the type of wood that is chosen, it can be super resistant.

Great design terraces

terrace plants

We hope you enjoyed the tour of our selection of images of designer terraces, we will return very soon with more news of interest, do not forget to visit us.

Design terraces

terrace designs

* dSpace Studio
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