Design vertical gardens and nature, a living space.

design vertical gardens apartment house lamps

Design vertical gardens and a whole natural world, now at home and outdoor spaces. Vertical gardens have found a place in unsuspected places like the facades of buildings. They are installations that are really striking and that bring a beautiful contrast. Perfectly incorporated into the interiors with an adequate selection of plants.

Design vertical and interior gardens

design vertical gardens ceiling branches

When we talk about vertical gardens design and ecology is a very peculiar variant. The vertical gardens help counteract the so-called island heat effect very common in cities. They provide an insulation cover that establishes a control over the temperature. Thanks to this, the cost according to the use of the equipment is significantly reduced.

Design vertical gardens, interior courtyard variant

vertical gardens cleaning door design

Without a doubt it is a variant that is expanding and with great respect for the environment. An aesthetic way that contemplates the care of the environment ambient . For reasons of space this variant of gardens is very popular in cities. It simply merges with the house or the building integrating it into the landscape. Transformation is immediate and hast afuturist.

Design for main entrance

design vertical gardens exterior lights

Vertical gardens, besides being light, do not need much maintenance. Therefore we can support them in any kind of wall . Vertical gardens indoors make the space unique. There are no limitations and the appearance is radically transformed. It can be suitable for spas, offices, or stores as we will see in the images.

Design of interior walls

design gardens vertical green wall

Although we must guarantee an effective irrigation system. The substrate where the roots develop is also another important factor. A way to promote development is via irrigation, although it will not be essential. The common thing to improve the irrigation of the plants is an adequate installation of pipes. It is a determining element for the substrate or the fibers, in this way a whole circuit is formed.

Variant as a green wall

design vertical gardens gray wall

The water is collected again thanks to a pump and the water is recirculated. Undoubtedly, vertical gardens are a mixture of beauty and sustainability. We leave you some variants of designs for interiors and exteriors. A mixture of color and creativity that injects green energy into life, beyond urban environments.

Diversify the selection of species

design gardens vertical crystals entrance

Transforms the urban space

outdoor vertical open gardens design

Excellent idea for patio

design vertical gardens plants rocks

Wall for outdoors

design gardens vertical water lights

Elegant interior design

design vertical gardens warm masks chairs

Use a solid wooden shelf

design vertical gardens house patio

Design wall striking

design vertical gardens house exterior design

Modern design for interior patio

design vertical gardens glasses modern chairs

Pump for water and recirculation

design vertical gardens building hose pump

Variant for building, plants in waterfalls

design gardens vertical building modern glasses

Green wall with lights

design vertical gardens steps wood ceiling

Design with focal lights

design gardens vertical desk nice armchairs

Design of Patrick Blanc

design vertical gardens computer desk interiors

Natural style interior

vertical gardens design vase gray bricks

Variations in interiors and exterior

design gardens vertical frefadero lamparas

Wall with color accents

design vertical gardens man lamparas mesa

Interior space

design vertical gardens wood modern table

DIY variant adaptable to interiors

design vertical gardens wood gray walls

Selection of waterfall plants

design gardens vertical piano towels ferns

Delimitation of spaces

design gardens vertical door office glasses

Outdoor environment with flowers

design vertical gardens street sign environment

Path over pool and wall

design gardens vertical path pool night

Cool exterior with furniture

design gardens vertical chairs floor

Variant, wall with succulents

design gardens vertical succulent planters red

Environment with focal lights

vertical gardens design focal soil

Colorful vertical garden

elongated nice ceiling white patio

yellow armchairs interor white modern

spacious modern warm vase tables

bricks architecture smart home led

modern architecture house roof wood

attractive system analysis desk connections

different bathroom walls white floor

white modern cushion floral armchairs

house stones lamp chairs metal warm

house glass exterior mirrors trees

elegant kitchen fresh windows glass

pendants lights black concrete lamp

colorful seats warm picture sofa

colorful plants elegant waterfall gardens

colorful red green luminous list

food restaurant decoration glass flower pots

eating walls wood children women

red computer furniture yellow armchairs

diy bricks green forge walls

diy bricks walls red hose

diy walls watering can red

diy walls sprinkler green wood

building exterior furniture colorful design

elegant lights spotlights led shelves

statues armchairs red white green

ferns plants woman indoor steps

green lighting vertical wall focused

industrial details wood armchairs lamparas

interesting walls creative elegant salon

armani interiors store building brands

interior walls yellow women white

lamp dark space elegant salon

lamp living room furniture turned fireplace

wood columns focal system lamps

wood interior patio futuristic armchairs

wood interior patio vertical steel

wood doors elegant urban berths

wood rural house table rocks

wood chairs clean decoration small

wood floor white environment sky

wood floor white lamparas muebles

vertical wood mannequins warm

hammer cloves diy succulents hammer

metal shelves aesthetic modern patio

metal armchairs white modern bulb

modern house decoration balconies salon

wall vertical walls green gardens

certain office suits interior spaces

walls architecture stairs white office

walls structure lights ferns white

interior walls building bridge wood

vertical wall balcony metal house

nice patio colorful plastic floor

patio metals chairs bricks forge

stones wood green plants rocks

plants store different wood statue

preparation man courtyard eyeglasses walls

repair elongated green plants lights

vertical red curved elegant flowers

clothing store patio background lights

elegant floor wheels white walls

snakes plants sprinklers yellow armchairs

armchairs white vertical table floor

sustainable men balconies exterior floor

succulents diy small patio table

succulents wood glass gardening ferns

vietnam design wood ferns metals

white bathroom ideas plants shower

clothing store patio interior posters

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