Design white kitchens and modernity in 50 ideas.

design kitchens white fresh plants pot

Design white and modern kitchens are the guidelines to achieve a fresh and dynamic environment. On modern kitchens we will make a brief stop today. Especially those that highlight white in furniture and walls. One of the trends we can follow to achieve this kind of environment is minimalism. Especially in modern kitchens is appropriate given the order that this style implies.

Design white kitchens and modernity

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So we will try to strip the space of accessories that are not absolutely necessary. We will prioritize what is really useful and we will choose to use the rest. For this reason it is vital to have good storage spaces in the furniture. A modern kitchen above all should be functional, this order will also transmit beauty.

Design white kitchens, contrast with black

design kitchens white creative cool black

Furniture that follows the guidelines of the minimalist is recommended. Opt for those with straight lines and with a simple design. The surfaces must be smooth and shiny. Try to maximize space and avoid divisions between furniture. Materials such as lacquered wood will come in handy with a white environment. If you want you can experiment mixing glass or aluminum.

White furniture

design kitchens white creative black stool

There are possibilities even to use other more traditional ones like marble or granite. The vita is to try to make the combination as fluid as possible. Although we stop at the target today we can play with many colors. If you want it, a touch of joy is always fundamental. You can take advantage if you have good lighting and enter the orange or yellow.

Design with ample natural lighting

design white kitchens glass colorful glass

We will see this in some images, it will be enough with accessories or even the own crockery. A combination of greater traditional character but always effective is with black. The space created will always be very elegant. As a detail you can add some strokes of red with an exquisite result.

Blank walls and accessories in black

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In recent years, the white color very popular in the interior of the house and even more in the kitchen. This is due to the fact that white materials and finishes have become more sophisticated. The products and cleaning techniques of white quality furniture allow you to quickly clean, so for the table and white countertops are easy to care.

Fresh ambience, wooden floor

design kitchens white sink wood floor

The color white visually expands the space, which is important in small apartments also invites us to have a happy mood. Although for modern white kitchens design it is necessary to follow some rules.

Kitchen with wooden bar

design white kitchens oil onions lamps

The main problem of the blank interior is that any object of color will attract attention. We are talking about kitchens with a fireplace or a sink or stone countertop that you do not want to remove but you can not paint white.

Small modern kitchen

design white kitchens sink dark furniture

Here the first rule is to try to disguise the presence of these objects. The second rule is to use complex shapes since a blank space filled with objects with simple shapes can seem stiff instead with furniture or details with complex shapes you can give impetus.

Blank shelves with built-in lights

design white kitchens white cabinets lamparas

Third, a simple white interior is very boring, so it is necessary to introduce nice elements such as vignettes, complex texture, three-dimensional models and so on.

Walls with concrete texture

design kitchens white concrete walls red

Another very important thing is the lighting. The difficulty of selecting the lighting is very high, since it must be designed so that it does not distort the desired shade of white color.

Furniture and stools in white

design white kitchens black white wood

The difference in textures creates an interesting play of light and shadow in a white interior you can combine cabinets with bright doors and countertop with matte finish.

Modern lamp wide

design kitchens white brown carpet path

For the ceiling you can use classic white and decorate with light colored tiles or cream on the ends, an idea to encourage the design is to put laminate on the ceiling. The multi-level ceiling is well visible in the white kitchen. But it must have a geometric shape.

Open shelf with LED lighting

design white kitchens foot slats oven

For the walls you can use white wallpaper with embossed or painted white wood panels. Classic furniture has straight lines and a curved facade. White cabinets look great with glass doors but you can also add open shelves instead of cabinets to make the space lighter and more airy.

Contrast with dark carpet

design white kitchens black trail lamparas

One option to decorate the walls are the classic bright white slabs. The white kitchen can be decorated successfully with chrome appliances and utensils. For modern white kitchen walls you can combine plaster wallpaper and ceramic tiles.

Color accents with accessories

design kitchens white contemporary sofa black

In many kitchens there are also dining rooms in a white kitchen, the small wooden tables are very good, in this case, the floor should be the same color as the table or combine the white color and the color of the wood. You can place curtains in the windows with a metallic shine and the asymmetrical shape.

White furniture, minimalist atmosphere

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The modern style is a versatile style and any material is suitable for its creation. You can place curtains in the windows with a metallic shine and the asymmetrical shape. The white color will adapt to any style from modern modern projects to classic and retro.

Island with ample storage

design kitchens white floor plants wood

As you can see in our photos, the white design in the kitchen can vary although it is not an easy task. Everything depends on your tastes although it is a white kitchen is not mandatory to add white furniture, you can also use a different color. More about designing white and modern kitchens in our gallery today.

Modern stools without backrest

design kitchens white stools geometric bricks

Excellent lighting, large kitchen

design white kitchens stools back lit

Design by Azovski and Pahomova-Architects

wide elongated kitchen wood aesthetics

armchair elegant creative yellow armchair

Attractive kitchen cabinets details furnace

attractive futuristic white kitchen black

white contrast floor chairs picture

bottles details stools patio cabinets

chalkboard cabinets chalk walls

picture background woman plants stools

decoration strips details furniture strips

yellow details picture abstract chair

details yellow letters work plants

elegant white chairs acrylic green

elegant luxury wood style decoration

contemporary island led bottle wood

elegant patio gardens yellow flowers

wood contrast aesthetics stools basket

wood table chairs led style

metal cups ceiling white gardens

minimalist kitchen walls oven accessories

minimalist kitchen walls plants fresh

Modern elegant kitchen led house

furniture white wood table led

modern number kitchen cabinets picture

nice gray modern texture walls

floor wood aluminum refrigerator stools

metal base stools metal details

Minimalist black kitchen style stools

led work wood kitchens lamparas

elegant cover kitchen armchairs floor

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