Design with wood, a warm touch for your home.

Design with wood living room led kitchen luxury

Wood is one of those materials that have always accompanied us from the very beginning of humanity. Its multiple uses at home from the floors to the shelves, the ceiling or the furniture ratify this idea. The design with wood is one of the most effective ways to bring warmness and that visual sensation of naturalness that wood always brings. According to current trends, the design with wood concentrates on evoking a sense of calm.

Design with wood, vertical panels

design with wood furniture cushions led

Ideal for covering walls with slats, always the result will be a cozy atmosphere. It is excellent to be integrated into the walls of any part of our house. Living room of games, bathrooms and especially the bedrooms are areas to which the design can be integrated with wood. The case of the room is special because the wooden slats can function both as acoustic and climatic insulators.

Design with wood, slats with LED lights

design with wood salon carpet cushion plants

In the cases that we want to integrate it with a certain color we can opt for some chromatic variants. Although surely we will agree that natural wood is the most popular option. It is undoubtedly a fresh and organic style, which is perfectly integrated into the home. The wooden slats are ideal to create a wall by themselves. It can function as a dividing space between two rooms. In addition to its full aesthetic function in relation to the design with wood, they allow a greater circulation of air.

Design with wood, strips in the middle of the wall

design with wood jarron plants slats chairs

It is a way to keep the space cool and comfortable, especially in summer. Undoubtedly a trend that is increasing and extremely welcoming and aesthetic. Surely something to keep in mind for our next remodeling. In advance we give you some ideas in images. Apply them to your space and always clear with a touch of personality that will surely give you an exclusive and functional result.

Room with vertical slats

design with wood living room tables desk slats

Natural wood design by Eugene Anfilova

design with modern jarron wood lamps

Room with wood slats

design with wood living room lamp shades box

Cover with LED lights

design with wood living plants jarron lamp

Combination of slats and panels

design with wood living plants furniture sofa

Natural wood and LED lights

design with wood lounge chairs red slats

Warm environment receiver

hallway wood decoration pot plants

Wood with dark tones

clear kitchen furniture lamparas design

coverage panel wall wood table

kitchen decoration cabinets white slats

kitchen decoration lamparas fruits furniture

kitchen decoration chairs picture stripes

madra wall bed lamp cover

wall division wood living room decoration

wall slats wood deck vertical

creative clock wood design decoration

living room wood design led ceiling

texture wood jar plant chairs

exterior wall cushions patio furniture

vertical division wood living room separator

stair slats modern design slats

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