Designer kitchens vintage style ideas

kitchen design modern vintage wood ideas

If you are a person who prefers an elegant cosmopolitan form but that is also original the kitchens of design Panamera will love you. Offering you practical solutions that embellish your kitchen with high quality finishes that share the simplicity of wood and the stone. It is a traditional kitchen of original design with very distinctive characteristics.

Design kitchens with wooden cabinets

design kitchens wood cabinets modern glass doors

The soft tones of solid wood that interact in a sophisticated way with stone and other metallic components prevail. The Panamera design kitchens are made for impatient and adventurous people. Meticulous attention to detail creates a unique image perfect for your kitchen. In recent years its popularity has grown as it is elegant contemporary design and is the perfect continuation to your living room.

Design kitchens with stainless steel countertops

Design kitchens combine stone wood fashion ideas original

The design of Panamera is Marchi and it is a composition that will undoubtedly charm you with its classic approach that will quickly become part of your urban lifestyle. As soon as you enter this kitchen you will feel the informal atmosphere that surrounds you. The incredible combination of contrasting materials such as wood, stone, stainless steel and brick give this kitchen an aspect that can not be imitated.

Vintage style in the Panamera kitchen

design kitchens elements vintage style modern antique faucets

Every detail is carefully crafted with custom finishes that make the distinction between the elements of the kitchen. The very dynamic geometric shapes that are typical of the vintage style and the washbasin of the same material as the tubs, the antiquated faucets and the leather chairs are some of the accents in the Panamera kitchens.

The Panamera kitchen perfectly combines wood and steel

design kitchens modern style traditional wood

Take a look at the images of Panamera design kitchens that we are sure you will be surprised by the ideas and combinations of different materials you will see. We hope that our idea of ​​today you like.

Stainless steel oven in the kitchen Panamera

design kitchens vintage style steel wood

White brick wall in vintage style

wood design kitchens original vintage modern idea

In the Panamera kitchen wood is the material for the cabinets

design kitchens furniture wood ideas modern original

Very interesting washbasin in the Panamera kitchen

design kitchens wall white tiles modern idea

Countertop with black tiles

slate design kitchens cabinets doors ideas crystal

Very spacious open kitchen with dining room

designer kitchens central area open spacious ideas

original kitchens shelves wood style ideas unique

traditional kitchens modern sink ideas ideas blackboard

big metal trash buckets ideas vintage style

stainless steel combined elements stone wood idea

cabinets combination wood steel ideas stainless

stainless steel kitchen panama marchi modern ideas

exclusive ideas original kitchen design vintage style

furniture pallets slate cabinets vintage modern style

blackboard electrical appliances steel cabinets original wood ideas

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