Designs of refined Italian kitchens - more than 25 images

italian kitchen design amelie model

The kitchens of traditional Italian style are known all over the world. They breathe a cozy family atmosphere that encourages you to start cooking and prepare your favorite recipes. Today we bring you twenty-five kitchen designs In traditional Italian style, do not miss our selection of images.

Designs of traditional Italian kitchens

nice designs of traditional kitchens

As you can see, wood often appears very often in these kitchen designs, also giving them a note of rustic style . Generally Italian cuisine is usually large, this reflects the love and passion that Italians devote to food, and hence their recipes are so popular worldwide.

Kitchen design model Amelie

Italian kitchens modern design amelie

The kitchen model we see above is called Amélie and it is a design by Raffaello Pravato for the firm Scavolini. In it appear various quality materials such as solid wood for door frames, granite for countertops and vitrified stoneware for masonry elements. The result is a very elegant appearance.

Kitchen design with laminated wood furniture

kitchen design laminate wood furniture

It is of utmost importance that in a space of so much use technological elements have been incorporated that help to carry out the culinary tasks and that at the same time are easy to maintain and very resistant to blows, burns, etc. A traditional-looking kitchen can also count on these innovative elements, as we can see in the photos.

Retro traditional kitchen design with green furniture

traditional kitchen retro green furniture

In the model of kitchen that we see above appears again the wood although in this case the finish is lacquered in an aquamarine tone that we will see a lot in the designs of retro style. This color may be more typical of American vintage kitchens, and is causing much excitement today.

Beige kitchen design with mosaic

kitchen beige wall mosaic

All the decoration of the kitchen is a special detail that will enhance the personality of the entire space. The dimensions of the kitchen often impose a design that fits the conditions of space. We must take into account that the kitchen is a space in which we spend a good period of time every day.

Beige kitchen with exposed brick wall

kitchen beige wall brick

Unlike a large space, the designs of small kitchens are a challenge. We will simply have to take advantage of every detail. Each of the ideas that we will give you below will serve to take advantage of it. The first secret is large or small in the case of kitchens is lighting. A space with good luminosity is always the key to make the place look really spacious.

Kitchen design with wood and granite countertops

modern wood kitchen design

It is with natural light that a true effect of color and ambience will be achieved. The cases of spaces with small windows must be enhanced with a greater artificial light in the designs of kitchens. Determine the key points that need to be illuminated to place the necessary lamps. It is time to take advantage of the LED light so that the lighting is as effective as possible.

Italian kitchen design beige

beige italian kitchen design

They always represent an energy saving and the durability is really extensive. The possibilities increase with the use of white color. As we mentioned, the use of white color is the key to increasing the luminosity in kitchen designs. It is a color that easily spreads to different areas. Especially furniture, walls and floors have an incalculable potential.

Italian retro style kitchen design

Italian cuisine retro design

Many people worry about the fact of cleaning but the impact must be seen at the comfort level. The color selection can be based on light colors. This is another practical point for the color conditions to be different. As a complement to white, other tones in light colors are another way for luminosity. In the same way, the possibility of using these tonalities is perfect.

Classic style wood kitchen design

kitchen wood design classic style

Other shapes with a glossy finish give kitchens an original look. Furniture is another solution in kitchen designs. Its use allows to maintain the original touch of the kitchens and functionality. A space that is small must be based on the use of furniture that has several functionalities. When the space is small the distributions in L are a good exit.

Small traditional style kitchen

small kitchen style traditional design

The U-shaped finishes take advantage of the dimensions of the space next to the islands. This implies a maximum use even if part of the soil is lost. The islands as an aesthetic detail look fabulous. The dimensions are very varied in addition to the performance of the entire piece of furniture. The square shapes are one of those that best fit into any of the kitchen designs.

beige kitchen model margot

When there are not enough square meters, each piece of furniture used in the decoration must have a piece of paper. That is why those who have a greater possibility of uses are preferred. If necessary, even the folding solutions can be assessed in our decoration. Currently there are a variety of models that fit many creative variants.

kitchen design wood laminates

The decoration of the kitchen of this type on the walls have a great ally. To keep everything organized shelves are an option to accommodate various utensils that are commonly used in kitchens. Taking advantage of vertical space is another intelligent condition for decoration. If you like how they look use the cabinets that occupy a greater height of the ceiling.

kitchen design beige traditional style

You will keep the order and you will gain a lot in storage space. The cabinets on the other hand are perfect for placing small decorative accessories. These have been some of the designs of traditional kitchens that most characterize this style. Then we leave you with the rest of the images of Italian designer kitchens, we hope you enjoy them.

design of white kitchens

designs of traditional Italian kitchens

modern wood kitchen designs

design kitchen wall stone

designs of classic wood kitchens

kitchen island embossed lion face

blue furniture stone elements

laminate wood kitchen furniture

white traditional kitchen furniture

kitchen furniture light wood beige

kitchen furniture laminate wood paneling

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