Distribution, and kitchen planning, 75 design ideas.

distribution metal chairs elongated kitchen

The kitchen has become over time a very intense point of attraction inside our home. All modern kitchen with furniture of these times, without handles and simple designs combine harmoniously with varied decorative trends. Especially for minimalist salons. On its distribution, design and planning we will talk today.

Distribution and design with accent on the wood

distribution benches wood kitchen stools

Modular cabinets are important in modern kitchens. These can be ordered according to the conditions of the space and the size of the kitchen area. Basically the planning is not difficult and as an example we have a collection of 75 images. We can serve as examples to guide us in the distribution of various elements.

Distribution with island in the background

black banquet distribution high backrest

An important step is the measurement of space, a scheme must be made with the demarcation of windows, doors and connections. In a second moment of planning we will create a list. With the most specific furniture and its distribution, ie sinks, number of cabinets etc. Then the electrometric selection for the design of this space.

Functional distribution of space

distribution bottles wine modern organization

There are measures that are recommended by many specialists. One is the case of the distance that must exist between the refrigerator and the stove that should not be more than one and a half meters. Another requirement that is vital for good planning and distribution is the countertop. This is very important for a design kitchen functional and above all comfortable. It must guarantee a broad contact surface.

Ample space next to dining room

distribution chairs led ceiling patio arches

For the modern kitchen the storage and organization system are crucial elements. Because the kitchen is currently part of the living room, the design has changed. The fronts have surfaces that generate a wide brightness and the simplicity creates this visual connection. The distribution of the island in planning is also crucial. It offers space for family members to sit.

Design variant wide storage space

kitchen modern metal fruit distribution

In terms of storage is very functional because it gives an extra for dishes and silverware.If our space is based on minimalism will be just what we need since the order is what defines it. In this case for optimum conditions the distance should be one meter with the kitchen properly equipped. This is basically applicable for living rooms with a minimum size of 30 square meters.

Shared space with living room

distribution chairs bar led living room

The reason is that the space would be overloaded visually. In addition to that could hinder the exchange with family or friends in this area of ​​the house. Enjoy this gallery with a selection of varied ideas around the world. Of them you will surely be able to extract some idea to plan and to distribute all the elements in your modern kitchen.

Two areas for processing and scrubbing

distribution modern design kitchen wood patio

Combination with marble and gold

distribution lamparas gilded marble wall

Countertop as focal point of attraction

distribution lamp chairs fruits plate countertop

Shared kitchen with dining room

distribution brown cut steel strips

Open kitchen with boundary sofa

distribution furniture bar sofa lamp

Variant with use of light

modern distribution tree pink stools

Interesting geometric effect in space

modern distribution bottles kitchen lamp

Design for small kitchen corner

modern colorful wall recessed distribution

Refreshing order of the elements

distribution kitchen planning led design

Modern kitchen in two modules

distribution architecture furniture kitchen wall

Space with small dining room without island

distrubucion house wood frytas windows lamparas

Background wall with texture

distribution flowers center table texture

Ample storage space

distribution kitchen design led industrial chairs

Large modern wall cabinet

distrubucion lamparas marble carrots warm

Variant of linear distribution with table

acrylic furniture wood lemons linear

Use of walls and order

elongated wall wood covered lamps

yellow countertop striking bar carpet

wide lake brown natural plants

modern stools wood ceiling decoration

white kitchen functional metal

white kitchen metal metal banquet lanterns

white black design decoration planning

bottle led distribution design cups

warm design white lamps sidewalks

fireplace countertop modern kitchen stove

kitchen decoration refill garden polished

cushions stripes table decoration living room

colorful striped vases orange sculpture

steps concrete metal kitchen cement

spheres creative white table flower pots diy

spheres varied glass garden lamp

space fish decoration projector lamp

flowers led decorative chairs lights

flowers metal shelf hanging ceiling

cool modern italy kitchen living room

futuristic wood wide kitchen cabinets

gray countertop polished pool cabinets

concrete ceiling white steps minimalist

italy colorful shine led functional design


lamp ceiling flowers warm space glass

led kitchens glass windows lighting

led sunflowers lawn lamp wide

natural light functional sliding window

wood black sidewalks retro countertop

wood broad bulbs metal spheres

wood flowers chairs forge vases

wood roof modern wide roof

marble picture adjustable stools island

brown dark shelf storage design

outdoor table wood interior garden

functional marble patio table spheres

modern golden stairs house distribution

modern island kitchen Italian circulas

modern storage elongated floor space

modern glass futuristic white terrace

modern wood bowl garden space

red woman wide kitchen elongated

red countertop mural striking lights

adjustable backyard patio stools

red pozuelos stools cooler rope

white countertop chair wooden shelves

adjustable metal chair modern sink

chairs design metal shelf flowers

leather chairs lamparas madera led

texture walls garden fruits linear

shelves yellow kitchen italy plants

modern brown island kitchen fincionañ

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