Distribution of bedrooms and ideas for functional environments

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Today we are going to dedicate some ideas for the dormitory layout and its design. An aspect that is of great importance and that if not done properly can have negative consequences. An inadequate distribution can be the cause even of the difficulty to sleep.

Distribution of functional and comfortable bedrooms

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There are many mistakes that are made in terms of bedroom layout and style. Starting with the misuse of space or the selection of inappropriate furniture. According to the time we spend in it our room should be not only comfortable, but also functional. Let's start by first addressing the most common mistakes at the time of distributing a bedroom.

Distribution of cool bedrooms with simple design solutions

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In this way we will know what to avoid to achieve a true practical room. The first of these errors has to do with the wrong location of the bed. Many times this is done hastily and simply placed where there is a space. However, it may not be the right place for daily activities or a good rest.

Project a small reading corner if there are room possibilities in the bedrooms

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You have to select the place of the bed properly because once you put one it will be harder to change. It can usually affect others furniture as are the bedside tables. Similarly, the comfortable or the sockets can be affected by the location of the bed. For an adequate distribution of bedrooms and designs, place the bed away from the door.

The windows are the perfect place for banks with ample storage throughout the base

distribution shared dormitories rooms banking lines

It is important that you locate as much as possible against a wall. Your location is the first step before selecting a specific design for the room. Another of the common mistakes are the desks inside the rooms. This does not work for all cases and may be suitable for a guest bedroom.

The bedside tables can not be overlooked in our designs their use is vital at home

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The desks have a direct relationship with labor issues that can become a psychological burden. Their presence within the bedroom space can be counterproductive to sleep. It will simply be there to remind us of our obligations and the workload of everyday life. A desk or work area will ultimately reserve it for very large rooms.

A way to take advantage of the attic space for a practical children's bedroom

distribution bedrooms child attic possibilities

Spaces in which this space can be defined and limit it from the area destined for rest. If there is such a need to complete the day's work better leave the desks for hallways or entrances. When there is no other option, try to hide it in a library or using a built-in shelf. Another of our tips is to be realistic with the conditions of space.

Special idea that uses a stone fireplace to divide the rooms into the home

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Distribution bedrooms and well-used spaces are what determine that they are practical. The bedroom can not always house a bathroom, dressing room and everything that comes to mind. This configuration may not be the best for our particular case. For coexistence it can be complex for the use of bathroom in particular.

Tables incorporated to the headboards that help optimize the bedroom space

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Think about the difference in schedules and the aspect of privacy in your bedroom. The best thing is that the room has an access door to the bathroom, the dressing room or another area of ​​the house. It is a design that likewise allows a fluid transit throughout this space. The last of the common errors in bedroom layout and design is the lack of storage.

Sofa near the window is an ideal detail for readings and relax in the room

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A theme that is never exhausted because of its great importance when it comes to organizing. With just looking you can realize it when you see shoes or clothing everywhere. With everything out of place, the look of your bedroom will make sleep difficult. Locate furniture that allows optimal organization. A well-organized room is perfect for falling asleep.

Sliding doors are another smart option for a functional bedroom

Sliding door bedroom distribution win space materials

To achieve your goals in terms of organization a wardrobe, a shoe rack and a basket are basic. To be able to orient you in matter of dormitory distribution and the designs we are going to give you some measures that the specialists advise. In the area of ​​the bed and its surroundings are recommended to leave a space of about sixty centimeters. This should be the optimal measurement for the sides of the bed and that will allow comfortable access.

Canopy bed and floating modern tables give a unique personality to the design

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When we put a closet between him and the bed you have to leave at least one meter. The reason is that the doors can be opened easily. It is important that you keep this in mind to select the type of door in your closet. Instead of the folding ones we recommend the sliding ones. They can be adapted to any size and it will not be a problem to access your clothes comfortably.

Another creative way to divide the spaces in the distribution of our bedroom

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This type of doors will allow you to have a space of about eighty centimeters away from the bed. As we see in many of the photos of examples the space under the windows is very used. Under the windows you can create reading corners on banks with storage. It will generally be optimal in these bedrooms and spaces distribution to use boards that are one meter long.

Modern variant of a baby bedroom where everything is within reach of the mother

infant all hand room concepts modern baby

For children's bedrooms, the distribution has to favor all their daily activities. Having fun, studying and resting are some of the things that we can not lose sight of in their design. Bet on custom furniture to take better advantage of the space. Base the distribution on the entire line of the walls. In this way the center can become the playground they need.

Distribution for a room in a beach house with a fluid outlet to the outside

beach environment works access exterior plants

So you have a reference can be a meter and a half in the minimum case. When sharing the room the use of a bunk is a great tool. Opt for those that have structures for storage. However, it takes measurements very well because they usually require up to three meters long and two meters wide.

Plants must always find a space within our entire interior design

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For children's rooms furniture must be flexible. The classic example is that of the closet that can be one meter twenty wide. As an interesting detail, we recommend those who have a flexible interior and can change its configuration. For children of school age the bookstore will be very interesting.

Another sample of the practical function of the bedside tables in any bedroom

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In the same way it is a bedroom and option distribution that will bring them closer to reading. In a children's room at a bookstore we can dedicate a library that is not more than one meter and eighty centimeters. Remember to fix each piece of furniture to the wall to avoid accidents. Keep enjoying these images with examples that can guide you in your project.

Barn door to gain space very well used in this penthouse with modern style

penthouses doors barn wood windows lines

Female design in pink with a multifunctional furniture like a small library

ocpion library readings particular modern house

Shelves in the wall of the headboard as storage and with decorative appearance

headboards top shelves brown furniture

Shared environment for children with a simple style and without a lot of furniture

colorful furniture details rooms intense colors

Modern bedroom design with several areas and furniture adapted to the style

contemporary black modern bench furniture walls

Small work space a Victorian design perfect for guest bedrooms

work space room vintage guests

Ideal small space that combines reading area and very practical furniture

children bunk beds games possibilities functional furniture

Attic that fulfills various functions and with a large piece of furniture at a wall angle

luxury attic space work concepts

Reading area designed with table plants and a very comfortable armchair to complete it

wood special colors plants readings rincon curtains

Beautiful environment that plays with shades of blue in a very relaxing minimalist style

minimalist cool furniture few blue design

Concealed shelving options an important aspect for accessories and gaining space

built-in furniture gaining black house space

Neutral space with a beautiful selection of lights designed for a few square meters

neutral content wood rooms furniture ideas headboard

Carpets and accent wall that demarcate all the style and give character to the environment

contemporary walls accent circular walls

Location of all accessories and storage on a back wall over the headboard

wall sun heads ideas ideas lighting accessories

Location of the bed that allows you to enjoy incredible views of the entire sea

simple minimalist decorations interiors crystals

Banks are another of the popular details in traditional spaces and with potential

traditional neutral wood special marine concepts

Idea of ​​modern space with entertainment area and lacquered furniture, Bandg Design

comfortable special brown environments led lights

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