DIY decoration - tablecloth for tables, easy and practical.

diy decoration macrame white plants

The macram é its T á back, no single as support for pots on our terraces or inside. Today we will see one those wonderful ideas of diy decoration. With some simple materials and about an hour we can make a tablecloth. A simple piece that crowned with a suitable centerpiece enhances our dining room. Scissors, wooden beads, yarn of the color you prefer and adhesive tape are the materials we will need. The function of the tape is to help threading the thread through the accounts.

DIY decoration, thick thread

diy decoration macrame scissors thread scissors

The first in this idea diy decoration is to measure the length of the table and cut a couple of threads plus long than the length we want for our tablecloth. It is important to determine if we want it to hang on the sides or rest on the table completely. Then we put all the threads together and tie a knot at one end. It is important so that none is left loose and be stable s to work with them. Then two strands are taken and knotted in a row leaving approximately one inch between knots.

DIY decoration, order of the knots

diy decoration macrame finished woven knots

The idea is to create the appearance of a net or hammock. It is a very flexible diy decoration process, n or the type of knot is important for what may be its convenience. When we have knotted all threads, we leave a few centimeters at one end and untie the knot we made at the beginning. Now we proceed to add the accounts that will be á the final step of the process, in this case we exemplify with accounts of wood . This is because we can combine them with furniture of this material, but your choice can be to your liking.

Wooden beads for ends

diy decoration thread balls wood beads

If the thread is a little thick then s the time to use the adhesive tape to pass it through the ends. Next we add other knots at the end of each string. The accounts can be alternated or as in the example or in all the ends of the threads. Then single it remains to place a cent ro for our piece of diy decoration to give the final touch to the dining room. A brass bowl as in the picture or metallic in general sense are ideal for a Boho style. The whole creative process in our gallery, enjoy them.

Measurement of aligned threads

diy decoration macrame extended cords

Step for knot

diy decoration macrame detail knot

Knotted row

diy decoration extended threads plants macrame

Stable knotted end

diy decoration knots end strings

Knots online

diy decoration woven knots macrame red

Closure with tape

adhesive tape close basins wood

Remaining thread cuts

strings ideas diy leftover spheres

ropes ideas diy spheres parts accounts

woven finished basins close ends

macrame plants decoration bowl

spherical basins woven table hanging

golden plant creative macrame golden bowl

aerial plants weaving macrame plants

plants variants macrame diy succulents

macrame tablecloth white creative table

macrame tablecloth white rustic rocks

macrame knots variant woven style

tablecloth table decoration diy short

knots technical variant design diy

woven tablecloth white diy pendant

woven table macrame diy diy knots

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