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Regarding gardening, there is no doubt that one of the elements that has the most influence on the designs are the pots. Its decorative effect and versatility is very broad to form a garden by itself or complement it. The pots and the plants that we grow in them besides helping to optimize all the space Create more visual interest in our yard. According to the design of the garden and our personal taste, almost anything can be turned into a pot. From canning containers to disused showers.

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Many containers can be recycled and serve as an ingenious solution. Another positive aspect of creating gardens with pots is that they can transform any space. Especially when there are limitations of spaces for a traditional garden in balconies or terraces. In general, the pots offer several benefits such as flexibility.

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It is a simple task to change the site plants if we want to refresh the image of the patio. In the same way in very cold seasons the plants can be placed inside the house. In crops of this type it is a simple task to maintain the substrate in good conditions. Another important point already mentioned in terms of the visual interest of the gardens and as an alternative to the little space to plant.

Pots for an appropriate selection

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Obviously when selecting the right plants there are differences with those that are planted directly in the soil. Added to our personal taste it is necessary to have a knowledge of the requirements of the varieties of our interest. There is a great variety of species that can develop perfectly in the pots.

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From the plants with flowers, to succulent and varied bushes. However, all are not suitable to develop in these conditions especially in the summer heat. We have to stop and think about the purpose of our garden. As options to gardens with traditional flowers with a little time you can have up to a small orchard in pots.

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If this is an idea that makes you interesting for the pots you have to think of vegetables that do not require a large space for their development. For example tomatoes, lettuce or radish. Depending on the size of the containers, it will be possible to gradually experiment with larger species.

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Regardless of the type of plant to be successful, it is necessary to know the best conditions for its development. For our part we recommend some flowers if you prefer a colorful garden to enjoy in the summer.

Pots and the best flowers for your summer garden

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The plants with flowers to enjoy a beautiful garden in spring and summer are many. Begonias, geraniums and even some aromatic herbs They are very interesting to fill the spaces with color and contrasts. Its flowering is also interesting as well as the aroma that they give off.

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To grow them in pots there is a group that is ideal and that withstand the high summer temperatures. Although it is not a garden with shaded areas. Within this group for pots we must start with geraniums. These are the ones that are traditionally grown during this stage of the year.

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In pots its development is excellent. Under the right conditions of sun they will flourish in all their splendor. Nor can the irrigation be overlooked and the wilted flowers removed immediately. In this way the flowering is stimulated. For our summer garden its beauty and diversity of colors will make each space something different.

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The contrast of pink, white or red will make the patio decoration truly unique with the geraniums. The second of the varieties we recommend are petunias. Like the previous ones, its richness of color has a unique effect on the environment. In the same way it will last a long time because its flowering begins at the beginning of spring and lasts until autumn.

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The petunias are inside the annual plants and depending on the temperature of the space the duration period may be longer. Although, however, the blooms will gradually stop being so splendid. For their cultivation in pots it is necessary that they have a very rich substrate. To keep them in good condition it is best to locate them in both sun and shade areas.

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However, in full sun they are characterized as resistant plants. Pay attention to the pests and apply the appropriate insecticide in time. With the petunias tenesmo on the other hand possibility of creating beautiful effects when they are hung or placed on walls. It will simply depend on the type that is acquired.

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If it is color for plants in pots, the third place we have dedicated to the flowering verbena throughout the summer period. Its flowers look fantastic in this season and both in pots and planted directly on the ground will always be a great contribution to the style of the garden. When they are grown in pots, flowering is very interesting.

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They are small flowers but their arrangement in bunches has a beautiful effect of color. Verbena is a perennial plant provided the temperatures are not too cold. If there is a need to plant on land, its effect on the skin is very effective. Precisely this way of falling from its branches make it ideal for them to be placed in pots on the top of walls and balconies.

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Which gives it a very interesting effect when combined with other plants. Even combined other plants in the pot that are selected. However, in combinations of pots, the patio will gain originality. As a positive aspect is a plant that does not need special care so it can be maintained without many complications.

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Regarding irrigation, we can not do it in excess. As in other cases it is very likely that fungi develop in plants. Its beauty in terms of colors is one of the characteristics that makes it perfect for summer and pots. To continue projecting our summer garden in pots, we recommend begonia.

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One of the best ways to include true flowers of really vibrant colors. Within all the benogies the semperflores have great potentialities for the summer. Unlike the previous species, they develop better in places where the sun does not shine directly. Although the pots are located in shaded areas, the development of these plants will not be affected.

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A high temperature environment will suffice. With the necessary care it can last for a long time, it is known to be an annual plant. The best thing about having them planted in pots is that they can be placed indoors if temperatures drop. Maintaining them in bright spaces so that they maintain their vitality.

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Even the attractiveness has the leaves that are those that mark a greater contrast with the flowers. To use several pots with this plant the impact is guaranteed. Its cut under makes them an ideal species for this. For your care should be maintained a periodic irrigation but without excess.

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In general, being in the shade and with summer temperatures, its beauty will be maintained at all. Especially providing color to all areas of shade that are in the courtyard of the house.

Tips for combining plants in a creative way

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The first of the characteristics that we should keep in mind for our garden and pot crops is size. In practice both the pot and the plant must have a balance in their size. If you use a very large pot and a small plant will lack attractiveness and harmony. On the other hand, if it is too large a plant in a small pot, it will be visually unattractive.

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Think of those colors that are of your taste and that can be complemented with all the design of the patio. There are a variety of plants with different shades that together will be wonderful. The grouping in the same way can play with the shapes of the leaves. To organize the pots better, it is necessary to organize them according to the height of the plants.

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On the front the lowest while at the bottom the highest. Also taking into account the necessary requirements for the care of each species. Both with regard to irrigation , humidity and temperature in the yard. As mentioned, it is very positive that the needs of those that we want to use in our garden are known.

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In order to have a guaranteed success, we must begin with those that best adapt to the climatic characteristics of the region. It would be very complex to try to grow tropical species if the humidity is very low. To irrigate potted plants there are differences when compared to those that have been planted in the garden.

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In the cases of those planted in the soil, the humidity is maintained for a longer period of time. For those planted in pots there is a greater chance of the earth drying out more quickly due to the influence of summer air and sun. Here we show you some variations of potted plants in several inspiring images to complete your garden.

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