Do it yourself - Minimalist ornaments in good taste

pearls diamonds table flower bright

In today's post we will talk about ornaments " do it yourself "Simpler and more modern in a minimalist style so you can change the decoration of the house whenever the occasion deserves it. We will give twenty-five fabulous ideas for which we will use everyday objects and easy to find, do not miss any.

Examples of "do it yourself" embellishments

crystal bowls salt deco branches

In the above image we will see that in the simple there is beauty. For this adornment do it yourself only has needed several glass or glass containers, salt or sugar and several branches of trees. Once ready it can be very durable, and is perfect for both centerpieces as for ornamental detail of the living room or the living room.

Decoration do it yourself with glass bottles

cut out bottles vase flower pot plants

If we have decided on an adornment that expresses naturalness, nothing better than these originals planters made from pieces of bottles. Initially, the glass bottles have been cut into two parts so that the neck piece is placed inside the other. To cut the bottle without breaking it, we suggest following these steps: we will need cotton thread, 96º alcohol, a lighter. and a large container with cold water.

Decoration of minimalist style

Japanese style deco bowl

First, we will wet the thread in alcohol. Next, we will place the thread marking the cut we want, and cut the thread flush with the knot. Later, we will make sure we have cleaned our hands of alcohol and we will proceed to light the thread until it burns and turns black. We will introduce the bottle into the water container. We will shake slightly until we hear a sound ... and

Design of ornaments do it yourself

decorated bottles threads colors strings

ready, we'll have the two pieces cut out. Finally, to polish the edges and make them smooth without risk of being cut, we can use a medium or fine grain sandpaper or a polisher , and finally, for a more perfect finish, we will apply a polishing paste.

Minimalist decoration with homemade ornaments

picture home heart wire wood

Simple ornaments for minimalist decoration

cubes metal plant pots deco

Ornaments made with tree barks

bowls eucalyptus wood flowers

Minimalist decoration with stones and pebbles

horns deer stones decoration

Minimalist decoration for children's bedroom

children's decoration white boxes

Table decorations do it yourself

table decoration do it yourself

decorate salon old photos wall

estantreria wood bowl white plant

blue decoration mops xoxo

do it yourself decorative posters

make it yourself jars lace

lamp minimalist bulb

pencils colors table markers glasses

decorative stones engraved angel

paint pinecones decorated minimalist

crystal bowl soaps bathroom decoration

slice wood pine jars glass

napkin tied fabric hemp heart

jars glass shapes flowers candles

yellow cups plants cork deco

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