Doors design and how to select the right one for your home

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Today we will see some elements referring to the design doors and some details for your choice. As we know the front door is a kind of presentation. With it we create the first impression for everyone who visits us. Doors design and its image are the first step for a welcoming reception.

Elegant pivoting design doors by Bramco Builders

contemporary pivoting design doors bramco builders

To select the appropriate door, we must start with the type of housing we have. In terms of security, one will not be the same for an interior dwelling, a villa or an apartment in a building. Other details such as finishing and resistance will be equally important. In an apartment in the case of an interior would not be exposed to the weather. This is the first need we must assess if we need a doorway for an interior or exterior.

Doors design Stockholm by Borano a wonder made in wood

doors design borano consructores stockholm effects

Once this is defined, we can look at other important aspects such as color, design and security features. In this last group are armored, armored and metallic type offers. Another widespread use as we see in the images are the solid wood veneers or the versatile PVC. Both the structure and the material of the door must contribute to raising the level of security of the house.

Fresh, floral inspiration worked with laser for an artistic finish, design by Axolotl

doors design floral inspiration axolotl ideas

If we have enough money, the design doors with structure and steel frame offer a high level of protection. As for the armored ones, a metallic reinforcement can be appreciated but it is only in one sheet. We can not overlook that the doors in the same way act as a decorative element. Both color and design help to create the style of the house and give more character to the environment. The selection of the finish Exterior in the doors design and its style has many options.

Light wood door that blends with the natural landscape that surrounds it, Ong & Ong

doors design clear wood ong ong exterior

The components such as wood, aluminum and PVC that we mentioned make many of today's trends. In addition to being that cover letter can mark in a certain way the trend in terms of the decoration of our home. So at this point you have to be careful about the selection based on its design and color. For doors design based on color is a fairly broad point. The color palette available is quite broad.

Another of the Axolotl models that maintains an elegant and different appearance

doors design futuristic artistical design axolotl models

They can range from wood tones such as oak or beech to white or another color. Even with artistic forms and patterns. The designs also offer a wide variety keeping the traditional straight lines or curves. To which the curves and the more vertical cuts have been added without overlooking other horizontals with pivoting mechanisms. To enhance the personality of the doors it is necessary to watch or integrate other elements such as the slats. To those who can add the shooters and other forge ornaments.

A futuristic futuristic presence created by Keratuer in wood and with metal details

doors futuristic design metal keratuer designer

Ideal to combine with wooden doors for rustic environments. A moment ago we mentioned the level of security. Added to the above is a detail on which you always have to return for its importance. We mention it again to fall into another detail the material. The material is something that will ensure the security of the door we select. For this, both the leaf, the closure and the frame must be analyzed carefully.

The wood acquires another dimension in this door surrounded by metal and glass panels

doors design solid wood panels panes

The armored vehicles use steel as the material throughout the frame and the sheet. As we said, they offer the highest degree of security. The armored ones have the steel equally like material in the case of the internal finishing. Criteria such as quality will depend on the thickness. They share together with the armored ones the fact of being an excellent insulator. Both for thermal factors and for noise pollution. Materials like aluminum integrates the rest of the metal doors.

A different entrance dark wood with a sculptural design design Deborah Aguiar

design dark wood doors design deborah aguiar elegant

Your security depending on the model may be closer to that of an armored vehicle. With the difference of the price that is usually lower. Other of the materials that we can find is the PVC of great resistance. If we want a door of this material some include a steel reinforcement to increase the degree of protection. If decorative charm is the solid wood without doubt have the lead. They are mostly treated with varnishes that help to improve their strength and durability.

This model undoubtedly makes this environment created by Stuart Silk Architects different

doors design stuart silk architects lines

As a disadvantage we must be aware that they are the least likely to contribute to the security of our home. In addition to the style, materials and security, the door should look harmonious in the environment of the home. This harmony is based on the fundamentals of color. For this it is best to identify the style of the house. Defining if it is traditional or with a much more modern or contemporary cut. Environments with a more traditional and perhaps Victorian look will look better with solid wooden doors.

Design by Mcclennan Architects retains an industrial touch and the texture of wood

doors design texture industrial mcclennan architects lines

The best color combinations can be based on blue, cream or the mahogany finish itself. Modern spaces like the ones we represent in the images look better with doors in bright red or black ... Without overlooking the wood combined with materials such as glass. The traditional rustic houses in the choice of doors design and color can try a green, yellow or red mulberry.

Axolotl takes the textures to another level with this model of panels that resemble the rock

doors design textures rock axolotl lines

It is an aspect that has a direct and close relationship with the facade of the house. The main door must not become an element of noise that clashes with bricks or other materials. In a situation of this type, an intelligent exit would be to paint the frames and moldings of the windows of the same color as the door. So in a certain way we will harmonize the whole without incurring a great expense.

Modern vertical design that creates an attractive effect by contrasting the wood with glass

doors vertical design modern atelier ideas

The selected color should complement in a general way all the style of the house. Not to mention that it must be like in the case of the interior a reflection of your personality. So we can take risks and even experiment with bright colors. In many cases you can simply repaint the door depending on the material.

Effects of the combination of glass and metal by Sculp IT large doors

doors design glass metal sculp it samples

Remember that at the time of choosing the door are important design factors, materials, color and security that you can offer in your home. Especially security can not be overlooked. In addition to the visual aspect, our door should be as functional as possible.

Model Blow Door by Karim Rashid a design that will not go unnoticed in your home

beautiful futuristic blow door karim rashid pink

Bright surfaces and color another of trump cards of modern doors

bright special pivoting concept gardens

Another variant in black that maintains the continuity of the accessories inside

black glossy special jennifer post walls

The geometric details give personality to this door designed by Kerrie Kelly

design geometric crystals kerrie kelly materials

When it comes to maintaining a fresh and ventilated interior this is the perfect solution

modern design air ventilated ventilation

This model is another composition with beautiful artistic details and balance of materials

modern special artistic effect lines

An environment of Silvas Studios Architecture with hand-made door details

artistic effect silvas studios architecture fresco

An interesting snake skin effect on the door by Denai Kulcsar Interiors

snake skin effect denai kulcsar interiors walls

A model that integrates perfectly in an environment in which concrete was used

elegant colorful artistic orange gravel

A fantastic idea of ​​Dick Clark incorporating lights to the door of the main entrance

built-in lights panels designer dick clark effects

When it comes to art and the use of wood, this is a great example created by Minarc

artistic wood inspiration minarc natural design

Joseph Douglas combinations of wood and glass in an amazing and fresh door

wood glass designer joseph douglas combinations

Axolotl take advantage of the maps as one of the concepts for the design of this door

Incredible map inspiration axolotl concepts

A model by Denise Mcgaha for a living room with a pivoting door framed in metal

metal frame pivoting denise mcgaha salons

Rustic design door by Michael Fullen of Design Group a real aesthetic gem

model rustic design michael fullen design group aspects

Ideal for a minimalist environment a Workroom model for a modern style

natural minimalist style modern workroom

Another of the modern variants integrates light-colored wood and glass in the design

glass panels wood carpets

At Matharoo Associates we owe the design of this beautiful piece with fine artistic details

curved doors effect matharoo associates ideas

Branches and nature are the inspiration of Axolotl in this door that is integrated to the outside

theme natura branches axolotl gardens

A cool door style with an amazing design that integrates another small door

unteresting concept double doors luminaires

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