Double bedrooms - 8 very creative designs

pink puff dwarf puppy

Today we present several models of marriage bedrooms and also some individual rooms decorated by prestigious designers from around the world. Do not miss our compilation of twenty-five images that will show you the most current trends for interior decoration.

Modern design double bedrooms

yellow gray blue design alina

First of all we have the design in yellow, gray and greenish-blue tones that appears in the photograph above, created by Alina Vagapova. Some details such as the abstract picture of the headboard of the bed or hanging lamps give the place a unique and innovative look that drives us to dream.

Decoration of bedroom with works of art

modern television sets quarter

The following design is an urban style model by Sergey Procopchuk. The original combination of floor and wall coverings has created a different environment with a lot of character, walls The concrete looks like the future, while the floor tiles remind us of the classical architecture of times gone by.

Double bedrooms by Anna Fedyukina

designer anna fourth bedroom marriage

Anna Fedyukina is the creator of the next room model. It is again appreciated an urban look very accentuated thanks to the brick wall seen, but in this case the elements of wood They bring warmth in a rough and coarse way, and this may be due to the appearance of the wood in long unvarnished slats.

Double bedrooms of futuristic design

white marriage bedrooms

The next bedroom is a model of the most futuristic. Is it the room designed by Who Cares ?! Design that has an "ice" bed made entirely with Dupont ™ Corian. The structure is also equipped with a series of inlays of Led lights that extend from the foot of the bed to the upper shelves.

Yovo Bozhinovski's modern bedroom

modern gray designer bedroom yovo

A style that differs from all previous ones is the one that Yovo Bozhinovski shows in his double bedrooms. In this particular design we can see a combination of gray tones that give a somewhat dark and dark look, but at the same time it is compensated with the integrated lights of original design.

Modern bedroom design by Anton Biytsev

boho style modern bedroom

Bedroom design by Anna Fedyukina

bedroom style modern yellow armchair

Modern single room design

small bedroom bohemian style

Design of bedroom with wooden laminates

design modern double bedrooms

Modern design double bedrooms

yellow marriage bedrooms

bedroom modern design colors beiges

marriage bedrooms design

bedroom design yovo built-in wardrobe

photo 28 bedroom white george

photo fourteen quarter gray

picture number ten black puppy

photo nineteen bedroom bohemian

photo design number eleven sofa

picture nine pink cushion

night light red color bed

bedroom artwork

brick wall seen picture horse

doors wardrobe original handles design

red chair modern desk design

yellow sofa photo eight bedrooms of marriage

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