Dream gardens - ideas for a fairytale atmosphere

dream gardens

The dream gardens more romantics from all over the world resemble one thing; flowers, flowers and more flowers. A patio covered with vegetation will make you feel like part of nature and will encourage you to dream. Take an example of these fabulous images and bring a little extra greenery to your garden.

Beautiful courtyards and dream gardens

beautiful dream gardens

A romantic garden design is a mixture of magic, aesthetic charm and comfort. The design of romantic gardens is characterized by having lush plants and beautiful flowers. Many fairy tales and romantic stories speak of fabulous gardens, and today people can create a romantic garden design that is both pleasing and spectacular.

Pictures of dream gardens

cute dream gardens

The romantic gardens are ideal for special events and for a peaceful relaxation with the family. Weddings and tea parties will be even more romantic events if performed in beautiful gardens. Inspired by famous fairy tales, these garden design ideas make any garden event more romantic.

romantic gardens

This type of dream garden design is a way to attract romance, love and joy in everyday life and feel like in a fairy tale. Here you can see photographs of beautiful romantic gardens that can remind you of your favorite fairy tales and inspire you.

romantic gardens ideas

Garden design ideas inspired by the stories of Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty will help add romance and magic to your life. The collection of beautiful garden design ideas will allow you to take some creative ideas and alter them by adding your personal style to the beautiful design of the garden.

decorate gardens

The best gardens follow design principles that are simple. The English invented "the garden of the hut", probably in the year 1400, when even the humblest plots of land were pressed into service to produce food for families.

English gardens

Each inch of land was planted with herbs, fruit trees and flowers (which attracted bees to pollinate the crops). Apart from being a practical method, the effect was charming.

garden flowers

The modern English-style gardens of today are so charming that they show a spill of color with mixtures of edible and ornamental plants on the edge of a walkway.

path garden

William Robinson, a Victorian iconoclast who invented the idea of ​​the "wild garden", developed his naturalistic approach at Gravetye Manor (pictured above). To create the quintessential cottage-style garden, plant the flowers on the edge of garden beds and allow them to spill over the paths. Thus the fragrant flowers will brush the ankles of visitors as they pass by.

Hedge plants

Working in harmony with your garden is always the best. Plants that grow in the areas where they are happiest need little attention and flourish better.

beautiful garden

Spend time taking note of the characteristics of the beds and the borders of your garden: are they sunny or shaded? Wet or dry? Are they protected or exposed? Most likely, you will find different growth conditions in different parts of the garden. Look carefully, and then choose the right plants to match each one.

Original ideas

All good gardeners make mistakes on paper, not on the ground, saving time and money in the process. Use graph paper and draw on the contour of the area to be planted, preferably to scale (1 cm on paper at 50 cm on the ground scale -1: 50) is ideal for all schemes, except the most complicated ones. Then, considering the scale you have selected, play with different arrangements until you find one that works.

decorate gardens

Find the combinations you like in books and magazines, and if the growing conditions are the same as those in your garden, copy them. Neighboring gardens, labeled displays and garden centers are also useful for ideas.

landscape design

How much time do you have? For young families and those who work all day, rose bushes, fruits, vegetables and soft perennials are too expensive. Instead, opt for the bushes, tidy conifers, ornamental grasses and hard but colorful perennials that form the mat. All of them need little attention once established and suffer few pests or diseases.

simple ideas

Choosing a theme brings clarity and focus to the design process. Personal taste and the way you plan to use the garden have an influence, but the space itself can offer clues as to what works best. For example, a sunny free-draining slope is perfect for a casual Mediterranean-inspired gravel garden. Visually, it will not look out of place either.

pretty little flowers

Refrain from including all plants on your list, as the planting will be chaotic and unplanned. Try to create a sense of harmony and unity by choosing a palette of colors or a theme from the beginning.

beautiful flowers

Repetition is the easiest way to unify a planting plan. It is also the only thing that marks a "designed" border of one that happens by accident.

beautiful flowers

Perhaps you use the same coverage on everything or repeat perennials or ornamental grasses drifting on the front of beds and borders (where repetition is most obvious).

Ideas to design dream gardens

dream gardens

Consider adding a raised border filled with bright flowers and planting colors. The colorful plantation is designed to develop and mature to soften the hardest lines.

English patio

While harmony is important, so is diversity. Plants with distinctive colors and dramatic shapes, such as palm trees and pencil junipers, function as large focal points. But the use in moderation will be more stimulating. With the standard size borders (1.5-2m wide) a focal point plant every four to six meters should be sufficient.

pond flowers

The easiest and most visually effective way to organize the plants is in layers, with borders backed by walls or fences, tall shrubs, bamboo or tall grasses first. Place roses, smaller shrubs, medium-sized perennials and ornamental herbs in between.

flowers facade

However, try to avoid organizing everything as a series of steps. Sometimes you can place low plants to the back, and the highest to the front, to create depth and interest.

beautiful scenery

Thin strips less than 50 cm wide will only allow a low cover, a wall bush or a line of ordered perennial plants arranged uncomfortably as soldiers in a parade. The beds and edges of more than two meters, however, can accommodate multiple layers of mixed plantings with shrubs, roses and more natural derivatives of perennials and herbs.

Design borders and garden borders

borders and borders

Some naturalist designs, such as "meadows", in particular, need a lot of space for the effect to be appreciated. In small gardens this could mean sacrificing lawn space. In urban and suburban gardens, the continuity of interest is important. The mixed border is the best, as you can call each group of plants - trees, shrubs, roses, perennials, and bulbs - for interest, with each group sparkling at different times of the year.

beautiful courtyard

Plants with blazing autumn leaves, towering seed heads, colorful fruits and berries, glossy bark or evergreens prolong seasonal interest and help lift the spirit in the dark days.

gardens designs

Next, let's look at some simple ideas on how to properly complement dream gardens.

vine fronts

Most people often associate candles with romance because of the faint, barely visible light they emit. Try to surround yourself with candles. For example, buy large candles for the garden, which last for a long time, and put them in front of the porch of your home.

plants flowers

If you have a fountain or even just a large deep dish, fill them with water, and put some floating candles. The lanterns will never be superfluous, if they are correctly placed or hung. On the contrary, they create comfort, warmth and romance around them. Make a path of light with lanterns from the garden, which leads to your front door, or hang small light bulbs in a nearby tree.

garden with canopy

Bring a little immaturity in your garden with little statues or sources in the form of angels, fairies or elves. You can choose any small statue in the form of rabbit, dog or fairy tale characters.

pond waterfalls

Surround yourself with plants. You can buy or do for yourself interesting pots or planters of flowers and romantic plants.

fountain garden

If you like to show your imagination, try making pots using absolutely anything from old bicycles or trams to cans or pots.

fence rose

We hope you enjoyed the tour of these images of dream gardens, we will return very soon with more news of interest, do not forget to visit us.

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