Dressing room, designs in 50 ideas that will renew your space.

modern dressing room wood house lighting

I think having a dressing room to store clothes and organize shoes better is a great benefit. Usually for women it is a great ally, and I would dare say that for men too. The cupboards are often not enough to store clothes. Nor are they fit to have it within our reach due to its dimensions. Therefore it is a necessity to allocate a space to the creation of a dressing room.

Dressing room with LED lights on shelves


We can even adapt an empty room in our home, and thus we gain in comfort. If we attach it to the bedroom they are ideal for all kinds of clothes and footwear. Must have varied shelves, drawers and take advantage of each storage space to the fullest. The doors they should preferably be made of glass. It is a practical way to see clothes at a glance while we search for something.

Elegant open dressing room with two sections

armchair wood sliding door armchair

For a matter of space we can opt for sliding doors. Although a completely open dressing room is much more modern. As often happens with various situations that we have seen, it must be integrated with the decoration of the space. It does not matter if it serves as an independent site. We can use the same tones present in the bedroom.

Variant with glass doors

wood furniture colorful carpet dressing

We will add elements such as armchairs or lamps to create differentiation in this space. If we have the joy of having a large space there is another option. We can create in the dressing room an area for women's clothing and another for men's clothing. In this case we will try to make both parties symmetrical and balanced. Add colors warm as orange or yellow, is a way to achieve amplitude and luminosity.

Male design with furniture

dressing shirt shirts masculine

Do not forget to add a shoe rack, this is key in any dressing room. Bars for hangers, if you do not want to have everything folded, are also indispensable. Always respect an order in this whole set. It must be a beautiful and pleasant place to be seen. Enjoy some of these modern selections that we have compiled for you. We hope that some of these ideas are also useful for you.

Segmentation model for couple

modern yellow dressing room stool woman

Because the drawers of the chest of drawers are typically the least organized area in the bedroom, we have presented some tips on how to organize a dressing room (and how to keep it tidy).

Large dressing room with closed cabinets

modern dressing room pink spacious closets

The drawers of a dresser are similar to a closet full of clothes in which we tend to cram as much as we can (but we do not care because we can close the closet door or push the drawer closed). But when a dresser is disorganized, it is difficult to find items of clothing in particular, but since we can easily hide the mess, it is the last thing we usually organize.

Detail with yellow accents

modern yellow dressing room furniture shelves

In order to make the morning routine more agile, here are some easy tips on how to organize the drawers of your dresser.

Modern design in gray

modern dressing room shine led walls

First, take everything out. Clean your bed to use it as a processing area to classify your clothes in batteries by function and type. It's time to classify the garments, for example, in garments that you wear in public; T-shirts, tank tops and sweaters. On the other hand, pants, shorts, jeans (things that do not need ironing) in another pile. The pajamas and the training clothes in another pile. Socks, leggings in one pile and underwear in another.

Elegant atmosphere with brown furniture

modern dresser wallet cream wood

Decide what goes and what stays. Now that you have the clothes grouped by function and type, do you have duplicates? Do the socks have holes? Have the moths eaten your favorite sweater? Distribute the clothes you can donate, repair and throw away in plastic boxes or bags.

Furniture with built-in lights

modern dressing room elegant suits lights

Designate drawers. It is convenient to store socks and underwear on top of a dresser since we carry these items daily and have to be easily accessible. The shirts can occupy the next drawer, followed by the pants, and finally the pajamas and the training clothes.

Distributes drawers storage

modern dressing room led lamp glass

Use dividers of drawers. You can use drawer dividers for your smaller items, like the ones mentioned above, or you can use empty shoe boxes or empty cloth boxes as well.

Modality for small spaces

dressing room staircase metal shelves bench

When placing your clothes back in the drawers, it is important to maintain a pattern. For example, fold and bundle the shorts together to the left of a drawer while keeping your jeans on the right side of the drawer.

Open dressing room with stool

luxury modern dressing brown cream

As a last step, we suggest labeling the upper right corner of each drawer. The label is helpful when someone other than you uses the dresser or dresser.

Modern design with metal shelves

minimalist modern style chair dressing

To keep your dresser organized, you'll have to be disciplined when you keep your clothes clean again, making sure to put the items in their designated place.

Glass side wall

modern dressing glass wall glass

Elegant with decorative accessories

black dressing style metal fan

Female accent design

white chair dressing carpet decoration

Dressing room with closet and wide mirror

dressing mirror sofa mirror white mirror

Functional open design by Pianca

gray chair space carpet shelf

yellow carpet wood chair lists

Large modern style dressers clothes handbags

shared bathroom room wood duch

white furniture creative light illuminated

coffee shoes cream room feminine

wallets rich colorful room fabrics

circular carpet chair style lamp

colorful functional room change shoe

sliding shelf drawer bags drawer

elegant masculine ambiante black suits

elegant black shoes lady basket

gray modern style salon seat

gray wood golf clubs

man house decoration open space

italy style creative design room

lamp esfers books style foot

light wood furniture round rugs

wood led ceiling space change lights

minimalist room accessories gray style

moderano space furniture contact forge

modern gray decorative space furniture

modern versatile design white stool

modular open cupboard stools male

glass walls shelves feminine clothing

plants illuminated open clothes cactus

chair wood apartment shirts caps

window illuminated space dresser blouses

modern shoe rack storage room

black style shelves drawers

large white space furniture design

order a dressing

organize dressing

ideas organize a dressing

luxurious wardrobe

organize lockers

retro comfortable

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