Dry flowers to decorate the interior

dried flowers to decorate

When we move or change homes we always want to decorate their interior to our liking, following a personal style. Also, when we go to someone's house one of the things that catches our attention is the decor inland. The truth is that something as simple as this says a lot about our personality and our tastes. In this article we will focus on the dried flowers to decorate and we will give you very original and interesting ideas that you can put into practice.

Dry flowers to decorate the interior

dried flowers to decorate interior

You have to keep in mind that generally people who like this type of decoration are more bohemian, they like more naturalness and originality. However, with these flowers you can also make very modern and elegant decorations especially when you combine the type of flowers with a vase with a lot of style.

A very original decoration with dried flowers for the cold seasons

dried flowers to decorate house

On the other hand, you can make a decoration with natural dried flowers or you can also opt for artificial flowers. With the first you can first make a decoration with the living flowers and let them dry in the position and in the container in which they are. However, with these flore you have to be very careful because they break very easily and any blow can shatter them.

Decorating the interior with some dried flowers in vases

dried flowers decorate interior home

On the other hand, this problem to decorate with artificial dried flowers you will not have it. In addition, the artificial flowers are what will allow you to decorate your interior in a very modern and elegant way. You can choose some branches or larger or more exotic flowers.

The color and shape of the dried flowers to decorate your interior

dried flowers to decorate interiors

You have to keep in mind that the vases with dried flowers also play a very important role in interior decoration. With the vases you can give the final nuance that you lack in the decoration. In the previous image, for example, the vase completes the decoration following the lines and features of the vintage style.

A very original and exotic dry flowers for interior decoration

dried flowers to decorate interior houses

Among the dried flowers to decorate you can also find very different options and models. You can choose some flowers with original shapes, but when you go to combine the colors we advise you not to do it with flowers of identical tones. In addition, this type of decoration is done quite a lot to the autumn decoration of which we have spoken in other articles.

Decorating the interior with dried flowers and a very modern vase

dried flowers to decorate modern

In this photo you can see the decoration with artificial flowers in a very modern vase. It is also important that the color of the flowers combine with the interior tones.

Modern vases and the use of branches without leaves or flowers to decorate the interior

dried flowers to decorate interiors

You can also find it in elongated vases that are taller. In these vases are better plants that are the type of dry branches. In addition, this decoration is ideal for the corners of houses, since it fits perfectly into the space and does not interfere.

A very modern and elegant decoration for the interior with some dried flowers and an attractive vase

dried flowers to decorate originals

On the other hand, you can create a decoration yourself very modern with these flowers. The idea here is that you have to order the flowers in the same way they are arranged in the branches, in a staggered way. You can do this with some live flowers and let them dry later. The stepped shape of this decoration is made with flowers of different size, placing the smaller ones in the front. In this way, you can also create bouquets of dried flowers.

The decoration of the interior with dry flowers of white color

dried flowers to decorate room

The flowers designed in white also look great on the inside. The decoration in this case can be completed with a glass jar or with a glass vase. Around the glass you can wind a rope that is not very thick so that there is no free space between the rope that is superimposed. When you get to the neck of the vase you can tie a brown ribbon.

After making a crown we let it dry to decorate the wall

dried flowers to decorate wall

Another very original idea is to make a wreath with flowers, pineapples, leaves and branches and let it dry. After drying it you can place it on one of the walls and use dried flowers to decorate it in this way.

The combination of dried flowers and living flowers for interior decoration

dried flowers to decorate fireplace

However, if in your house you have a fireplace you can not leave it without decorating. If you want to make a rural style decoration you can use dried flowers for that, combine them with live flowers and add some metal containers that were traditionally used in the villages.

Decorating the fireplace with dried flowers and baskets in rural style

decoration with dried flowers

A similar decoration of the fireplace can also be done with dried flowers and baskets. In the end the result will be a rural style decoration that looks great in the interiors.

Decorating the wall with dry flowers and dry leaves stuck

decoration with dried flowers wall

In addition you can also use the frame of a broken mirror to make a decoration with dried flowers in the walls. For that you will have to remove the part of the mirror so that the frame is left alone. In its interior by means of ropes you can hook the flowers. Keep in mind that the flowers can be hooked on the strings with clothespins and the strings can be tied to the frame.

An interior decoration using the interior of the fireplace to place the dried flowers in a basket

decorate with dry flowers

Instead, the fireplace can also be used as a container or as a drawer in which to deposit your dried flowers to decorate. However, you have to keep in mind that this decoration can be done when you do not use the fireplace to heat the interior. On the other hand, you can add some candles in candlesticks to give a complete touch to your decoration.

An autumnal decoration with orange flowers and pink tones

vases with dried flowers

Also you have to keep in mind that with the dried flowers you can make some very interesting color combinations. You can also combine dried flowers with others that are alive. The vases are also part of your decoration. Therefore, you can add the style of the vase along with its colors to the colors of the flowers.

A dry branches for interior decoration in original and modern vases

bouquet of dried flowers

On the other hand, for the large and tall vases that we usually place in the corners of our interiors to decorate, plants with dry branches are very appropriate. You can select some branches that combine with the color of the vase. In addition, these vases add a lot of style and modernity to the interiors.

Decorating the interior with dried flowers in a glass jar with shells inside

decorate with inner dry flowers

Decorating with some branches with reddish leaves in a white vase for autumn

vases with dried flowers inside

An interior decoration with artificial dried flowers

indoor dried flowers

Decorating the interior with natural dried flowers, previously dissected

natural dried flowers

A bouquet with dried flowers that have been allowed to dry

bouquets of dried flowers

A very original and rural decoration of the fireplace of your interior

natural dried flowers inside

The decoration of the fireplace with dried flowers and with metal containers to get a rural style

dried flowers

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