Duplex, a different vision, Ameneiros Rey - HH Arquitectos.

duplex living room sofa TV shelf

When we refer to duplex we speak of narrow double-height urban dwellings. A useful architectural design to take advantage of narrow lots and which we will be talking about today. Although it is common that they are also referred to as houses paired of two plants. It is a design that has emerged from the need for space. There are others such as twin or double houses that respond more to aesthetic motivations.

Duplex with functional kitchen

duplex hidden light bulbs sofa kitchen

Today we will see a very interesting proposal in terms of architecture carried out by Ameneiros Rey | HH Architects. It consists of a duplex from the nineties that takes on new life from the work carried out in it. I propose a small tour. This house gains space with the union of the two floors. The distribution is also different. On the ground floor there are the bedrooms, a study and two rooms bathroom.

Duplex, folding furniture for kitchen

duplex recessed chairs lamparas bulbs

While the kitchen, dining room and living room are integrated into the upper one in an extremely spacious space. The apartment is extremely interesting in this duplex full of ingenuity and good taste. The interesting detail is in two concrete skylights. They intercommunicate the plants, letting the light flow from above. One of them is located in a corner of the room, and also illuminates the hall of the lower floor. The upper floor has an exquisite cosmopolitan air thanks to the work of Ameneiros Rey | HH Architects.

Materials mix

duplex staircase handrail wood telephone

It has very original finishes you can see the brick, or concrete and forging elements. The decoration style is industrial, integrating a leather armchair that gives an interesting note in this space. On the ground floor the effect of light is incredible. The distribution of the interconnected space is also interesting. Something outstanding is the incredible mix of materials on the stairs. Especially wood and concrete, in chromatic matter white wins the spotlight. I invite you to continue the tour through the gallery of images of Héctor Fernández Santos-Díez. Enjoy this functional and modern duplex.

Light input from the ceiling

duplex stairs floor design view

Wide interconnected spaces

duplex studio house wood wood floor

Ground floor space

duplex room pillows mirror ground floor

Shower with dark background

modern duplex bathroom architecture cabin

Dark closed kitchen

duplex bar box chairs dark furniture

duplex top view metal concrete

Functional kitchen furniture

kitchen bar built-in table furniture

kitchen transparency floor white tableware

sketch design ideas house architecture

Detail basin quarter duplex window

staircase transparency corner metal concrete

studio detail stopped desk design

studio fresh wood chair division

studio wood led division lights

room window doors brown pillows

washbasin white cabinet lighting lights

bookshelf shelf floor transparency wood

led lights studio wood slats

planes mockup design duplex designs

living room kitchen duplex modern space

living room floor hollow wood floor lighting

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