Eames chair - functionality and style at low cost

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The Eames chair it can be seen everywhere today. Its shapes are recognizable and offers a wide variety of design options.

Eames chair - Origins and evolution of a unique style

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The history of this chair began in 1948, when the designer Charles Eames and his wife Ray Eames created a lounge chair for the International Competition for Low-Cost Furniture Design. Although it did not win the first prize, Eames reproduces the design of a low-cost glass fiber and then add more and more color options to its assortment.

Dining room design with yellow Eames chairs

white dining chairs yellow Eames

The first Eames chair was designed by Charles Eames and was made of stamped steel. But steel, with a layer of neoprene that adds warmth, was too expensive to be mass produced. Ultimately, they made them out of Zenaloy, a plastic resin reinforced with fiberglass.

Original set of modern Eames chairs

modern eames chairs set colors

The original colors of the chair were crude, gray elephant skin and parchment. The colors were chosen mostly by Ray Eames, Charles' wife, and soon the green sea foam was added, yellow, and red to the mix. They are currently available in different colors, including "Kelly's Green", "Orange Red," and "Turquoise Blue Sky."

Original set of Eames chairs for dining room

Eames dining chairs set

Charles was never happy with the coloring of the fiberglass. I was always looking for a solid color, uniform and matte finish coating for your chairs.

Eames chairs made of laminated wood

design chairs Eames wood

The Eames chair was made for a contest that did not even win. The competition was the international competition for Low-Cost Furniture Design, held in 1948, which will culminate in an exhibition at the MoMA.

Great designs of modern Eames chairs

modern Eames chair designs

One of the most interesting features of this chair is its adaptability and two different covers, with or without arms, so that a variety of bases can be attributed to it. The codes that refer to these various combinations include SAX (H-shaped metal base, standard chair), DAX (X-shaped base, dining chair), DSR (Eiffel Tower-shaped base, side chair), DSW (wooden barrel legs, side chair), and RAR (rocking chair).

Original Celestial colored seesaw

eames balancin color light blue

Fiberglass production ceased in 1989 for environmental reasons. The chemistry of the matter and its lack of recycling capacity led Herman Miller and Ray Eames to cease production of the chairs. After exploring alternative materials, they began making chairs again in recyclable polypropylene in 2000. In 2013, Herman Miller announced the return of fiberglass, a new recyclable type.

Dining chairs set Eames

Great dining chairs Eames

The Eames chair appeared first with metal legs, wooden barrel legs, and a tilting base. From there Charles and Ray Eames grew their collection by experimenting with molding plywood using their "Kazam" machine that worked with the help of a bicycle pump.

Set of colored Eames chairs

Super set chairs Eames colors

The first prototype was made of steel, which was later replaced with a cheaper glass fiber reinforced plastic resin called Zenaloy.

Set of chairs Eames for dining room

Super set chairs Eames dining room

In the year 2000, the production of recyclable polypropylene started with recyclable glass fiber emerging in 2013.

Original set of Eames chairs

super design chairs Eames

Now molded Eames chairs come in plastic and fiberglass. And some are even available in wood and with a soft padding. Their colors vary from light neutrals to incredible ultramarine blues.

Eames wooden chair design

original design chair Eames wood

The classic molded Eames chairs can complement any dining table , since they are simple but elegant. There is something special about them and it shows in an interior design of any style.

Original chair with gray padding

original gray padded chair

They are also used in offices and in living rooms since these chairs allow several style options. And while many prefer to show a natural semi-bright color, others prefer bright hues that stand out.

Yellow chair design Eames

original chair eames yellow deco

The chair is small and does not take up too much space. The famous Eames chair and ottoman came out in 1956. It was inspired by the chairs of an English club that offer a different look and a much more comfortable feel.

Turquoise chair

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His television debut the same year propelled the chair to such heights that it was added to the permanent collection of MoMA in New York and the Art Institute of Chicago.

Set of colored Eames chairs

original chairs model eames colors

Although its recognizable plywood frame remained the same over the years, the new finishes give potential buyers many more options.

Eames chairs of various models

original eames chairs several colors

The base and the upholstery can be coordinated or contrasted. The timeless design allows several combinations of styles and juxtaposition.

Eames chair in navy blue

chair Eames blue

Thanks to its modest and modern look, the Eames chair and ottoman work both for modern interiors and for mid-century luxury environments.

Chair model Eames red

chair eames vibrant red color

In a minimalist interior these chairs will achieve glamor and may become the focal point of greatest interest.

Original chair design model Eames

eames chairs laminated wood

They are definitely going to bring a bit of modernity to a traditional room. It will be the accent of futuristic retro style.

Set of green Eames chairs

Eames dining chairs green eames

Plywood is something that the Eames experienced in a large quantity. As a result there are some designs that are perhaps less popular than Eames's lounge chair and ottomans, but nonetheless they are recognized.

Set of white Eames dining chairs

Eames white dining chairs

The metal-molded plywood chairs and wooden legs have wide backs and rounded seats that are the signature of Eames.

Chair design Eames white

white eames chairs legs wood

A light resting offers enough comfort to use them as lounge chairs.

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