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easter crafts

Since the Easter celebration is approaching, we do not want to miss the opportunity to show you great decorating ideas. In our article today we will see amazing Easter crafts that will enchant the whole family, discover them in our gallery of images.

Great ideas for Easter crafts

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Whether you want something simple that children can do with you or prefer something that looks a bit more complicated, these projects are perfect for your Easter decoration needs. From the creation and decoration of your own Easter tree to simple decorations that you can make with delicious Easter sweets, we have something for every DIY enthusiast in this collection.

Great designs and Easter craft ideas

easter crafts ideas

Use your creativity and find the project that best suits your decoration needs. Surely you can find something that is easy and fun and that will allow you to create beautiful decorations for this Holy Week. These colorful, fun and easy projects will be a hit with artisans of all ages.

Make ornaments for the celebration of Easter

make easter ornaments

Almost all of these projects can be carried out by using scissors. If you do not have several pairs, you can buy some at your local craft store. From cupcakes to flowers for garlands, you can cut paper and cardboard with the favorite designs to make them really unique and beautiful. Kids love to use scissors (with supervision, of course), so if you're planning to have a Easter party, make sure you have several pairs of scissors at hand.

Great garland with colorful bunnies

garland bunnies

If you are planning Easter decoration or just want a small project to decorate a fireplace mantel, bar or any other area of ​​the home, this garland of bunnies is ideal. You just have to draw the bunnies and cut them out of any card or paper you want. It is really easy and a great project for children. You can use the bunnies to show names, messages or just make them whimsical and fun.

Pretty flowerpot turned into Easter bunny

flowerpot easter bunny

You can use a flower pot of clay to create this adorable Easter bunny. This is an ideal project for children. The project takes very little time and once ready, you will have a great Easter bunny that will be the perfect container for planting spring flowers. It is also ideal as a gift for teachers or for any other special person.

Rabbit silhouette decorated with colored buttons

rabbit buttons colors

You can create an adorable Easter bunny using whatever you want. If you have a lot of old buttons, especially in several different pastel colors, you can use them to make a really cute Easter bunny to decorate the door. You will need a wire or plastic rabbit, although you can also create your design with a fairly large printable. This is a great project for children and allows you to use all the old buttons that are filling your sewing basket.

Beautiful designs of cardboard Easter baskets

Easter baskets

The baskets are everywhere during the Easter holidays and you can use them in your favor. Whether you have several baskets or old Easter baskets that children do not use anymore, you can create beautiful outdoor decorations with these baskets. Pots are also a wonderful option and allow you to be as creative as you want.

Plant aromatic herbs and spices in egg shells


If you are looking for a totally natural way to celebrate and decorate the Easter party, these little eggs are perfect. Children will love to see the aromatic herbs growing inside the egg shells, pretending to be hair. You can use the shells of the eggs that you use for cooking, just try to break the shells in such a way that there is room to plant the herbs. This is a cute project that will help you reuse those empty egg shells and grow your own spices at the same time.

Original basket design in the shape of an Easter bunny

basket of sweets

A couple of cardboard or plastic plates will be enough to create this wonderful conejuto that is also a basket for sweets. Decorate the face of the bunny with pieces of cotton, cardboard and a permanent marker. Add a twine and go! your son will have a great basket shaped like an Easter bunny.

Original ideas for Easter decoration

original easter decoration

Now we leave you with more great ideas and simple and original easter crafts, enjoy the tour and do not forget to visit our website.

Beautiful ideas to decorate at Easter

ideas to decorate

Original easter chicken made of cardboard

original cardboard chicken

Pretty basket of Easter Diy with a bunny

Easter basket

Original Easter eggs decorated with rabbit ears

Easter eggs

Original ideas for making Easter ornaments

original Easter ornaments

Original Diy ornaments for Easter

beautiful Diy ornaments

Diy Easter rabbit made with cardboard plates

Easter Bunny

Original ideas for decorating Easter eggs

decorate easter eggs

Decorate Easter eggs with metallic paints

easter eggs stamps

Original ideas to decorate Easter hevos

original ideas decorate eggs

Original ideas to decorate with clothespins

decorate clothespins

Beautiful Easter basket made of paper

Easter basket

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