Easy recipes to prepare Crostinis at home

easy recipes

In this article we are going to talk about an issue that will probably interest all women. It is about easy recipes to make Crostinis at home that you can prepare for breakfast, to accompany the aperitifs or to receive your guests and friends when they come to visit you. We will offer you different ideas among which you can choose or if you want you can try them all.

Easy recipes to prepare Crostinis at home quickly

easy recipes crostinis

The Crostinis are small rolls that are cut into circles or shaped like an ellipse and put in the oven to toast them. It is better that the slices of bread are smaller for what you can use a normal loaf of bread but you can also use another type of larger bread to make larger slices.

The steps that we have to follow to prepare some Crostinis

easy recipes to prepare crostinis

Before putting them in the oven one of the options is that with a brush smear the slices with olive oil so that when you take them out they have a stronger golden color. Another option for which you can bet is to make a mixture in a small bowl with margarine or any type of oil . However, margarine before you will have to turn it into liquid in the glass ceramic. This step is very quick and easy to do but you have to be careful not to burn the margarine. After having melted, you can add a little garlic powder, a little salt and any other gradient you want.

The Crostinis taken out of the oven with a golden color

easy recipes to prepare crostinis home

After that mixture you have to throw on the Crostinis with which you throw little is enough, they do not have to be floating in the mix either. You put them in the oven and after about twenty minutes they would be ready. It would be nice if you took a look at them from time to time so that they do not burn and turn them over. When they have a more intense golden color you can remove them.

Some Crostinis baked with a little herb

easy house recipes

To the previous mix you can also add parsley. In this way, when you remove the Crostinis from the oven on the golden color, the green color of the parsley will also stand out. These easy recipes can be made to accompany your meals and to make snacks very quickly.

The easiest way to make garlic-flavored Crostinis

easy cooking recipes

Another recipe from Crostinis that you can bet on at home giving them a garlic flavor that makes them so special is after removing them from the oven while they are still hot rub the two surfaces of the bread rolls with a clove of garlic. If you do not want the taste of garlic to be very strong, you can do it without pressing too much garlic against the bread, otherwise you have to do just that.

Different ideas for your Crostinis and the ingredients that you can use

easy recipes cooking house

If you are wondering how to prepare a recipe to make Crostinis by reaching the next stage you can see the ideas that we are going to leave you next. On bread you can put all the ingredients that you like. In this way, you can get very specific and rich flavors that you and your families like. However, we recommend that before putting anything on the bread you should anoint the surface with something depending on the result you want to achieve.

Crostinis with salmon and vegetables

easy recipes cooking crostinis

Other easy recipes to make with Crostini or Bruschetta are two almost identical things, it is with salmon. You can spread the bread with some type of sauce to accompany the salmon, but before placing the salmon you can put some slices of cucumber. At the end, as a decorative detail you can put some parsley on top.

Another way to order the ingredients in the salmon Crostinis

easy recipes cooking crostinis home

In Spain there is a very traditional variety of Crostinis that are tapas. You can prepare some smoked salmon tapas following the previous steps that we have given you and making the final decoration. They are easy recipes with which you can experiment and for which you do not need many products.

Very cool Crostinis for summer days

easy party recipes

For the summer you can bet on easy recipes with more refreshing vegetables and a type of sauce appropriate for vegetables. In this case it would be a vegetarian Crostinis but they are very good for dinners and for snacks.

The Crostinis as an accompaniment to soups

easy recipes to make crostinis

On the other hand, these rolls prepared according to the easy recipes that we are explaining can serve you to accompany the soup. The combination between the two is very good and we encourage you to try it.

A salad with vegetables and Crostinis made at home

easy recipes salad crostinis

On the other hand, the Crostinis can also be cut into smaller cubes but you have to do that before toasting the bread. The following steps may be the same but you can use them to make a salad. After throwing the vegetables and other ingradientes you can also put some kind of sauce.

Some Crostinis with mushrooms and other ingredients

easy kitchen recipes

In this photo you can see some Crostinis with mushrooms but there are also some easy recipes to prepare this type of muffins according to some sweet recipes. You can also find some recipes with caramelized onions. On the other hand if there is something you want to try we encourage you to do it because in most cases it goes well.

Crostinis with onion, mayonnaise and ham

easy and original recipes

Making a variety of Crostinis with green sauce

easy home original recipes

Original Crostinis with fruits and a sweet taste

crostinis recipe

Using the avocado to spread the base of the Crostini

recipe for crostinis

The use of Chucks for the Crostinis

how to prepare a recipe

Making a caramelised Crostini with fruit for dessert

the caramelized bruschetta

Some caramelised crostinis for dessert seen close up

crostini sweet fruits

Combining fruits to make an exquisite dessert with Crostinis

sweet recipes

Some Crostinis with pomegranate balls

recipes with caramelized onions

Apple cut into slices to make the Crostinis

easy recipes

Combining fruits to make Crostinis for dessert or for a snack

recipe for crostinis to make house

Some tapas of Crostinis to accompany the beer

how to prepare a recipe crostini home

Crostinis with ham very typical for Spain

the easy bruschetta ham

Crostinis with green sauce or pesto and with prawns

crostini prawns make house

Some tapas with vegetables to accompany the appetizers

easy cooking recipes to make home

A sauce of beaten peppers for your Crostinis

recipe of crostinis peppers

Making a decoration with hearts on the crostinis with white cheese

recipe for crostinis easy to make home

Some tapas with smoked salmon and mayonnaise on top

tapas with smoked salmon

Mini pizzas prepared like Crostinis for home

how to prepare an easy recipe

Different ideas for easy recipes with Crostinis

make crostinis recipe

A variety of Crostinis to choose from

tapas with smoked salmon making house

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