Eco solar capsule that allows you to live where you want

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Today we are going to show you an ingenious capsule that can make life much easier. The eco capsule designed by Nice Architects The Bratislava-based conference promises not to let anyone live outside the network for a whole year. Each unit is equipped with solar panels, windmill to create wind energy with retractable turbine, and a design that captures rainwater. Inside you will find a kitchen area with running water, a toilet and hot shower. The capsule has a wide range of applications, write the designers. It can be used as an "independent research center or a tourist lodge, an emergency shelter or a humanitarian unit. "The biggest challenge was to integrate the different technologies into the small body of the capsule and still have a bit of space left for the people", Those interested in buying and having a capsule will be able to buy one at the end of 2015, with delivery in the first quarter of 2016.

Eco capsule salor works perfectly in winter

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Eco capsule that you can transfer wherever you want

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You can place your capsule on the beach

eco capsule beach fence sea ideas

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eco capsule inside bed basin ideas

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