Elegant dressers with amazing and functional designs

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According to the conditions of space, the toilets can be an adventure in terms of design. If we decide we must do it in a special way. The toilets can also be a corner of creativity. Not to mention that they are the perfect opportunity to put into practice several design solutions and trends that we have commented.

Dressers modern and cool design ideas for the home

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So that designing a dresser does not become a problem, let's start with the basic details. Color is one of those first details as well as other elements that can be integrated or maintained. If we have to replace part of the furniture or accessories is the perfect time to raise a budget. As we can see in the images in matter of styles, tendencies and contrasts there are many toilets. We can begin by mentioning a classic that is often seen in many spaces.

Dressers with a cozy and warm accent that fill the space with life

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It is the combination of black and white. Undoubtedly it is something that looks good regardless of the patterns of the walls. The variants that can be used are mainly in the use of wallpaper or tiles. All this contrast of black and white must be balanced with other finishes of bright appearance. In addition to other accents metallic that will visually enrich the entire stay. The truth is that both colors can be used in different ways.

Design with an undeniable natural accent thanks to materials such as wood and stone

natural toilets rocks space slats

Stripes of different thickness or painted walls are just some of them. For a greater sophistication in terms of bathroom image, a mosaic pattern will undoubtedly make the whole space stand out. The motifs on the walls are perhaps the simplest way to achieve a different design. The reasons must fit the space and of course to our personal taste. In these cases the rest of the space should have neutral tonalities. So we would focus our attention on the design of the walls and the entire installation.

The white and black color give character to the design of the walls in this elegant space

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The wallpaper on the dressers makes the whole design look much more expensive. As for the works of art framed, they will always harmonize with wonders. As we can see the schemes are almost infinite and there is a great abundance in terms of design. The patterns can vary from the simplest to the most complex or others with exotic details. The diversity of colors is similarly very rich. If it is about giving a prominent visual impact white is the perfect background for it.

Ideal variant using the same colors in vertical stripes and decorating with pictures

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On it we can put stronger colors that will stand out immediately. A space of greater neutrality can also focus on lighting. In essence it is a first impression and the details can be accentuated with the wallpaper. The reason is that in the toilets act as a unique wallpaper. When it comes to more unusual designs they can be used for an accent wall. Essentially on the wall where the sink or mirror is located.

Here the paintings occupy a significant weight in all the decoration of the walls

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There are even occasions when some designs look very good on the ceiling. So we can use a particular pattern for these cases. All these patterns and contrasts must be evaluated carefully. The reason is that it can become complex to decorate in these conditions of intense colors. So the neutral tones will always be of great help and will balance the space. One of the perfect styles for the toilets is the vintage

Black and gold finishes in the sink the best choice when it comes to elegance

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They are rooms that look great when you add vintage furniture and are given a retro atmosphere. Here also the wallpaper can give that retro look in addition to the vintage furniture. In the case of period furniture an Art Deco pedestal sink is an alternative that will always look its best. With the right wallpaper your image will have a greater impact. The decoration of the walls can not be overlooked in the entire design.

Any corner can be useful for a sink if you have to optimize the space at home

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The paintings and mirrors can help us give it the vintage look we are looking for. In both cases the style of the frames is a fundamental detail. Another trend focuses on the use of dark colors in the toilets. The black that we already mentioned besides the gray or the navy blue are some of the main tonalities. When the space does not have a window, the tonalities of this type can give it an air of sophistication. So it is a good opportunity to experiment with these tonalities.

Walls with blue details and white background in perfect harmony with the furniture

toilets flowers concepts blue images

The dramatic effects of the toilets are another way in which we can vary these designs. Far from the elements in darker colors, these dramatic effects are the best solution. Rooms like this look great when you add mirrors or even chandeliers. In this sense, personal taste is important. We can simply cover the walls with a paper that highlights the dramatic effect creating an unusual image.

Contemporary design that recreates some terracotta elements in the decoration

toilets images terracotta walls ideas

According to the frequency in terms of use we can invest or not in more expensive materials. The stone basins are a practical case in this regard. They look great and give it a creative and natural look. If you do not use it frequently, you can add one that will really enhance our design. Wall coverings are another way to create a more dramatic effect. Tiles have always been the best aggregate when there is a more intensive use of these areas.

An interesting geometric effect with lines that gives great dynamism to the entire design

toilets lines special salons lines

They are very easy to clean and maintain and their image is excellent. The tiles can be combined with the painted walls. The area of ​​the basin can contain the tiles and the rest a color that harmonizes with them. Tiles or stone can be striking in all cases. There are marble tiles that are the perfect finish if we look for more luxury. Marble has an image that often does not need other decorative accessories.

The finishes in the accessories combine perfectly with the patterns of the wall

gilded colorful wall paper toilets

This has a direct relationship with the variants of neutral spaces that we mentioned previously. They look softer and with the gray details of the marble they look spectacular even if they lack lighting. If the space already has a neutral design, the lighting can transform it easily. Simply a bright light source and other accessories of the same style will suffice.

A dark wood floor that undoubtedly takes the design to a different level

minimalist warm materials floor dressing tables

Several finishes in metallic tone complement each other harmoniously in this space

Interesting metal finishes basin lines

Africa is undoubtedly the theme in the decoration of this admirable and fresh environment

africa walls inspirations images zebras

White and some patterns in light gray are the perfect solution for this space

white concepts figures gray white

Marble is another of the guarantees of elegance in style along with metallic finishes

contemporary fresh marble applications cool

Shelves with small plants in the decoration that mix with the walls and their style

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This idea of ​​shelves is excellent to take advantage of each of the walls at home

figures colors special furniture

This sink is a detail that can not be overlooked Studio Seiders

basin rock ideas natural images

Different design for another small and poorly lit area Luigi Rosselli Architects

luigi rosselli architects elegant design fonts

The wood finishes are one of the strengths of this small luminous dressing table

wood accents parts space backgrounds

Black is an interesting option to experiment in different toilet styles

black walls solutions images flowers

A variant that integrates black color on a larger scale throughout the design of walls

total black concepts samples applications

Luminous neutral atmosphere that recreates white and gray in different light tones

neutral concepts furniture figures white

An animal-inspired wallpaper that is the perfect background for the entire flower arrangement

wallpaper animal inspiration flowers

Another solution that proposes a beautiful contrast of white and blue walls

walls decorations pictures material pictures

Even the smallest corner of the house can be used for a functional dressing table

small souki design studio space materials

Stone in the representation of the textures of the walls for a natural touch

stone walls elements wood head

A floral wallpaper that reinforces the retro design image of this charming dressing table

retro walls decorated base metals

A different mirror that mixes with some elements of modernity in design

elegant textures special materials modernity

Incredible proposal that bets on the black color throughout the design of the walls

Black variant elegant design floors

The mirrors to play with dimensions visually have always been very useful

modern cool mirrors walls dimensions

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