Entrance doors of old houses - 25 designs

old house door many colors

The entrance doors to the houses are very important elements for the exterior aesthetics of the whole building in question, but we often forget them, assuming that beauty and order must begin inside the home. Today we are going to see twenty-five examples of design and decoration of entrance doors of old houses, you can not miss them.

Entrance doors of old houses

antique door color green water

How would you like to add a touch of intense color to the front of your house? It turns out that at present some cold tones are very fashionable like turquoise, jade or the aquamarine. These colors provide a retro look that combines beautifully with the designs of the most classic wooden entrance doors.

Original design of rustic entrance door

original old door num 304

Really what it is about is to make the entrance door stand out by inviting us to enter the interior. To achieve this, the design should be proposed according to the aspect of the facade . Above we have an example of a rustic facade with a very original design door. Actually the whole structure has been designed together, with the result of a door that seems to mold itself to the wall until it merges with it.

Entrance door painted green

green entrance door lilac flowers

In the following photograph we can see a very nice design in which the shades of green have been achieved ideal to match the vegetation that appears on the balcony of the first floor. In addition, the heterogeneous color mix also brings a somewhat worn look that reminds Shabby Chic style , and that visible imperfections are fashionable.

Entrance door painted beige

antique door beige classic style

Then we leave you with more images of entrance doors of houses and old buildings from around the world. We hope you can serve as examples to start renovating the old doors of your home, do not hesitate for a moment and find the ideal color for your front door.

Balcony door painted green water

door balcony railing metal green

Entrance door painted pink

pink painted house door

Brick facade design with white door

rustic white house entrance door

Entrance door painted aquamarine

door color aqua blue plants

Design of solid wood door with glazing

door wood plant leaves red

Design of antique natural wood door

old wood door year 1874

wood door color light blue

wood door painted purple

wood door painted turquoise color

wood door window design

wood door carved vegetable motifs

pink painted wood door

wood door painted green

aquamarine entrance doors

blue color entrance doors

iron wood entrance doors

Solid wood entrance doors

doors pink color magenta

wooden hut painted blue

old wood door color light blue

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