Entrances and receivers with charm - 50 ideas to decorate

original decoration hall candles

The tickets and receivers of a home are the areas that introduce us to the atmosphere of the style of decoration, and therefore, places of great importance. Today we present you fifty ideas for the decoration of the entrance of your house that will make you receive your guests with a lot of class and good taste.

Decoration for entrances and receivers

two stools modern abstract picture

The decor A hall will always depend a lot on the space available, so that first of all our design must be able to adapt to the place and make it pleasant and invite access to the interior. In the entrance design that we can see above we find few elements but of quite remarkable presence; an abstract style painting together with a spectacular ceiling lamp with spherical crystals.

Decorate entrances and receivers with photos and pictures

adornments entries pictures photos frames

Generally in receivers Small auxiliary tables are usually found along with a mirror. The tables are ideal to leave them the keys of home, while we take a look at our attire when entering or leaving. Another of the most characteristic elements of the entrances are the furniture cobbler, in which we can support or sit while we fit.

Hall furniture with seat and compartments

Bench Hall Commode Lamp Foot

In the image above we have an example of a bench with compartments for reception that is quite functional and practical. S On many the reasons why it is good to have a seat near the entrance door, and this compact furniture to put solution in this aspect thanks to its design of simple forms.

Laminated wood furniture for hall

furniture set receivers entrances wood

In case of having enough space in the entrance area of ​​your house, we suggest you choose a wooden furniture set natural or laminated. There are complete modules that can be placed to individual taste that are also perfect for the areas of the corners and have all kinds of dressers, dressers and matching tables, such as the set that we can see in the photograph above.

Design and decoration of receivers

carpet entrance flowers colors

In the design and decoration of the interiors of the receivers and the entrances are also good als carpets. However, the colors of these you can use as a contrast to the other shades of your home and you can also use them combining the tones so that you complete the decoration.

Hallway with wooden bench and clothes rack

integrated wood bench hall hanger

We must also take into account that in the hall the benches and chairs or armchairs are very comfortable because when we go in and take off our shoes or when we want to put on we want to sit down so as not to have to look for balance. If your hall is smaller you can place a wooden bench on the wall of the door but you have to bear in mind that the bench has to be in the front to not give a knock with the door to the person sitting.

Bank with lilac velvet padding

lilac color velvet receiving bench

On the other hand, if the interior of your house is more modern and elegant you can opt for a velvet padded bench. You have to take into account that the velvet greatly increases the elegance of the interiors and in this way you can give a touch full of style to the environment. Also these banks come in handy to place the shoes under them when we do not have a closet for them.

Decoration with plants and natural elements

nice design entrance hallway deco

In addition the potted plants or vases are very good in the interiors and you can use them to give a more natural and vivid touch to the entrances. On the other hand, with the plants you can increase the modernity of your hall by using a large modern vase or stylish pots. On the other hand, the receivers will give a very personal touch if you use some pots decorated by yourselves.

Furniture set of wooden hall

wood furniture set

On the other hand, you have to keep in mind that the style and elegance of the receivers can be increased by using furniture as a whole. Usually, these furniture include a bench with a coat rack and mirrored cabinets. In addition one of the cabinets usually has a large mirror in the door and the other closet is smaller with a mirror that is placed on the wall. In this way you can look at them completely.

Decoration of receivers with intense colors

coral color entrance decoration

In contrast, the intense colors for the receivers are more appropriate for the interiors in which the white color is widely used to decorate. In this way with these stronger and louder colors you can make nice and interesting contrasts. However, you have to keep in mind that the white color will help you to balance the tones.

Entrance with wooden chest of drawers

comfortable wood entrance decoration

On the other hand, wood that very well not only in modern interiors, but also in interiors that are more classic. However, in more classic interiors, the design of the furniture is older and thus intensifies the touch of the interiors. In addition wood can also be used to decorate the floor and for the walls you can use a light color combined with wood.

Retro style hallway decoration

celestial wall entrance decoration

On the other hand, the originality can be introduced in the interiors and entrances using furniture of interesting designs. The benches and chairs can be replaced by a piece of furniture designed to be placed in the corners and above it you can place a cabinet with cabinets also designed for the corners. In general, these cabinets have hangers on the bottom and this way you will not have to place a coat rack.

Decoration of entrances in the Scandinavian style

scandinavian style tickets decoration

On the other hand, for the decoration of the walls of the entrances you can also use a wallpaper with interesting floral patterns or you can also bet on the decorative panels for the walls.

Decorate entrances and receivers

design decoration wood tickets

Matching hall furniture

modern furniture design furniture set

Manor style hall decoration

design decoration tickets and receivers

black style design mdoermo

stately luxurious decorated entrance

entrance shelf large mirror wall

modern contemporary style entrance

modern white commode furniture entry

entrance color deco white

deco modern entrances minimalist style

modern design entrances and receivers

entrance with wooden parquet floor

stairs entrance carpet radiator celeste

high table wood entrance mirror

wicker basket auxiliary table

bedside table wall color blue

furniture bench bench cushions brown

furniture bedside table auxiliary bottles wheels

furniture cabinet bench cobbler

laminated wood furniture dark frames

white color furniture

walls color greenish gray

wall color gray side table

hallway floor wood

hallways tickets styles decoration design

minimalist style black wall

entrance hall stairs stairs

Hallway luxurious style picture colors

modern deco bench orange

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