Environment with fireplace, differentiating your space.

environment spheres wood creative glasses

No doubt a fireplace creates a magical and welcoming atmosphere in every home. Despite being necessary during the winter days, its ornamental function is present all year round. The idea can be even decorate properly with the fireplace. The idea is to give a touch of elegance and a certain distinction to our environment. This obviously without taking into account the season of the year.

Modern ambience with textured wall

modern bioethanol environment gray texture

As often happens, the layout of models is currently very varied. We can adapt it to dissimilar decorative contexts. You can simply choose one either against the cold or just to make your room different. According to the technological development, chimneys have become more respectful with the environment.

Environment with gray accent

environment spheres cement gray natural

Although many work with gas, at present there are still wood. There are technologies that use it but that are extremely efficient. They burn a large number of particles during combustion. You can even find them designs with recycled materials. The case mentioned above of gas operation are the best known and most modern.

Modern armchairs in red

environment spheres carpet colorful red

This absence of solid fuel gives many advantages. The first of these is the convenience of not having to store firewood. It all comes down to the comfort of your sofa even with a remote control. The mere fact of its operation with gas is a way to respect the environment. From the decorative point of view we have several options.

Modern design, wall with blackboard

atmosphere spheres carpet dining lamparas

The variants can be simulations of logs, rocks or crystals. The bioethanol proposals in addition to what we mentioned have another detail. They do not generate smoke and other toxic gases. In addition to having a much higher energy efficiency. This is determined by the concentration of heat by not having a smoke outlet. Here we leave some variants that will guide you in the search for a design.

Gas-based variant for outdoor

environment spheres white garden metal

Contrast with yellow background

creative environment wood door vases

Simulated firewood in living room

environment bioethanol firewood effect

Solution with remote control

environment spheres control woman gas

Decorated in base with wood

environment spheres curtains contemporary jug

Variant in minimalist lounge

environment spheres jarron books fire

Space for reading

environment spheres wood folding living room

Fireplace with natural decoration

environment spheres plants lamp woman

Two-sided fireplace

environment spheres dish plants flowers

Embedded in white wall

environment spheres white door logs

Variant for two spaces

environment spheres chairs red white carpet

Style for contemporary salons

environment spheres armchairs contemporary plants

Design on an elevated wall

environment spheres modern armchair led

Futuristic variant with logs

atmosphere spheres terrace futuristic silver

Design by Davinci Fireplaces

wood living room large bookshelf chair

open modern chair apples fire

Wide double-sided glass books

Broad style magazine blue fire

attractive cool interior design rocks

white bright colorful pictures background

circular gas minimalist style fire

contemporary plants vases candles flower crystal

picture brick wood hat warm

double-sided design flowers wood

double-sided modern concrete table

two sided wall vases brown flowers

shelves brown walls fruits white

style flowers yellow black minimalist jar

gas walls flowers jarron white chair

gas armchairs white black

wood salon rocks style design

wood terrace armchairs sea yacht

light brown house details wide

brown vases studio contemporary design

modeling idea aesthetic rocks white

modern safe futuristic white minimalist

modern safe brown interior space

dark leather skins wood variant

modern style red embedded wall

stripes rug white armchairs firewood

living room metal style windows armchairs

curved leather recliner leather armchair

floor wood table design white

television room detail fire rocks

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