Exposed reinforced concrete decorating the modern house

concrete exposed exposed house table coffee wheels ideas

Today we are going to show you ideas of ceilings and walls of concrete armed in loft house and modern apartments. Trends for roofs and walls they come and go, but concrete is and will be one of the preferred materials for architects. The constant modernization of the material can be seen in urban infrastructure works and also in interior design projects.

Reinforced concrete exposed on the bathroom wall

Ten + Muller Architects bathroom ceilings shower ideas

Concrete has become synonymous with strength, versatility and beauty. But better than the description, are the architectural projects gathered in our gallery of images in which you will see how is the concrete in kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms and bedroom and is very likely to bet on this material. Gray is one of the most modern and versatile colors in architecture and decoration.

Reinforced concrete in the minimalist bedroom designed by that studio

esé studio bedroom simple concrete ideas

We are used to seeing this color through the streets of cities and because it is a neutral base it is interesting and allows you to choose furniture and accessories in bright colors to create a cheerful and modern environment. A light gray concrete floor will make your space look visually larger. In addition to being used for floors and walls it can also be used to make furniture, such as benches and shelves.

Modern living room with exposed concrete wall

concrete exposed exposed house accents island ideas

If you want to have exposed concrete in your home, the decision must be made during the construction phase. To get to have a good appearance and a good finish it is important to have a good work of hand that understands your work. Therefore, studying the subject and finding qualified labor for its execution is an important thing.

Bench and concrete shelves in the living room

reinforced concrete exposed house benches salon ideas

Remember, the concrete does not admit many changes and it is not like a brick wall, it can be broken to pieces and remade. If you decide to change it you have to remove the entire wall and do it all over again. Now we let you review our images of houses apartments and loft with concrete walls or very original furniture that draw attention and give a unique touch to each space.

Combination of wood and concrete in the bathroom

concrete exposed exposed house bathroom black bathtub ideas

Living room and dining room in one with concrete wall

reinforced concrete exposed house colors vibrant ideas

Dining room with wooden bench and table and concrete wall

exposed reinforced concrete house dining room original ideas

Modern living room with concrete walls

reinforced concrete exposed house bedroom ideas

Very original concrete stairs

reinforced concrete exposed house stairs ideas

Kitchen with wooden furniture and concrete island

reinforced concrete exposed house island kitchen ideas

Concrete roof and wooden wall in concrete


White furniture and concrete ceiling in the living room

exposed concrete exposed house loft precious ideas

concrete exposed house wall kitchen ideas

reinforced concrete exposed house wall glass ideas

reinforced concrete exposed house living room broad ideas

reinforced concrete exposed house living room fireplace ideas

reinforced concrete exposed house fence garden ideas

reinforced concrete exposed ceilings walls house kitchen ideas

exposed reinforced concrete roofs walls house furniture white ideas

exposed reinforced concrete ceilings walls house black ideas

exposed reinforced concrete roofs walls house living ideas

concrete exposed house minimalist bathroom ideas

concrete exposed house chimene stairs ideas

concrete exposed house kitchen dining ideas

concrete exposed house design modern ideas

concrete exposed house bedroom lighting-LED ideas

concrete exposed house tropical bedroom ideas

concrete exposed house entrance picture striking ideas

concrete exposed house wall bedroom ideas

concrete exposed house residence precious ideas

concrete exposed house living room broad design ideas

concrete exposed house touches wood ideas

concrete exposed house fence garden ideas

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